3 Months Until Christmas 1
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3 Months Until Christmas

Only 3 months now until Christmas and we're in the homestretch! And, boy - does it feel like it. So very much is going on! The North Pole this week suffered an outage of Internet, power, and for some, water. The big winter storm from…
Reindeer Games
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Reindeer Games Rush to Complete

The Reindeer Games are now in a rush to get completed. While Blitzen and Vixen continue their battle for victory there is a race being watched by the Weather Department at North Pole Flight Command. The problem is not the snow. It is the…
North Pole Weather Concerns
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North Pole Weather Concerns Growing

North Pole weather can be very unpredictable -- except for this year. It has snowed every day here since October 24th - 43 consecutive days! The stuff is piling up here like you wouldn't believe. This is the North Pole, after all, and it…
Heavy Snow and Late Reindeer
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Heavy Snow and Late Reindeer

Heavy snow and late reindeer seem to be all that people are talking about at the North Pole right now. The reindeer still have not shown up. Elves are publicly asking the question "Why?" in the letters to the editor section of the North Pole…
3 Months Until Christmas 2
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3 Months Until Christmas

3 months until Christmas! Greetings! It's getting to that exciting time of the year, folks. There have been a lot of great news stories already this month. So many good things are happening. Are you following along with the path of the…