Tracking Santa

Hi ho, everyone!

Even though they are super busy in the Tracking Department searching for Santa officials at the North Pole Flight Command Center today released the new goal of Santa tracker elves for 2017.

Santa told them he wants five million new tracker elves this year.

What is a tracker elf? It is an elf who tracks Santa for Santa.

As Santa makes his way around the year every year he doesn’t do his job alone. He has the help of millions of elves around the world.

Now you can be one of those elves.

If you can use a computer, read a map, and send in reports to the North Pole from your part of the world you too can become an elf and sign up to be an official Santa Tracker.

Santa needs you!

We all need you. The community of elves working for Santa is forever growing. Do you want to be an elf?

Elf Ernest

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