North Pole Chat Archive
My Name is elf jingle bells hi
candycane hi
My Name is elf jingle bells hi
My Name is elf jingle bells wud
My Name is elf jingle bells wud
My Name is elf jingle bells me and my friend are working on a plan right now
acacia hi!
My Name is elf jingle bells hello
candycane heloo
acacia hru?
candycane great
candycane you
acacia good good
candycane are u exsited
My Name is elf jingle bells me and my friend are working on a plan right now
candycane yup
My Name is elf jingle bells kgig
holiday season tbh do y’all think Santa is real?
My Name is elf jingle bells me and my friend are working on a plan right now
holiday season y’all think Santa real??
My Name is elf jingle bells wugdt
candycane sorry i left on acsitdent
candycane sorrrrryyyyy
holiday season candy u think Santa real?
candycane ya of course why
holiday season oh just askin
holiday season .,. How old u?
candycane 11
My Name is elf jingle bells dont ask how old  people are
holiday season 14 .~.
My Name is elf jingle bells me and my friend are working on a plan right now
candycane i know
My Name is elf jingle bells wud
Snowflake Hi
candycane hi
Elf Izzy Hi
Snowflake Yallo
candycane wud
Snowflake My name is snowflake and I like candy
candycane thanks
elf carmel hi
My Name is elf jingle bells Hi
Elf Ernest Hi everyone, our chat with Mrs. Claus will begin at the top of the hour….or whenever she gets here!
My Name is elf jingle bells Hi
Snowflake Ok
candycane okie i havre all my friends and family here
My Name is elf jingle bells yep me too
Elf Ernest Fantastic@
candycane yay
elf carmel isw misis clos her
My Name is elf jingle bells omg hiiiiiiii
candycane hi ms clause
elf carmel hi
My Name is elf jingle bells me and my friend are working on a plan right now
elf carmel hi
Elf Ernest Ok, guys. I’m going to close down the chat for you while Mrs. Claus and I have a brief conversation. After we talk, I’ll open it back up again for questions, ok?
My Name is elf jingle bells ok
Elf Ernest Good day to you all and welcome to North Pole Chat today
Elf Ernest We have with us today Mrs. Claus!
Elf Ernest We’re excited to talk with her.
Elf Ernest Welcome, Mrs. C.
Mrs. Claus Thank you, it’s a thrill to be back. And so many people here today!
Elf Ernest Indeed. More than last time. Can you tell it’s Christmas?
Mrs. Claus Oh, I can. It’s very exciting
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, we have more questions again than we have time to answer. So I’ll just ask the ones that seem to be most common
Mrs. Claus Ok, I’ll do the best I can
Elf Ernest What does a normal day at the North Pole look like for you and Santa?
Mrs. Claus Well, we have very different things to do. I’m an early riser, so I get out before anyone else is up to really get myself organized
Elf Ernest Do you get up earlier than Santa?
Mrs. Claus Oh, yes, nearly every day. But he stays up later than me.
Elf Ernest Oh really! So Santa is a night owl?
Mrs. Claus Oh yes, he always has been. He can get so busy that he will lose all track of time
Elf Ernest So what do you do most of the time?
Mrs. Claus Well, I have to juggle my Santa time, my family time and my North Pole responsibilities
Elf Ernest What exactly are your North Pole responsibilities?
Mrs. Claus I do a lot of community work. Just about any activity for the elves at the North Pole is something I participate in
Elf Ernest What’s your favorite event?
Mrs. Claus There are many. but I love doing the North Pole Christmas party
Elf Ernest Thats a big party at your home every Christmas Eve, correct?
Mrs. Claus Yes, the elves will gather at our house as they complete their work
Mrs. Claus So the party gets bigger and bigger by the hour
Elf Ernest That sounds kind of chaotic!
Mrs. Claus It can be but it is a PARTY! They come ready to celebrate. Everyone is so happy.
Elf Ernest I work every Christmas Eve so I only get to see pictures of this event…well, until Santa gets back home
Mrs. Claus You poor dear
Elf Ernest Are you ready for me to open the chat up for these good people here today?
Mrs. Claus Yes, I’m excited to talk to them
Elf Ernest Ok, give me a minute
Elf Ernest Ok, guys you should be able to chat now
Elf Ernest What questions do you have for Mrs. Claus?
