Elf Vacations

Elf Vacations

Elf vacations happen a lot during the months of May and June, and this is the newest topic of the North Pole Podcast with Elves Frank and Crash. Between now and Leon Day (June 25th) a lot of elves head out to find fun and recreation. What…
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Rudolph and His Many Talents

Rudolph is the subject of a new episode of the North Pole Podcast that is turning a lot of heads. Elf Crash Murphy shares never before known information about Santa's most famous reindeer. Rudolph is famous for having a red nose that…
Elf Crash Answers Questions

New Podcast Episode Answers Questions

A new podcast episode from Elves Frank and Crash answers questions submitted by recent site visitors to SantaUpdate.com. You can listen to it at this link. Elf Crash Murphy is Santa's eye in the sky reporter. He follows Santa's sleigh…
Around the World in One Night
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Frenzied Response to New North Pole Podcast

The latest episode of the North Pole Podcast has only been online for about 12 hours or so. But the response to it has been robust - even "frenzied" as Elf Hugo in the North Pole Post Office put it. "We are getting busier but this is way…
You Can Participate in This Year's Elf Parade 1
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You Can Participate in This Year's Elf Parade

You can participate in this year's Elf Parade for the first time ever. The Annual Elf Parade is held on Thanksgiving Day at the North Pole. It is an event that draws huge crowds in North Pole Village as well as lots of big questions online. We…
Why Reindeer are Elves
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Why Reindeer are Elves

A new episode of the North Pole Podcast is out explaining why reindeer are elves. Elves Frank Myrrh and Crash Murphy hold a candid conversation about Santa's reindeer and why they tend to operate so differently at the North Pole. As you…
Santa Stuns the North Pole with Announcement 2
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Santa Stuns the North Pole with Announcement

Santa has had the press conference scheduled for weeks. Speculation has been running rampant that he would announce a new tracker elf recruiting goal for 2021. All of that happened it was no surprise. But the goal he announced has stunned…
Tracker Elves
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Tracker Elves Tell Their Stories

Tracker elves are featured on a special newly released episode of the North Pole Podcast today. We wanted to share the real life experiences of those who take up the challenge of becoming an elf and tracking Santa for Santa. We found two…
Stuff You Don't Know About Santa
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New North Pole Podcast Tells New Stories of Santa

The newest episode of the North Pole Podcast is out and it tells some rather unique stories of Santa that may surprise people. Santa really does not like the attention many people on him. In fact, one story told during this episode talks…
More Tracker Elves
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Santa Asks for More Tracker Elves

Santa Claus has expressed a desire to have more tracker elves this year. This is interesting to note because over at SantaTrackers.net  it appears the 39 million mark has been passed, inching ever closer to the goal that Santa set last summer…
Tracking Santa App Podcast
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Podcast Updates the Tracking Santa App

The Tracking Santa app was released to testers about a week ago. Right now about 100 people are using the app on their phones and testing its functions. You can hear new details about the app from a podcast just released by North Pole Radio…
Santa, the North Pole, and the Virus
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Santa, the North Pole and the Virus

Greetings! The questions we are receiving about Santa, the North Pole and the virus are overwhelming the North Pole Post Office these days. Santa very much understands your concerns. After all, you are dealing with incredible disruptions…