North Pole Chat Archive

Chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus – 28 November 2020

Elf Ernest Hi everyone! Our chat will begin at the top of the hour, in about 10 minutes or so
Elf Ernest It will begin with a brief discussion between me and Mrs. Claus
Elf Ernest During that time you will not be allowed to ask questions.
Elf Ernest However,once that conversation is over, I will open up the chat for discussion
Elf Ernest Please stand by while we wait for Mrs. Claus
Elf Ernest The first 30 minutes or so of the chat will be with Mrs. Claus.
Elf Ernest After that we will have Santa join us.
Mrs. Claus Hello, Elf Ernest
Elf Ernest Hello, Mrs. C.
Elf Ernest We will begin shortly, right at the top of the hour
Mrs. Claus Ok, I think I’m ready this time
Elf Ernest You are right on time!
Mrs. Claus I was looking around a bit. I love what you have done with the website this year
Elf Ernest Oh, thank you, Mrs. Claus.
Elf Ernest Just a couple of more minutes
Mrs. Claus Let’s give people time to get here
Elf Ernest Ok, everyone. As I mentioned before, you cannot yet chat. Mrs. Claus and I will have a brief discussion before we open up the chat for questions from you
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus — in the past several days we have received THOUSANDS of questions for you
Mrs. Claus You have?
Mrs. Claus Oh my
Elf Ernest Many of them center on cookies
Elf Ernest And I think you talked about cookies in a previous chat
Mrs. Claus Yes, we did. We talked about what kind of cookies to make for Santa
Elf Ernest Well, the question we’re getting most often right now is different than that
Elf Ernest Kids want to know if there is magic in your cookies
Mrs. Claus Why would they be asking that?
Elf Ernest I think it comes from a new movie that is out
Mrs. Claus Oh really?
Elf Ernest Yes. I have not seen it but I got curious when all these magic cookies questions started coming in
Mrs. Claus Ok. The simple answer is no. The only magic in my cookies comes from love.
Elf Ernest That’s what I thought. There is this idea that YOUR cookies explode
Mrs. Claus Oh dear me
Elf Ernest Yes, and that your cookie, when thrown, can do incredible stuff
Mrs. Claus Heavens no! Never throw a cookie
Elf Ernest That’s what I thought
Elf Ernest Do you think we should talk about this in a Santa Update?
Mrs. Claus Maybe that is a good idea. I was thinking of having a recipe or two put up
Mrs. Claus But cookies should never be thrown or used as a weapon or to hurt someone
Elf Ernest Yes, we didn’t think that was a good idea.
Mrs. Claus How naughty!
Elf Ernest Thanks for clearing that up, Mrs. C. I’m going to open the chat now for all to ask questions, ok?
Mrs. Claus Ok, but lets go one at a time, ok?
Elf Ernest Ok, guys you can ask questions now
Brian Hello
Tedy Hi
Elf Ernest You might have to refresh your page
Mrs. Claus Hi Brian
Babyjay Hi
Mrs. Claus Hi Tedy
Tedy How are you
Mrs. Claus Hi Babyjay
Babyjay Where is santa
Babyjay Hello
Mrs. Claus I am doing well
Elf Ernest Santa will be here in a little while
Kristian Jennings Hey! How’s it going everyone?
Babyjay It’s almost Christmas
Mrs. Claus Hi Kristian
Tracker Elf Crusader Mrs Claus, I’m 27 years old and still believe in Santa
Tedy How did you meet Santa Claus?
Mrs. Claus Good for you, Tracker Elf Crusader
Tracker Elf Crusader It’s been years since I’ve seen him
Babyjay how can Santa kn0w when a person awake on Christmas eve night
Mrs. Claus Santa and I met on a blind date, many years ago
Brian Can we video chat
Babyjay How can Santa see when your awake on Christmas eve night
Elf Ernest Babyjay, you can ask that of Santa once he gets here
Tracker Elf Crusader I remember one Christmas, I actually saw the sleigh! Rudolph’s nose was glowing and I heard the bells
Tedy Where do elves live and do they have their own rooms?
Elf Ernest We are working on video chat, Brian. But we don’t have it ready yet
Mrs. Claus That’s exciting, Elf Crusader!
