Less Than 24 Hours Until Launch 1

Less Than 24 Hours Until Launch 2Howdy all,

Another important milestone in tracking Santa has passed. In less than 24 hours Santa will launch from the North Pole.

Meanwhile, just four hours or so from now, Christmas Eve will begin in Sector 1, that area of the world covering New Zealand, the South Pacific and the great nation of Australia.

Over at Santa’s Sleigh barn all is being made ready for Santa’s launch. It is, as you can imagine, a huge event. Thousands of elves will be there to witness Santa hitch the reindeer to the sleigh and take off into the night sky to begin his deliveries.

Santa’s launch is just the beginning of the story. Much will happen over the 35 hours or so it takes Santa to deliver to the world.

We hope you are here with us as we track him.

Less Than 24 Hours Until Launch 3