Snowflake Hi
Mrs. Claus Hi snowflake!
Mrs. Claus Love your name!
Elf snow ball Does Santa get grumpy on most of the times
Snowflake Dose Santa have 2 girls or is he a player
Mrs. Claus No, not really. Santa is happy most times. When he gets hungry, he can get grumpy
Snow burn Hi
Mrs. Claus Excuse me, dear? What does that mean?
Mrs. Claus Hi snow burn!
Elf snow ball Really
Snowflake How old is Santa
Snow burn 2weeks till Christmas getting closer
Mrs. Claus Santa’s age is not something he likes me to talk about
Elf snow ball How long does Santa get to the North Pole and back
Mrs. Claus Yes, Snowburn…Christmas is CLOSE
im elf joy yup
Snow burn What r u doing on Christmas Eve Mrs claus
Elf snow ball Does Santa sleep until Christmas
Snowflake How much Christmas 🎄 trees on Earth
My Name is elf jingle bells hi
Mrs. Claus As I told Ernest, I usually host the North Pole Christmas Eve Party
holiday season omg hi
Mrs. Claus Santa gets very little sleep on Christmas.
im elf joy awpme
Mrs. Claus He is up for the better part of 2 days
My Name is elf jingle bells me and my friend are working on a plan right now
holiday season Where is Santa right now??
Snow burn Breakfast timr
Elf snow ball Do you know what else named candy can because we have elf here and candy cane
Mrs. Claus It can take him from 30-40 hours to get around the world and then he joins the party at our house
Snowflake How much elves do you have to work for you
im elf joy yummmmmmmmm
holiday season mrs. Claus where is Santa right now.
im elf joy u must make him good cookies
Elf snow ball Does Rudolph go with him with his bright nose red
Mrs. Claus Santa is over at the Reindeer Barn
holiday season Where is Santa rn?
My Name is elf jingle bells of course she does
Snowflake How many reindeer that Santa have
holiday season Oh
Mrs. Claus Yes Santa eats a lot of cookies
im elf joy yummmmmmmm
My Name is elf jingle bells 9 reindeer
elf carmel we wocht a movy aubot you and santa
holiday season Where is the rain deer barn?
Mrs. Claus Santa has thousands and thousands of reindeer. I don’t think I know the actual number
im elf joy wow thats crazy
Mrs. Claus The reindeer barn is about a half mile away from our home, so he takes a sleigh
im elf joy thats awsome
My Name is elf jingle bells me and my friend are working on a plan right now for helping santa  get around the world on christmas eve
Snowflake Yellllllllllllllllo
Mrs. Claus Wow, elf jingle bells. That’s great
im elf joy yuip
Snowflake Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiimmmmmmm frrrrreeeeee
Mrs. Claus Rudolph is actually over in the reindeer barn
Cast Trusty Hello Mrs C!
Mrs. Claus We have a small barn here behind the house. Santa took my reindeer this morning
im elf joy thats awsome . claus
Jill Does Santa have lights on his sleigh?
My Name is elf jingle bells yes we are working very hard me and elf joy are video chatting right  now actully
Mrs. Claus Yes, there are many lights on Santa’s sleigh. It’s dark here most the time now, so lights are necessary
Cast Trusty It’s Elf Crusader aka Casey Trusty
Mrs. Claus Oh my goodness, Jingle Bells!
Jill Are they white lights?
elf carmel i love rodof
Cast Trusty Hello mrs c!
Mrs. Claus There are red and white lights on the sleigh
My Name is elf jingle bells yes but she has to call me later
Mrs. Claus Hi Elf Crusader!
Snowflake Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Cast Trusty Frank said my name on the radio!
