All About the Elf Parade

All About the Elf Parade


The question Elf Crash Murphy answers today is about going to the Elf Parade.

As you know, the Elf Parade is held every Thanksgiving Day here at the North Pole.

We report on it every year.

The Elf Parade is kind of like a kick-off to Christmas.

Our Thanksgiving Day at the North Pole is a day off, you see.

Like many people, we gather together and enjoy a nice meal.

But we do lots of other things, too.

In the morning, we hold the elf parade. Then, in the evening, after we have had the traditional Thanksgiving feast, we all light up our houses for the first time for Christmas.

The elf parade was started many, many years ago when we used to watch the other parades that people hold on Thanksgiving Day.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to hold a North Pole parade that Santa could be in here at the North Pole.

When Santa heard about it he said that he had enough parades to be in on Thanksgiving and it was his idea instead to make it an Elf Parade.

The elves, of course, loved the idea.

The Elf Parade at the North Pole has a lot of the same things other parades do. There are big floats and marching bands. And, of course, big crowds.

But the highlight of the parade, no doubt, is the Parade of Elves on Trikes.

Elves, you see, love tricycles.

Even big elves.

Here at the North Pole big elves ride big trikes. It’s a goofy thing, I know. But they just love them and they decorate their trikes like crazy for the Elf Parade. There are lights and balloons and streamers and all kinds of inventive things that elves do to their trikes for the Elf Parade.

So yeah, we can understand why you would want to come to the North Pole to see that.

Maybe some day you will!

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Calling the North Pole

Calling the North Pole

Happy Saturday!

How are ya?

It’s a busy Saturday here at the North Pole.

The question for Crash Murphy today is kind of personal. He’s asked how someone can call him.

Now, you all know that for a couple of months we have been telling you about Santa’s phone number.

That is only natural. When people think of the North Pole they think of Santa.

But did you know that you can talk to any of us here at the North Pole?

The rest of us don’t get phone calls like Santa does. But you can still call us if you want to.

Click the player below to listen to Crash explain it.

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Getting Your Own Elf

Getting Your Own Elf

Merry Greetings all!

Another great question today for Elf Crash – how can I get my own elf?

Crash thinks that a crazy question.

But I want you to know that no question in crazy. Ask us anything you want.

We will do our best to answer your questions, no matter how tough.

That’s our job, you see.

And we love to do it.

Click the player below to hear Elf Crash explain all about getting your own elf.

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