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North Pole Radio News
Santa Takes Over the Tracker Elf Project

The tracker elf program is maturing. It began as a test program five years ago on the belief that millions of people around the world would want to become elves to track Santa for Santa. It has proven to be a wildly popular idea and a whole elf community has grown from it over at That test program has ended and Santa has taken over.

Over the course of the past few months a major transformation of the website at has taken place. But don’t let the cosmetic upgrade fool you. A lot more is going on behind the scenes than most realize.

Santa views this program as a way to develop elves – lots of elves. People all the time ask where Santa gets elves to do what they do for him. The tracker elf program over at is part of a solution for Santa.

Santa has a vested interesting in growing elf skills in people wherever he can find them. Becoming an elf is easy. But being an elf who grows in Santa skills and Tracking skills takes time and effort. Santa is doing his part.

In this North Pole Radio News report Elf Crash Murphy explains how Santa has taken over the tracker elf project and has found a new way to just be Santa at