Some Trackers Get Stand Down Orders in Sector 3 1
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Some Trackers Get Stand Down Orders in Sector 3

News Bulletin: You can tell Santa is hot for delivery in Sector 3 because some trackers there are being asked to stand down.

Santa Tracker Map – Click here to see the latest location of Santa’s sleigh

Santa Tracking StatusNorth Pole Flight Command
Sector 1Merry Christmas!
Sector 2Standing Down
In the Red ZoneSector 3Active
In the Red ZoneSector 4Active
In the Red ZoneSector 5Active
Understanding Sectors

Status of Operation Merry Christmas
Santa: Thinking ahead
Sleigh: In Sector 2
Reindeer: Enjoying lots of veggies
Santa’s Workshop: Just about done
North Pole Post Office: Stocking Mail activated
Wrapping Department: Rushing still
North Pole Security: Catching a break

Listen to Kringle Radio | Bedtime Advisories | Santa Tracker Map

Pre-Flight News

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