Latest Santa Updates

11 Months Until Christmas

There are 11 months until Christmas, friends. Can you believe we are already a full month into the New Year? ...
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48 Weeks Until Christmas

48 Weeks Until Christmas

Our countdown now stands at 48 weeks until Christmas and THAT is the most important thing to know right now ...
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49 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi ho! Just 49 weeks to go…until Christmas. That 49 weeks is going to go fast if things don’t get ...
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First North Pole Chat of the New Year Scheduled

The first North Pole Chat of the new year has been scheduled for January 28th at 7pm EST at ...
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50 Weeks

50 Weeks Until Christmas

There are 50 weeks until Christmas, friends. It feels funny to write that. It seems so far away and yet, ...
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350 Days Until Santa’s Launch

The countdown to Santa’s launch now shows that 350 days remain until that big event. You would not know that ...
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North Pole

The North Pole Welcomes Santa Home

The North Pole is excited to welcome Santa home after yet another successful ride. This year Santa rode a 50-year-old ...
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Santa Finishing Up in Alaska

Santa is very close to an all-time speed record. It all depends on how much time he takes in Alaska ...
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Santa Arrives in Anchorage

The Alaskan city of Anchorage is excited to have Santa there. Worldwide Status Update – North Pole Flight Command: Fully ...
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Santa Approaching Hawaii

Hawaii is welcoming Santa and Mrs. Claus right now. Worldwide Status Update – North Pole Flight Command: Fully Operational – ...
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Tahiti Welcomes Santa

Santa is back in the Pacific but on the other side of the International Dateline in Tahiti. Worldwide Status Update ...
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Santa on North American West Coast

Santa is on the West Coast but frankly can't wait to get to Hawaii. He'll meet Mrs. Claus there. Worldwide ...
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Cops After Santa Again in Juneau

Juneau, Alaska is a special place, you know? The police there seem to always have an interest in Santa. Worldwide ...
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Merry Christmas in Vancouver

Santa has pushed his way west to Vancouver. Worldwide Status Update – North Pole Flight Command: Fully Operational – Sector ...
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Santa is in the Rockies

The Rocky Mountains of Canada and the USA are where Santa is presently visiting. The Rockies are among Santa's favorite ...
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