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Maybe Santa Was Not in Mexico
Maybe Santa Was Not in Mexico 1

There is a possibility that Santa never went to Mexico and is actually somewhere still in Asia or round about. Elf Crash Murphy gives a full explanation in the North Pole Radio News Report available in the player above.

The search for Santa has been predictably frustrating this past week.

North Pole Security focused effort on Mexico with an intense elfhunt centered on an Internet Café in Mexico City after a logged in to Santa’s account at was traced there.

But no other signs of Santa being in Mexico was discovered.

Meanwhile, a sound recording was sent to Mrs. Claus’ email via a cloaked email address immediately suggested that Santa could be in Malaysia.

Elf Agent X of North Pole Security says that investigative teams have been “strategically repositioned” to follow up on new leads that have cropped up in other parts of Asia in the past week.

If you see Santa or even suspect he is close by we encourage you to report what you see via

Elf Harold Star

3 replies
  1. Elf candy cane
    Elf candy cane says:

    Dear elf Harold Its elf candy cane i have no idea where santa is and I don’t know where he is

  2. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Yeah, I wish someone knows where Santa is. I’m curious about the person who recorded Santa’s voice asking him the question or not. I guess he travels near the ocean or sea. I want to sing a song with him someday, lol. Santa, please enjoy his traveling, seeing many people, and eating nice food. But we find you! ^^

  3. Elf candy cane
    Elf candy cane says:

    Dear north pole It’s elf candy cane here in moxee I have no idea where santa but I do know that another elf in my area told me that
    that santa dosent want to be found . and since another elf told me that santa dosent want to be found I can’t tell you his location if he tells me because it would be classified information

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