19 Weeks Until Christmas 1
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19 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone! There are now just 19 weeks until Christmas and we’re feeling the turn of the season now in important ways. For many, it is back to school time. How do we know? Elf Hugo at the North Pole Post Office reports a surge…
20 Weeks Until Christmas 2
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20 Weeks Until Christmas

20 weeks now remain until Christmas and I’ll tell you – that sure sounds like a small number to me. We count down week by week but it never really feels like we’re getting closer to Christmas and then suddenly one week comes along…
Elf Supervisors in Iceland for Training 3
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Elf Supervisors in Iceland for Training

Elf Crash Murphy, International Director of Santa Trackers, is in Iceland this week to conduct training for Elf Supervisors. The Elf Supervisors are there to plan the months ahead for tracker elves in the employ of tracking Santa for Santa…
Elf Crash chat
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Chat with Elf Crash Murphy

Elf Crash Murphy, new International Director of Santa Trackers, finished up our series of Christmas-in-July chats by discussing the plans for Santa tracking this year. Here is the transcript of that chat: Elf Frank Myrrh Hello, Crash. Elf…
21 Weeks Until Christmas 4
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21 Weeks Until Christmas

21 weeks now remain until Christmas and I’m actually starting to get excited. It’s all Mrs. Claus’ fault, too. Yesterday we did North Pole Chat and Mrs. Claus was the first on the schedule. I was her typist. We have come to really…
Santa chat
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Chat with Santa

Santa Claus, from an undisclosed location, visited North Pole Chat and talked about a wide variety of topics. Here is a transcript of that event: Elf Frank Myrrh Santa, welcome to North Pole Chat today! Santa Claus Frank? Is that…
Mrs. Claus Chat
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Chat with Mrs. Claus

Our Christmas in July chat series continued with Mrs. Claus today. She talked about handling things while Santa is away and shared lots of cooking tips and information - including the fact that she and Santa collect cocoa beans from all over…
Santa Stays Connected 5
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Santa Stays Connected

Santa Claus has managed to connect with the North Pole in recent days to check in on the progress of various departments. He has been following along via radio transmission with the test flights of Santa’s Sleigh. The new sleigh, which…
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5 Months Until Christmas

Greetings, friends! Today we mark 5 months until Christmas – and yet another great day during Christmas in July. As maybe you can tell from our chats this Christmas-in-July thing means a little down time for us. But there still remains…
22 Weeks
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22 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone – there are just 22 weeks now until Christmas. I’m sorry I missed last week’s countdown post. I didn’t forget about it. I suffered a catastrophic laptop failure. I went to turn my computer on, I heard a bleep and the…
Not Santa
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Elf Misidentifies Santa

The claims of Santa being found in Sector 5 have turned out to be false. An embarrassed Elf Agent X and an angry Elf Harriet have returned to the North Pole after failing to validate the claim that Santa had been found. “He just wasn’t…
Santa Found
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Santa FOUND in Sector 5

It has been several weeks since Elf Harriet told North Pole Radio News that the elves from the Wrapping Department would find Santa. Today they are claiming they have found him. Details are sparse at this time but we understand one of those…