Tracker Elf Crusader I thought so too
Brian Do you now went
Mrs. Claus Tedy, most elves have their own homes here at the North Pole
Kristian Jennings You are not alone 🙂 I’m 24 and I still believe as well but I never had a chance to see Sana before. I would love to though.
Tedy What do you eat at the North Pole?
Elf Snowman Hi
Mrs. Claus We eat the same foods you do
Snow Burn What does the houses look like at the North Pole
Tippyt81 The Taylor kids would like to know if they are on the nice list?
Tracker Elf Crusader Mrs c, does Santa  like nature? I am working on getting my degree in college for environmental science, and I see a lot of beauty in nature
Brian Hi
Mrs. Claus Most houses look the same but with sharp pointy roofs, to keep the snow off
Tedy For future reference, what is the only thing young children do that will unfortunately keep them on the naughty list?
Snow Burn Have u seen my Christmas list
Elf Ernest You will need to ask Santa about the Nice List…he’ll be here in a little while
Tracker Elf Crusader I believe it was 10 years old when it happened
Mrs. Claus Yes, Santa loves Nature and animals. A great deal!
Babyjay Have Santa seen my Christmas list
Mrs. Claus Kristian, I’m sure you’re see Santa eventually. He gets around
Snow Burn She is the real  right?
Tracker Elf Crusader That’s great to hear Mrs. claus
Elf Ernest Yes, Snow Burn
Tracker Elf Crusader Do you and Santa ever vacation to Florida? I swear I’ve seen him there
Tedy Why don’t you go with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?
Mrs. Claus Santa is a Reindeer Whisperer, did you know that?
Snow Burn From the real North Pole
Tracker Elf Crusader No
Tedy No
Mrs. Claus Actually, Tedy, I meet up with Santa in Hawaii nearly every Christmas Eve
Babyjay How does santa know if your sleeping or awake Christmas eve night
Kristian Jennings Mrs Claus, I heard that you have the best cookies! Can Santa bring some of your cookies to other people’s house so they can try? Gingerbread are my favorite, besides snickerdoodle I love that one too 🙂
Mrs. Claus I usually have responsibilities here at the North Pole on Christmas Eve
Tracker Elf Crusader What?! I never knew that
Tedy lol
Snow Burn is from the real North Pole?
Elf Ernest Yes, if you listen to the Tracking Santa show on Kringle Radio that is broadcast here you’ll learn things like that
Babyjay Where is the north pole
Tedy What is your favorite part of Christmas?
Brian I he has my Christmas list
Mrs. Claus I’ve never heard of my cookies being a gift, Kristian.
Tracker Elf Crusader Favorite kind of eggnog? I once dipped a Reese’s peanut butter cup in my eggnog and it tasted delicious
Mrs. Claus My favorite part of Christmas is seeing that everyone is happy
Mrs. Claus Oh my, Elf Crusader!
Snow Burn U make me hungry with all your delicious recipes
Tedy What is your favorite thing to do at the North Pole?
Mrs. Claus Food is one of my loves of Christmas too
Mrs. Claus I live at the North Pole, so I do everything here
ofhdfljdl hey
Brian Me to
Snow Burn What do u do at the North Pole
Elf Ernest Do you ever work in the workshop, Mrs. Claus?
Tracker Elf Crusader What can I say Mrs c,I’m an elf!(well, actually I’m human)
Mrs. Claus No. Sometimes Santa sends me there for little things but I’m not a workshop elf
ofhdfljdl am i on the nice list
Mrs. Claus Elves are human for sure. I don’t know where people get the idea they are not
Tracker Elf Crusader From what I understand, Santa doesn’t have an official naughty list
Snow Burn Does my fake home mini works
Tracker Elf Crusader Maybe from Hollywood?
ofhdfljdl me mad
Tedy What is you If you could go back in time, what would you say to your 20-year-old self?
Elf Ernest That is correct, Elf Crusader. We keep telling people that but some don’t get the message about the whole naughty list thing
Snow Burn fake home mini
Brian Has elf on the shelf
Mrs. Claus My 20 year old self would need to hear that I need to be more patient!
ofhdfljdl I am behind you
Mrs. Claus What a great question!
