Elf Agent X -- Director of Santa's Secret Spies 1The first thing you should know about Elf Agent X is that Agent X is not his real name.

First of all, no mother would ever name their kid Agent X.

But more importantly, this elf has a very important job that requires a little secrecy. After all, Elf Agent X is the Director of Santa’s Secret Spies.

Santa’s Secret Spies are amongst the most misunderstood elves that work for Santa. These elves are not responsible for keeping Santa’s naughty list current. They don’t spy on kids to see if they are good or bad. Some think that is what spies for Santa do.

Elf Agent X says nothing could be further from the truth.

He explains that Santa’s Secret Spies are the largest division of elves working for Santa. Their job is to help keep Santa safe on his Christmas flight and to report trouble, lack of merriment or the existence of non-believers.

If you want to become a Secret Spy for Santa you can — you must first apply to become an elf. Once you become an elf you’re automatically assigned as a secret spy for Santa. You see, ALL of us elves are secret spies for Santa. He relies on us.

Elf Agent X leads the secret spies for Santa. He recruits new spies, takes their information and turns it over to Santa and the tracking department.

Elf Agent X won’t tell us much about his personal life and none of us here know him well. He keeps pretty much to himself. But he keeps a plant on his desk that he sometimes calls “Wanda”. He talks to her from time to time and everyone admires Wanda because she is always green — year round.

We never see Agent X give her water or food. Everything about Elf Agent X and Wanda is a mystery to us.