Santa Faces Wild Weather Around the World

Santa TrackingElves in the weather department at the Tracking Center at the North Pole indicate that Santa could be in for some tough sledding on his flight this year.

Elf Billy “White Shoes” Mancini says they are tracking active weather systems on every continent. The hard part of dealing with the weather comes for Santa in landing the sleigh. When he reaches a home he has to navigate trees, chimneys, antennas and other vertical obstacles and that can be difficult enough. But when rain is falling, winds are blowing and snow and ice pile it the job of maneuvering a sleigh is especially difficult.

“That’s why we need as many elves out there as we can — tracker elves, of course.” Elf Roger Star, Santa’s International Head of Santa Trackers of “The weather changes constantly. We need elves out there in every neighborhood to report on conditions so that Santa can safely land.”

Perhaps Santa knew the weather was going to be so bad that he asked for 4 million new tracker elves this year.

Elf Ernest

Christmas Eve News
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North Pole News

Christmas Eve Weather Looks Snowy

North PoleMerry greetings all!

There’s a nip in the air here at the North Pole but we still know the bitter cold and the deep snow of winter are a few weeks away.

In fact, I stopped in at the Weather Center and had a chat with Elf Billy. I wanted to see how he sees the weather two months from now when Santa gets ready to fly.

Elf Billy says the odds of heavy snow for Christmas Eve look pretty solid. It won’t affect Santa, of course. It never does.

I just find it curious that almost every Christmas Santa has to leave in a blizzard.

Elf Ernest

Weather Trouble Possible for Christmas Eve

su2015-43Hi everyone!

I received a bulletin from the North Pole Weather and Tracking Center indicating that forecasters are watching a weather phenomenon called “polar vortex voluminous” which really means a big storm could be on the way.

This isn’t anything unusual or that the North Pole can’t handle. We have survived big storms like this before.

How big can this get? It is hard to say but Santa prepares us year round for terrible weather. I think we’ll be fine. Nevertheless I called Elf Billy and talked to him about it.

“Oh, it is something to keep our eye on for sure,” Elf Billy said. “It could turn into something big. It is really too early to tell. But some computer models are showing epic snows with more than 50 feet of accumulation, very high winds and total white out conditions. It would make flying a sleigh almost impossible if that were to happen.”

The only real concern would be if such a storm were to hit on Christmas Eve.

And forecasters are saying it is too early to really predict that.

Elf Ernest


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Tracking Center Goes High Tech for Old Fashioned Christmas

su2015-1Elf Billy reports that the Tracking Center this year will be using the very latest in satellite and computer technology to track Santa.

“Santa might have declared it an old fashioned Christmas,” Billy said. “But he increased our budget in a big way so that we can follow him around the world using the latest and the greatest in technology”.

Santa himself will be fitted with a GPS transponder sewn right into the lining of his pants – so thin that he won’t even notice it is there. That technology will allow the North Pole to know where Santa is at all times within 2 feet of absolute accuracy.

“Santa isn’t going to be able to burp without us knowing about it,” Elf Billy said, chuckling.

We hope you join us right here for our 24th year of tracking Santa. It’s what we do best.

In some other news, Elf Crash Murphy answers a very delicate question today about Santa’s weight. Listen to that by clicking the player below.

Elf Ernest

Tracking Department Grapples with World Wide Weather


1130While things are looking up for Operation Merry Christmas with the launch of Jingle Bell 1 there is still one very big unknown variable that could mess things up for Santa: the weather.

All over the world there are weather events to worry about. The North Pole is under siege by a blizzard. There are heavy snows in the Canadian Rockies, in the Swiss Alps, in Mongolia, and all over Alaska. Siberia is lock solid frozen in most areas.

Meanwhile, heat is a problem in South America and South Africa.

These extremes can be very hard on the reindeer. The Tracking Department is doing their best to keep Santa informed.

Elf Ernest

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