New Sleigh Pilots Ready for Duty

New Sleigh Pilots Ready for Duty

Hi all!

Good news! The first graduating class of sleigh pilot flight school is now ready to report for duty.

More than 200 elves volunteered to take flight school and every one of them hopes to be able to pilot one of the many thousands of sleighs Santa has had constructed over the summer.

“I don’t care where I fly or what I fly in, I just want to fly on Christmas Eve with Santa,” said Elf Kade (call sign Tinsel).

His attitude seems to be similar to all the others that I talked to.

Of course, all these pilots have been trained – and more are coming in the weeks ahead – and all those sleighs have been built.

But that doesn’t mean Santa is going to use them THIS year.

Just keepin’ it real elves. We can never really tell what Santa is up to.

Elf Ernest

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North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success

North Pole Halloween Party a Huge Success


Happy November 1st, from a very busy North Pole.

If you’re just joining us for the year, welcome. We have a lot of news to catch you up on.

First of all, the North Pole Halloween Party last night was held and it was a huge success.

The costume contest was epic this year. We saw a lot of great costumes but the best came down to Elf Jerome and the Elf Crash Murphy.

Jerome came dressed as a cupcake. His costume was amazing because he was entirely edible and delicious. At first, his costume was so pretty that nobody wanted to touch him. He was announced and entered the room to polite applause.

They interview each person so they can explain their costume. When they interviewed Jerome he just said, “Eat me!”. So the person interviewing Jerome took a little dab of his frosting and just went crazy.

And with that everyone kind of just clamored to get a piece of him, whether it was just frosting or cake. By the time everyone got done they were laughing because they had bits and pieces of cupcake all over them. It was like the food fight had already started.

Jerome got the prize for the funnest costume.

But the grand prize went to Elf Crash, who showed up just looking like a guy dressed as a Christmas tree.

The interviewer said, “And just what are you supposed to be for Halloween?” and Elf Crash didn’t even answer. He just stared at the interviewer for a long time.

In fact it got so uncomfortable that a few elves started to laugh.

That’s when Crash pressed a button or something inside his costume and all of a sudden a mist or a fog started to come out from the bottom of his “tree”.

This fog filled the room, and a big sound was heard, kind of like a jet engine taking off. There was flashing of lights and then the tree which was Elf Crash started to grow and light up.

It took a good 30 seconds but the tree “grew” to about 15 feet and it burst forth with light, color and Christmas presents for everyone underneath. We don’t know how Crash did it but it was spectacular.

Of course, doing something so crazy – and giving everyone a present! – and making it all Christmas related made Crash’s costume the talk of the party.

Of course, after all the food and the music and the games, the food fight began and pretty much destroyed all the costumes, including Crash’s Christmas tree. But as we were cleaning up everyone had a smile on their face and were talking about what a great party it was.

Santa, of course, wasn’t here for it. But we’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

Elf Ernest

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Halloween at the North Pole

Halloween at the North Pole

Happy Halloween!

It is a big, happy day here at the North Pole. Halloween is a day off for us as we get to prepare costumes and, of course, there will be the big North Pole Halloween party later tonight.

Several of you have asked about the annual Halloween food fight and if it will be held again at the North Pole.

While this is not an official part of plans for the party I can tell you that when I was over at the village rec center, where the party will be held, I did see them lining up water hoses and draping plastic sheeting over parts of the building.

So I’m thinking they are expecting a food fight later tonight.

The food fight usually comes towards the end of the night when the costume contest is over. It’s not really a fight – it’s more like a really messy game of elves who throw cupcakes, pies and messy food at each other.

It’s all in fun and all participate. You know things are about to get really crazy when someone shows up with one of those giant squirt guns filled with things like punch or soda or something else that is really sticky.

But before we get to the food fight there are games to play and, of course, the long parade of great costumes.

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Elf Ernest