Reindeer Games Postponed

su2015-28Hi guys!

Happy Sunday greetings to you. It’s a quiet day at the North Pole today. We always take Sunday off and most elves are resting today.

But there was an announcement late last night that I need to tell you about.

The 2015 North Pole Reindeer Games have been postponed. Obviously, if you have no reindeer you can have no games.

We always get bugged to put the reindeer games on television but Santa and Elf Victor won’t allow it. The games are not meant to be anything other than training for the reindeer – that is all.

The elves really like the reindeer games and they follow along very closely. So they are a little disappointed today. Elves like contests of all sorts.

No, there is still no word on what’s happened to the reindeer. Santa says he doesn’t want to talk about it so everyone is being very careful not to bring it up.

But still, they are very bothered that the reindeer are not yet here.

Elf Ernest


Click the player below to hear Frank and Crash discuss what the loss of the reindeer games mean and to answer a question about Santa using the restroom on his Christmas Eve flight:

Reindeer Games Postponed

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