Tracker Elf Conference
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Tracker Elf Conference Announced

North Pole Flight Command and have announced to licensed elves that a Tracker Elf Conference has been scheduled as part of Christmas in July. The event will be hosted in Elf Chat at The event is scheduled…
A Chat for Santa Trackers 1
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A Chat for Santa Trackers

A chat for Santa trackers will be hosted by Elf Roger Star, Santa's International Director of Santa Trackers, in the North Pole Chat room at 2pm EST on Sunday, December 20th. Santa asked to have 40 million tracker elves by this Christmas…
Tracker Elf Meetings
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Special Meetings for Santa Trackers

Special meetings for Santa Trackers have been called for this weekend by North Pole Flight Command. With more than 39 million elves now on the rolls that are tracking-Santa-for-Santa this year Santa feels this weekend is a good time to gather…
How Santa Met the Reindeer
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How Santa Met the Reindeer

How Santa met the reindeer is never a story I thought would be told in a chat. Santa is just full of surprises. We held our first chat in the new North Pole Chat Room yesterday and it was kind of....well....chaotic. We definitely learned…
North Pole Chats
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First North Pole Chats Happening This Week

The first North Pole Chats will be happening this week. We're so excited to show you the North Pole Chat Calendar and to open the North Pole Chat Room. The first chat will be hosted by me, Elf Ernest. The first chat will be all about....North…