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North Pole Stunned By Santa's Announcement

A short time ago Santa finally made the big announcement we've been anticipating for over a week now. You can listen to how that all unfolded here at the North Pole via a special edition of the North Pole Podcast, heard right here on…
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200 Days Until Santa Launches

Hey Everybody, Elf Max here with a brief update. There are only 200 days left until Santa launches from the North Pole. That makes today a very important day on the calendar. As Elf Ernest shared with you a few weeks ago, the Tracking…
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Christmas Eve Now in South America

South America is soon to welcome in Christmas Eve and folks there are getting ready. Not every elf is yet in position, though. For our main guy in Sector 5 in North America, you could say he's a bit behind schedule. That's okay. Santa…
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Rumors Out of Santa's Workshop

Greetings! I just received a phone call from a friend working in Santa's workshop. Something is going on there. We're trying to get confirmation. My friend tells me he's never seen anything like this in the 742 years he has worked in the…
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Sector 1 Has More Santa Trackers This Year

Santa Trackers all over the world are on the job already. Well, at least the trackers who work for Santa. In Sector 1, there appears to be more Santa tracker elves than ever, according to the latest report on Kringle Radio News: World-wide,…
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Tracking Maps Go Live

Merry Greetings! North Pole Flight Command has now switched on live maps for use on various websites across the Internet, including right here on where it will be located on our home page., another official…