Millions Enroll as Tracker Elves for Santa 1
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Millions Enroll as Tracker Elves for Santa

Millions are now enrolling as tracker elves that want to track Santa for Santa this Christmas. Just as we saw last Christmas we are seeing a surge in this final week before Christmas of people from all over the world of all ages rushing to sign…
Record Numbers Sign Up to Become Tracker Elves
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Record Numbers Signing Up to Become Tracker Elves

Record numbers of people are signing up to become tracker elves this year. That means they will be tracking Santa for Santa with the North Pole this year. During Christmas-in-July Santa set the goal for 40 million tracker elves for 2020,…
More Tracker Elves
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Santa Asks for More Tracker Elves

Santa Claus has expressed a desire to have more tracker elves this year. This is interesting to note because over at  it appears the 39 million mark has been passed, inching ever closer to the goal that Santa set last summer…
Tracker Elf Meetings
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Special Meetings for Santa Trackers

Special meetings for Santa Trackers have been called for this weekend by North Pole Flight Command. With more than 39 million elves now on the rolls that are tracking-Santa-for-Santa this year Santa feels this weekend is a good time to gather…
75 Days Until Santa Launches 2
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75 Days Until Santa Launches

Just 75 days until Santa launches, folks! Hi. Elf Max here, in Flight Command for and The work of preparing for Santa's launch continues. The test flights are going pretty well. They are slowly narrowing…
Recruiting of New Tracker Elves Going Well 3
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Recruiting of New Tracker Elves Going Well

A report from North Pole Flight Command late yesterday indicates that recruiting of new tracker elves is off to a splendid start this year. Santa set the goal of having 40 million tracker elves this year and the report says they passed the 31…
100 Days Until Santa Launches 4
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100 Days Until Santa Launches

100 days until Santa launches! The countdown clock here in North Pole Flight Command tells the story in big bold letters and everyone here is working now with greater urgency. Greetings, friends! Elf Max here, at your service. It is tracker…
Tracking Department Gets Busy
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Tracking Efforts Underway Already

Despite it being Christmas in July and the fact that Toyvember is underway a team of elves in leadership at the North Pole decided to get to work today on their efforts in the Tracking Department. As you know, the Tracking Department is one…
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