Santa Talks About His Absence

Santa Talks About His Absence

Greetings, all!

I met with Santa the other day. We talked about everything.

First – Santa wants you to know that he is taking the Bah Humbug thing seriously. Mrs. Claus has met with medical experts to determine causes and prevention of the sickness. And Santa has directed all elves what to do about managing their work while dealing with the illness.

Santa thinks the Bah Humbug virus will blow over and won’t affect Christmas.

Second – many of you have wanted to know where Santa has been these past several months. So we talked about that.

To my great surprise, Santa spent most of his time right here at the North Pole.

He left “on walkabout” as he told us at the end of July. But he was only gone until about the middle of August, when he returned in the middle of the night.

He wasn’t planning to stay away. At first he just quietly went to his private workshop and worked on some things.

While there he became very interested in how people at the North Pole were reacting to his absence. When Mrs. Claus — who knew he was back – told him that the elves were worried together they decided to see what they would do in a “search for Santa”.

Mrs. Claus always maintained that the elves were over-reacting.

As time passed and the North Pole Security department got involved, Santa became convinced the experience was good for them. So he let them look for him.

While they looked all over the world during the months of September and October Santa and Mrs. Claus quietly worked together to get Christmas planned and organized.

The result is the most prepared the North Pole has been for Christmas ever.

I hope that answers your questions about this.

Elf Ernest

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Surprise Return for Santa

Surprise Return for Santa

Holy smokes! What a shocker!

The Elf Parade was going very smoothly, in fact, it was just about to end when a giant birthday cake was wheeled in front of the large crowd sitting by the windows of the Emporium. “Happy Birthday” starting playing over the speakers and an announcer somewhere said, “Ladies and Gentleman, please join us in singing Happy Birthday to Mrs. Claus!”

That caused a cheer to go up from the crowd instantaneously and everyone, of course, started singing happy birthday.

Mrs. Claus was smiling and waving but she very quickly asked for a microphone and then sushed the crowd.

“Thank you so very kindly,” Mrs. Claus said, then laughing, she added, “but it’s NOT my birthday!”

Then a man’s voice – a familiar man’s voice – starting singing over the sound system and just as he got to the end of the song out popped Santa from the middle of the cake!

The crowd just went bonkers! I mean they went absolutely nuts. They were cheering and whistling and Mrs. Claus had to once again quiet them down.

“Hi, honey,” Mrs. Claus said. “You know it’s not my birthday!”

Then Santa said, “Well, I missed your birthday so today is your birthday and there’s cake for everyone!”

Needless to say it has been a great, great day at the North Pole.

We have had such a wonderful day and it’s not over yet. Best of all, we begin Operation Merry Christmas soon.

We’ll tell you all about that – and the rest of our day here – in tomorrow’s report.

Elf Ernest

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Sleigh Designers Test Santa’s Sleigh

Sleigh Designers Test Santa’s Sleigh

Merry Greetings!

Santa’s sleigh designers have finally put Santa’s new sleigh to the skies. Yesterday they took Santa’s new sleigh out for its first flight.

Reports have come in that the sleigh is large, roomy, but still very agile.

It is too early to tell if this is the kind of sleigh that will set speed records.

So far it has flown with teams of 8, 12 and 15 reindeer. In each case the sleigh went faster and it seemed to perform better than anyone was expecting.

Elf Ernest

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