Mrs. Claus Frank did? He’s a good boy
Elf snow ball Sorry I left
Snow burn Who’s elf snow ball
Cast Trusty Hello Ernest good to see ya!
elf carmel hi
Mrs. Claus Mr. Elf Crusader is becoming famous here at the North Pole
Elf Ernest Hello, Mr. Trusty
Snowflake How old is santa
elf carmel ok
Snow burn R these elves real from the North pole
Mrs. Claus I have not yet met an imaginary elf, Snow burn
Cast Trusty It’s me, elf Crusader
Elf Ernest Hahahaha, Mrs. C
Snowflake Welll hi
Elf snow ball Can I talk to santa
Elf Ernest Yes, Elf Crusader. I’m aware of all your names
Cast Trusty Has Mrs. C seen the picture of my  bell
Mrs. Claus Santa is not here right now. I think his chat is scheduled for tomorrow
Mrs. Claus I don’t think I’ve seen the bell picture
Elf Ernest Yes, a Monday chat for Santa this week
Elf Ernest And you and Santa will be together in chat later this week
Jill What time Monday?
Mrs. Claus Oh…we are?
Elf Ernest Yes, it was just scheduled. I spoke to your secretary
Snowflake Yay 🙂
Mrs. Claus Well, that’ll be fun
Elf snow ball How does Santa get inside our house 🏡
elf carmel can i have a shot owt
Mrs. Claus Snow ball — Santa will come in through a door, a window or a chimney.
Elf snow ball Do you bake cookies when Santa launches off
Mrs. Claus So leave door mats everywhere so he doesn’t make a mess
Snowflake How many cookies dose Santa eat
Mrs. Claus I make cookies all the time.
Jill Does Santa like spicy foods?
Mrs. Claus We can never run out of cookies
Mrs. Claus Yes, Jill. Santa LOVES spicy foods
Mrs. Claus But he does NOT like broccoli
Cast Trusty Hmm, it’s not letting me share a picture
elf carmel i love kocys
Mrs. Claus That’s ok Elf Crusader
Mrs. Claus I can see it another time
Elf Ernest Does Santa have a favorite cookie?
Elf snow ball Can the elves go with you on Christmas
Mrs. Claus Yes. All of them.
Cast Trusty Got my eggnog
Mrs. Claus I have to put eggnog in a thermos for Santa
Cast Trusty
Cast Trusty As in warm eggnog Mrs. claus?
Elf Ernest Wow! Breakfast of champions there, Crusader!
Mrs. Claus No, Santa likes his eggnog REALLY cold
Cast Trusty Mmmhm that’s right Ernest!
Jill Do you and Santa like the drink coke?
elf carmel i do to
Cast Trusty Does Santa ever put cinnamon in his eggnog?
Mrs. Claus Excuse me a minute, my phone is ringing
Snowflake How old is Santa
Snowflake 🎅🏽
Cast Trusty I don’t know what cinnamon does to eggnog does anybody else
Mrs. Claus Ok, sorry about that
Elf snow ball Does the elf get their own cabins
Mrs. Claus Yes, Santa and I will occasionally enjoy a cola
Mrs. Claus And sparkling apple cider, too
Cast Trusty Coke?
Mrs. Claus Yes, the elves all have their own homes
Mrs. Claus Santa is more a Pepsi man
Jill Do you have a favorite kind of cookie?
Mrs. Claus I’m more partial to Dr. Pepper
Cast Trusty
Mrs. Claus I like a lot of cookies. But right now I’ve got an oatmeal pineapple cookie with macadamia nuts I’ve enjoyed
Jill I LOVE Dr. Pepper
Snowflake I gunna go bey
Mrs. Claus That’s a lovely bell!
Elf Ernest Ok, Mrs. Claus has another appointment soon. Any last questions for her?
Elf snow ball My mom wants her phone back I’m sad but I have to leave
Cast Trusty I made it myself
Mrs. Claus You made the bells?
elf carmel i have santa bells
Elf Ernest Maybe Crusader made the eggnog….
Cast Trusty No, I took the chain and an old ornament and made into a necklace necklace
Elf Ernest Or both
Cast Trusty I would like to put my own magic touch on eggnog
Elf Ernest Ok guys, thanks for joining us today
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, thank you so much for your time
Snowflake Your welcome
Mrs. Claus Thank you, dear. Always a pleasure. Goodbye everyone!
Cast Trusty Bye Mrs c tell Santa hello
Mrs. Claus We’ll see you later this week!
Jill Bye Thank you!
Mrs. Claus I will!
Cast Trusty Ernest, are you going to still be on?
Mrs. Claus Bye!
elf carmel bi
Snowflake Snow ball say bay and see you next week
Elf Ernest Thanks Everyone! have a great day!