Kristian Jennings I bet that your cookies would make an incredible gift! Sometimes a delicious treat on Christmas morning would be enough for some. Not all gifts have to be toys 😉
ofhdfljdl hi mrs claus
Mrs. Claus That’s totally right, Kristian
ofhdfljdl hey mrs claus
Mrs. Claus Hello ofhdfjdl
Tedy What do you think about the pandemic?
Mrs. Claus You have a challenging name. How do you pronounce it?
Snow Burn I like the way you updated the chat room
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa once  wrote me a note it said Keep believing
Mrs. Claus The pandemic is a sad and scary thing.
Tracker Elf Crusader Or something of the sort
Mrs. Claus We are trying here to be very careful
Elf Ernest Wow, Crusader!
Tracker Elf Crusader Ernest,Maybe people believe saying I had a naughty list because of that song
ofhdfljdl has santa turned into the grinch because people have been saying santa has turned into the grinch because of covid
Kristian Jennings Hey Ernest, I send you my email.  Did you get it?
Tedy Despite the pandemic, we will have a good Christmas, won’t we?
Elf Ernest Yes, I will get back to you, Kristian. Basically, it’s too soon for Santa.
Tracker Elf Crusader Maybe the reason people keep believing that Santa has a naughty list is because of that song
Mrs. Claus Of course we will have a GREAT Christmas, Tedy
Snow Burn Like the count down for chat room
Mrs. Claus Santa keeps telling me how concerned the children are and what they are writing to him
Kristian Jennings Ok 🙂
ofhdfljdl ernest have santa turned into the grinch because of covid?
Tracker Elf Crusader I have no idea who wrote it, but from what I understand they describe Santa wrong
Elf Ernest Thank you, Snow Burn
Elf Ernest No, Santa is no Grinch
Mrs. Claus Santa a Grinch? Hahahahahaha. That’s a good one!
ofhdfljdl but the internet says it
Snow Burn Will Santa still come cause the vires
Elf Ernest Just got a text, Santa will be here in about five minutes
Tedy Mrs. Claus, I have a kitten. I’m very happy. Do you have any other pets besides deer?
Tracker Elf Crusader Can’t wait to hear from Santa himself
Mrs. Claus Don’t worry about Santa and the virus
Mrs. Claus He will be there like normal
Kristian Jennings Mrs Claus, How can a reindeer fly? How can they lift themselves off without magic?
Mrs. Claus Yes, we have a few dogs.
Tracker Elf Crusader I wonder if Santa remembers me?My real name is Casey Trusty
Mrs. Claus To be honest, that’s a question for Santa, dear. I don’t know how the reindeer do it.
Tedy What breed are the dogs
Snow Burn What do u do at the North Pole
Elf Ernest I’m sure Santa remembers you
Mrs. Claus I take care of people and I help Santa
Snow Burn What about your helpers
Tedy What breed are the dogs
Tedy What breed are the dogs
Tracker Elf Crusader Has Santa ever mentioned me?
Mrs. Claus We have a poodle and a couple of shiz tzu
Mrs. Claus They are very busy puppies
Tracker Elf Crusader No st Bernards?
Snow Burn Did u see my question
Brian Can we do zoom
Brian Santa
Mrs. Claus No, no St. Beranrds. Too big to be in the house!
Snow Burn
Mrs. Claus Santa does have a couple of border collies and they are smart dogs, but they stay in the barn
Kristian Jennings Does the north pole look like a regular village? Do the buildings look like gingerbread houses or something more creative?
Tedy In which city do you live
Babyjay Hi santa
Mrs. Claus We live in North Pole Village. There are no other cities here
Tracker Elf Crusader The North Pole of course!
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa!
Babyjay Have you got my Christmas letter
Santa Claus Hi everyone!
Tedy Hello Santa
Kristian Jennings Hey Santa! How are you? 🙂
Babyjay Have you got my Christmas wish list letter
Santa Claus My my my….Mrs. Claus can certainly draw a crowd!
Mrs. Claus Hello, honey
Tracker Elf Crusader Hi Santa! It’s me Casey! Do you remember me?!
Snow Burn Have u seen my list
Brian Hello Santa
Santa Claus Oh goodness!!!
Santa Claus So many questions. Yes, everyone — I’ve seen all the lists and letters and messages….
