Mrs. Claus Steps Up Plans at the North Pole

Mrs. Claus Steps Up Plans at the North Pole

Happy Friday one and all!

What a busy time all of a sudden at the North Pole.

Late yesterday Mrs. Claus conducted the weekly meeting of all the department heads at the North Pole.

And she just put her foot on the gas.

She has ordered over-time for all elves working at Santa’s Workshop and increased production goals there by 20%.

She asked that orders of tape, wrapping paper and other supplies needed in the Wrapping Department be increased by 25% and to be moved up on the calendar to arrive earlier than ever.

She asked that the Tracking Department accelerate flight training for extra elves needed to pilot sleighs on Christmas Eve.

Mrs. Claus asked for volunteers to start working on Saturdays in all departments effective immediately.

All of a sudden it feels like November around here.

And, oh yeah, it snowed yesterday here at the North Pole.

A lot.

Elf Ernest

10 Months Until Christmas

Tracking SantaToday marks just 10 months until Christmas Eve. Can you believe it?

Life here at the North Pole has settled into a quiet, busy routine since Christmas. It snows, we work, and then comes night time – a time of rest.

These are the dog days of winter. It is too early in the year to be thinking about vacation. So many great events are afar off.

But it goes by fast, you know?

I actually love this time of year. You know why?

Because I have time to think. Time to plan. And for elves like me this is the time of year when Christmas really happens – in my head. I’ve got it all planned out.

To be an elf is to be a good planner. And it is planning season at the North Pole.

I plan to hire some more writers this year. I plan to tell you more than ever about life at the North Pole. I plan to provide even more breaking news of Santa, his annual Christmas flight and how all things Christmas work. It’s going to be a great Christmas!

What about you? What are you planning for Christmas?

Elf Ernest

Cookie Production Lags at the North Pole

Santa TrackingA minor foul-up at the North Pole at this hour: so many elves are helping out in the workshop that there is a shortage of elves working in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen. And that is creating a problem with the number of cookies being prepared for the North Pole Christmas Eve party.

Most people focus on Santa when it comes to cookies. But they don’t know that elves love them too and they are a huge part of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities here. Cookies are everywhere.

We even bet with them. We have what is known as the sugar cookie pool, and you bet and win or lose cookies based upon whether you think Santa will deliver on time.

Santa has never failed so not many win betting against him.

We will have to make cookies as part of our party after Santa launches. That is the only way to meet the demand that I can see.

Elf Ernest

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When Elves Get Mad

Life as an ElfThe nature of my job as an elf is different. I spend most of my days working at a computer in an office. When the world thinks of elves they think of the guys and gals over in Santa’s workshop.

Really, the world SHOULD think of those workshop elves first. They work hard. They do great work.

Every December they give those of us who don’t get a chance to work in Santa’s workshop a chance to help out now and then. I was over there the other day – helping to make Gak – and I was surprised to see Santa there wearing his tool belt and working up a sweat making building blocks for the little kids.

Santa works a lot in his workshop but not much in December. He spends most of December, as you know, out in the world visiting with children. So it was kind of neat to see Santa there and to be there with him at Christmastime.

And like any elf Santa was in the lunchroom at lunch time. That’s when elves talk.

Right now nobody is talking about anything more than the Merry Prankster. For months he has teased us with silly pranks but this week he has started to do some real bad things. He was once very popular here at the North Pole. But no more.

The elves are mad.

I normally have a lot to say but not when I am around the workshop elves. I respect those elves a lot. They are experts in many things. I don’t want them to think I know as much as they do. So I was kind of a fly on the wall there the other day as they were talking about the Merry Prankster.

I noticed that Santa was listening closely to them too.

And they are mad. Really, really, really mad.

It is not a good idea to get an elf mad.

Elves tend to be very creative people. Those kinds of people sometimes tend to be very emotional. Because they feel things so deeply sometimes the anger gets expressed loudly or even dangerously. Elves like to throw things and pound things and crash things when they get mad.

None of this is good for elves who handle a lot of power tools.

But Santa spends a lot of time teaching us as elves to use our feelings for good. He has taught us to be careful NOT to get mad in the first place. He says anger is a sign of a weak mind – one that does not question enough. Santa teaches us that when we get mad we should really learn to ask questions.

And that’s what these elves were doing in the lunch room the other day in talking about this Merry Prankster guy (we all assume the Prankster is a guy, I don’t know why).

I see from the comments here on the website and from all the mail coming into the North Pole that many of you are starting to get upset about this Merry Prankster situation too.

You’re asking questions!

Why don’t they use cameras to catch this guy? Did anyone think to check fingerprints? Why aren’t these places where he keeps causing trouble under 24-hour security?

You guys are asking all the right questions. And you are asking all the same questions that nearly every elf here at the North Pole is asking too.

But here is the other thing about creative people like elves.

They are problem solvers. When they ask questions, all of a sudden new ideas pop up about what action can be taken.

And some of you are sending in good suggestions. The elves in charge of trying to catch the Merry Prankster are listening. And I’m being told you are being very helpful.

So keep posting your ideas, your questions, your comments and your concerns. Keep sending your messages to the North Pole.

Together we don’t have to get mad. Together we can solve this problem of the Merry Prankster.

One Month to Christmas Eve!

Santa UpdateGreetings!

It’s the 24th of the month and that means it’s just ONE MONTH now until Christmas!

And what a day it is!

It’s Thanksgiving Day. It’s the day of the Elf Parade. It’s the day of the annual North Pole Christmas Light Switch-on and Decorating Contest. And it is the launch of all things Christmas here at the North Pole.

Mrs. Claus loves this day almost as much as Santa does. There is almost something sacred about it. Everyone stops what they are doing to be together. Everyone has fun together. Yes, they will be games and fun and food and all kinds of stuff to do. But I think the real party is in the fact that we are all here together.

We hope you are having a similar experience where you are.

Our countdown kicks into high gear from this point forward. And other than the little problem known as the Merry Prankster we look to have a great season ahead.

Elf Ernest

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