Six Months Until Christmas

Six Months Until Christmas

Happy Leon Day Greetings from the North Pole!

You’d think that up at the North Pole we go a little nuts for Leon Day. And it is true. We do!

Elves love the idea of celebrating the halfway mark to Christmas, which is what Leon Day is. Leon, you see, is Noel spelled backwards.

Backwards is kind of the theme of the day here at the North Pole for Leon Day. Everybody does things backwards.

We talk backwards. We walk backwards. We even wear our clothes backwards.

The day starts with dinner…and ends with breakfast.

Even the clocks run backwards on Leon Day.

It is a silly day, a day with a lot of fun and good cheer.

But it is also a serious day in a way. We know that once Leon Day is over, it’s time for serious reflection on our goals and big meetings with the elves in charge about how we are doing against our targets.

Filling Santa’s sleigh with all the toys and things that believers around the world want is no easy task.

And it is far too early to tell exactly how well we are doing.

But you can tell, even though the seasons have changed for most of the world, the season of Christmas at the North Pole is already in high gear.

The warehouses are filling up with things like Christmas wrapping paper and tape and bows and stuff. There are huge shipments of materials like wood and plastic and metal parts of all kinds. There are big loads of tools and hardware – nuts, bolts, nails, glues and other materials used to make things.

Of course, complicating matters is Santa’s new Workshop – which we told you a little about last month.

The Glue Guys got settled in pretty well but Santa decided to move the Cutting Team over there next and that might not have been the best idea. The Cutting Team is a group of elves that spend all of their time cutting wood, metal, plastic, glass and all kinds of materials used in making toys. They are a very customized department and they are expanding their work area in Santa’s workshop in a big way.

In fact, they may be the largest department physically in Santa’s new workshop.

The problem is this. To be a cutting team elf you have to be really precise. Those guys know how to measure and how fit things. They work against very strict guidelines and they check and re-check everything they do because when you cut material you don’t get a second chance to do it right. They have to be perfect all the time.

The problem with being perfect and always checking your work is that it can take a lot of time. The Cutting Team is a full three weeks behind schedule in moving into the workshop because they keep checking and re-checking everything before make the move. Every elf over there has been painfully slow.

This has irritated a lot of the other elves, who are very anxious to move into the workshop too.

Santa says it is no big deal. Since the old workshop is still working, Santa says no time is really lost.

But try and tell that to the Drill Team, who is the next group scheduled to move. They like to move things very fast. But nothing is moving quite fast enough for them.

Enjoy Leon Day…and be sure to be back here over the next several weeks for our Christmas in July celebrations. We have some neat announcements we will be making in the next few weeks.

Elf Ernest

All Play and No Work for Santa

All Play and No Work for Santa

The month of January seems silly to some. Gone are the days of anticipation for Christmas and with that it seems Santa and the North Pole are forgotten. After the brief post-Christmas rush of thank you cards and letters to the North Pole post office it has actually become very quiet. January seems silly because Christmas is so far away and nobody appears to be thinking too much about it.

This is admittedly a season for a little fun at the North Pole.

The now-famous Christmas Blizzard of 2017 at the North Pole left us after raging for six full days and dumping more than 25 feet of fresh snow on the North Pole. That made for one big play ground for Santa and all at the North Pole who wanted to burn off a little steam after Christmas.

Santa organized sleigh races for the reindeer and the elves. After all, what was he to do with all those sleighs he built last year? He put them to use in a kind of Olympic-style competition for those who wanted to play. There were races on the ground and in the air. There were races with themes — the water race, the keep-the-hat-in-your-head race, the egg race and the midnight race, which was a scary race downhill in total darkness.

For weeks now there have been nothing but games and fun going on at the North Pole and nobody has been more center to it all than Santa.

I heard a laughing bunch of elves gathered around a bonfire in the middle of fruitcake toss festival the other day talking about whether Santa planned for all the fun they were having in January.

The answer, of course, is that Santa DID plan for this. Santa rarely does anything without a plan, even if it is for play. In fact, I would say Santa plans his play to help his work and his work to help his play. There is purpose behind everything Santa does.

He is the Master Planner.

I can tell you right now, even though it is January, and he’s enjoying a little “time off”, Santa’s head is thinking of all sorts of ideas for next Christmas. He is thinking about every bit of it.

In fact, I think about the only time Santa is planning something is when he is maybe flying his sleigh on Christmas Eve. That, he tells me, takes a lot of concentration.

Planning, you see, is kind of like play to Santa. He loves to plan. He loves to imagine things. He loves to think ahead — far, far ahead. He dreams first of what Christmas will be like and then slowly puts the pieces in place to make it happen.

Magic, Santa says, is no accident. This is one of the fundamental things they teach us in elf school. Magic takes planning and work — and love for both of those.

Nobody likes planning better than Santa. In fact, sometimes Mrs. Claus has to get him to take it easy with it a little bit. For example, one year a little girl wrote in that she had experienced cotton candy for the first time at a summer fair and she was sad because that was the only time and place she could get the stuff. She actually asked Santa for some cotton candy for Christmas.

Well, for some reason, Santa really liked that idea too and he started to think of how he could surprise her with some cotton candy for Christmas. He could shape it like a snowman, he thought, and that would be fun. But then, he thought, making a cotton candy Christmas tree sound like a really neat idea so he took over Mrs. Claus’ kitchen for more than a week trying to make a Christmas tree out of cotton candy.

Mrs. Claus was not happy. Not only did she not appreciate the mess he was making in the kitchen but she thought the pink, fluffy Christmas tree he made from cotton candy looked ridiculous. She finally sat Santa down and said, “She just said she wanted cotton candy for Christmas. Why not just give her cotton candy, Santa?”

Santa could only chuckle about the whole thing. Mrs. Claus, he said, was right. Not every idea turns into a plan but great things happen because Santa loves to make things happen.

So don’t kid yourself. Yes, there is a lot of playing around at the North Pole these days.

But Santa is also talking to a lot of elves. He’s asking them about last Christmas. He’s talking to them about next Christmas. And you can see the wheels turning in his head.

Next week we start to get back to work here at the North Pole.

And guess what?

It begins with a meeting — a planning meeting.

Shocker, right?

Wrapping Department Hit Hard By Sickness

Wrapping Department Hit Hard By Sickness

Hi everyone!

The Wrapping Department has been working all year to improve their efficiency.

As Elf Crash Murphy has told us, they have a difficult job because their work is usually the last step before a present gets loaded on the sleigh.

Those guys and gals in wrapping have to work fast and under tremendous pressure, especially that last week or so.

That is why the news of the Bah Humbug Virus hitting that department so hard is so devastating.

Now – a lot of elves will tell you that over the years they have moved into the Wrapping Department during the last week before Christmas just to help out.

Even I have done it.

And we’ll do it again.

It certainly isn’t their fault this has happened.

We hope our fellow elves in Wrapping get on the mend soon!

Elf Ernest

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