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36 Weeks Until Christmas

36 weeks until Christmas! Time is zipping by so fast, guys. I’m starting to sound like an old person, huh? Well, it’s true. Time here at the North Pole is not like time everywhere. I’ve told you this before. It’s April and most people aren’t even thinking of Christmas. That’s what makes the North Pole […]

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38 Weeks Until Christmas

Now there are just 38 weeks until Christmas. And, it is April Fools Day today. Elf Ernest told me that some of you are going to write in and ask about how April Fools Day is celebrated at the North Pole. Well I can tell you this: April Fools Day is celebrated here the same […]

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39 Weeks Until Christmas

39 weeks until Christmas, friends! Did you hear me? 39 weeks!!!! So, my elf reporterette job took me to the Research and Development Department. The head elf over there, Elf Quinton, wouldn’t give me the time of day. And you should never ever do that to a reporter. You see, I heard those guys were […]

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40 Weeks Until Christmas

40 weeks until Christmas! Well…actually, it’s 40 weeks until Santa launches.  I keep forgetting that’s what Operation Merry Christmas means. It is all elves think about here.  It makes sense. Our job here at the North Pole is to get Santa out there and around the world every year. That’s Christmas.  Anyways.  I’m so-so-so busy […]

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41 Weeks Until Christmas

41 weeks to Christmas, friends! Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, oh-my-gosh….there’s some good stuff happening.  But I can’t tell you yet.  I know I said I would tell you over on SantaTrackers.net. But I can’t yet. They don’t have that part of the website ready yet. But I’m way way way stoked about it. What a time it […]

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42 Weeks Until Christmas

42 weeks until Christmas! Yay!  Hi Friends. Trixie here. I’m trying not to be sad today.  First of all, head over to the podcast section of the site and listen to the new episode Elves Frank and Crash have finally put out. It’s all about what happens at the North Pole after Christmas.  Second of […]


44 Weeks Until Christmas

44 Weeks to Christmas, gang! Before you know it our little weekly countdown will be in the 30s. Where does the time go?  I wanna talk about the North Pole Post Office a little bit with ya. I’m starting to get mail and, well, that’s awesome. I love getting your emails and letters.  So far, […]

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45 Weeks Until Christmas

45 weeks to Christmas now, guys, and guess what? Valentine’s Day is coming up! Some of you have written to the North Pole to ask about how Valentine’s Day happens here. I can tell you that it is only slightly different.  You see, at the very heart of it (haha), elves are very shy people.  […]

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46 Weeks Until Christmas

Another week has gone by and we’ve got just 46 more weeks to go until Christmas. Some of you have sent in questions about my baby reindeer, Trixie. (Yes, I named her after me because, well…because).  Little Trixie is getting so BIG. She is taking flying lessons. I stopped by what they call the Reindeer […]

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47 Weeks Until Christmas

47 weeks until Christmas, as of today! Where does the time go, kids? Hahaha…that’s me trying to sound like an old person. Here at the North Pole I’m one of the youngest working elves. Most of the elves here are ancient. Like 300 years old. I have not figured out yet why elves here live […]