North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success 1
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3 Months Until Christmas

3 months until Christmas! Greetings! It's getting to that exciting time of the year, folks. There have been a lot of great news stories already this month. So many good things are happening. Are you following along with the path of the…
North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success 3

Epic Halloween Opens Christmas Season

Greetings all! The North Pole awakens today to a fresh blanket of snow after a rare Halloween blizzard landed while elves and their families were trick-or-treating for Halloween yesterday. Most activities, including the annual Halloween Party…
North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success 4
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6 Months Until Christmas

Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy Leon Day! It is now only six months until Christmas. It’s Leon Day weekend here at the North Pole and elves here could not be more excited. Leon, of course, is “Noel” spelled backwards so today…
North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success 5
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Early Christmas Party at the North Pole

We have not been able to enjoy a Christmas party on Christmas Eve at the North Pole for a few years now. That changes right now. In fact, elves are gathering in kind of an impromptu action to throw a party together at the Claus residence.…
North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success 6
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Two Months Until Christmas

Happy autumn greetings to you! It is the 24th day of the month and that means it is just two months now until Christmas! Of course, here at the North Pole, there is now a lot of Halloween going on. In case you did not know, Halloween…
North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success 7

Six Months Until Christmas

Happy Leon Day Greetings from the North Pole! You’d think that up at the North Pole we go a little nuts for Leon Day. And it is true. We do! Elves love the idea of celebrating the halfway mark to Christmas, which is what Leon Day is.…
Santa, the Master Planner
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All Play and No Work for Santa

The month of January seems silly to some. Gone are the days of anticipation for Christmas and with that it seems Santa and the North Pole are forgotten. After the brief post-Christmas rush of thank you cards and letters to the North Pole post…
Wrapping Dept Sick
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Wrapping Department Hit Hard By Sickness

Hi everyone! The Wrapping Department has been working all year to improve their efficiency. As Elf Crash Murphy has told us, they have a difficult job because their work is usually the last step before a present gets loaded on the sleigh.…
North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success 8
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Weather Hampers Deliveries to the North Pole

Greetings all and Happy Monday to you! The first of what is sure to be many winter blizzards is bearing down on the North Pole today. The North Pole takes these storms in stride as they are just part of living here. But for people trying…
Flight School
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New Sleigh Pilots Ready for Duty

Hi all! Good news! The first graduating class of sleigh pilot flight school is now ready to report for duty. More than 200 elves volunteered to take flight school and every one of them hopes to be able to pilot one of the many thousands…
North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success 9
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North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success

Greetings! Happy November 1st, from a very busy North Pole. If you’re just joining us for the year, welcome. We have a lot of news to catch you up on. First of all, the North Pole Halloween Party last night was held and it was a…