Latest Santa Updates
Santa Trackers

International Director of Santa Trackers Named

Elf Roger Star, new director of North Pole Flight Command, announced today a new International Director of Santa Trackers. Elf ...
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Santa's Flight

What Happens on Santa’s Flight

What happens on Santa's flight? In this episode of the North Pole Podcast Elf Frank interviews Elf Crash Murphy, the ...
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North Pole Flight Command

North Pole Flight Command Has a New Boss

In a surprise announcement today Mrs. Claus said that Elf Roger Star will take up duties as the new director ...
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Chief of Staff

39 Weeks Until Christmas

Well. What a difference a week makes! There are 39 weeks until Christmas and all of a sudden it feels ...
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Santa Heads Out on Walkabout

Early in the morning hours Santa bid adieu to Mrs. Claus, the elves and all at the North Pole as ...
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9 Months Until Christmas

Happy 24th day of the month, folks. There are now just 9 months to go until Christmas. We have some ...
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North Pole Chat Scheduled

A North Pole Chat will be held on Saturday, April 15th at 1pm EST on We do not know ...
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40 Weeks Until Christmas

40 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone! 40 weeks now remain until Christmas and there is a lot of activity to report. I don’t want ...
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41 Weeks

41 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone – there’s now just 41 weeks until Christmas. It’s going by fast! I must apologize for not updating ...
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300 Days

300 Days Until Santa’s Launch

300 days remain until Santa’s launch from the North Pole for Christmas 2023. It is a Sunday and the countdown ...
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Ten months

Ten Months Until Christmas

Hello, friends! Ten months remain until Christmas and we’re still talking about last Christmas. It seems the mail coming in ...
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44 Weeks

44 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone! We’re down to 44 weeks until Christmas and I swear this is the longest winter of my life ...
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45 Week Until Christmas

45 weeks remain until Christmas but this week we’re all about Valentine’s Day. I got a lot of questions last ...
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46 Weeks Until Christmas

46 Weeks until Christmas now and we’ve got mail! This week I really dug into the many questions that come ...
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47 Weeks

47 Weeks Until Christmas

47 weeks now are left until Christmas and 5 whole weeks of this year are behind us. January, kids, is ...
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