Operation Merry Christmas

North Pole KitchenUh oh!

The complaint department of the North Pole kitchen is dealing with a crisis. Someone put salt instead of sugar in the latest batch of cookies and elves working around the clock are pretty upset about that.

Elves – like Santa – love cookies and they eat them at every meal and between every meal. Especially at this time of the year.

So it is important that cookies be made correctly and Mrs. Claus, of course, drives that effort in the North Pole kitchens. Her recipes are secret because her cookies are considered the best in the entire world.

But sugar is sugar and salt is salt and you cannot swap one for the other. These cookies, I can tell you, were just awful.

Once again, they are reviewing video tapes and interviewing all personnel who could have touched the last several batches.

But we’re no closer to knowing who the Merry Prankster is today.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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