Brian Can you do zoom
Tedy How is Lapland
Mrs. Claus Good luck with this, Santa
Elf Ernest Ok, guys…we’ll get to everyone….please be patient
Brian Have got my Christmas list
Tracker Elf Crusader Poor Santa
Santa Claus It’s very cold and snowy here already this year
Snow Burn Love the Christmas movies
ofhdfljdl where is santa
Santa Claus And I don’t know what Zoom is.
Kristian Jennings Hold your horses everyone XD One at a time
Elf Ernest Zoom is a video chat thing, Santa
Tedy Will there be any presents this year?
ofhdfljdl where is he
Santa Claus Oh. We have enough challenges with Internet and regular chat. I think Zoom will need to wait a while
ofhdfljdl where is he
Tracker Elf Crusader Do you remember me Santa? I’m Casey
Elf Ernest Yes, Santa we’re testing it
Santa Claus Casey? Casey Trusty?
Tracker Elf Crusader Yes
ofhdfljdl santa
Snow Burn Love chat room it looks safe
ofhdfljdl santa
Santa Claus I hear good things about you this year, Casey
Santa Claus And you, Kristian
ofhdfljdl santa
Tracker Elf Crusader I’ve been doing my best Santa
Santa Claus And so many of you!
Tedy I am currently listening to Christmas music
Babyjay What about me santa
Santa Claus Thank you, Casey. I hear you are becoming quite the elf, too
Kristian Jennings Me too!
Tedy Will there be any presents this year?
Santa Claus Hi Babyjay, how are you?
ofhdfljdl santa I have a question are you the real santa and am I on the nice list?
Babyjay I’m good
Elf Snowman Hi Santa
Santa Claus Hi Snowman
Santa Claus Is everyone ready for Christmas?
Snow Burn Is this virus real or fake
Santa Claus Who has their tree up?
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa, you once left a note for me, I think it was in 2011….
ofhdfljdl me
Santa Claus I believe the virus is real. We are taking it serious
Elf Snowman I do
Tedy Bulgaria usually what time do you come?
Kristian Jennings I certainly am ready for Christmas! 😉
Santa Claus Oh my, 2011 was so long ago
ofhdfljdl santa am I on the nice list
Tedy I
Brian Am I on the nice list
Snow Burn I’m tired of hearing about it
Santa Claus I arrive between about 11pm and around 3am in most places
Tracker Elf Crusader My mom made a big chocolate chip cookie for you
Santa Claus There is no naughty or nice list. I don’t do that.
Tedy Santa, since our Christmas tree will be in my room this time, will you be able to bring the presents?
Santa Claus Oh great! I love chocolate chip cookies!
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa, I live in a group home; are you coming to visit me and my roommates this year?
Santa Claus Where ever your tree is, I will go
Kristian Jennings I’ll leave some gingerbread for you, I heard that it is your favorite 🙂
Santa Claus Yes, I visit all group homes too
Snow Burn Nice list
ofhdfljdl santa did the elfs put me and my brother dominic candy canes
Tedy Santa, can you give me some advice on how to get my parents to adopt my brother or sister?
Brian I am planning on putting my tree up tomorrow
ofhdfljdl on our tree
Santa Claus My favorite tends to change on my mood Kristian…but I do love gingerbread
Tracker Elf Crusader Woohoo! The guys here at Northpoint will love to hear that!
Santa Claus Oh goodness, Tedy. Have you talked to your parents?
ofhdfljdl santa did the elfs put candy canes on our tree for me and my brother dominic
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa, my cousin is in jail for something very bad; can you go visit him at the Polk County Jail in Florida?
Tracker Elf Crusader I think he could use some Christmas spirit
Santa Claus Most elves eat candy canes too fast to put them up on a tree, so I don’t know about that
Snow Burn Love chat room Santa Claus and Mrs Claus
Santa Claus I will visit those in jails if they let me. I ask permission
Santa Claus Glad you are here, Snow Burn
Brian Yes
Tracker Elf Crusader I have no doubt that they will let you Santa
Kristian Jennings Hey Santa, I know that you have received a lot of my letters but are you still planning on coming over to my house this christmas? Even though I live with unbelievers?
Tedy Yes, but they say they don’t want another one. Please do magic
ofhdfljdl SANTA!
Santa Claus Kristian, that’s a problem all over the place. I visit wherever people want me to visit
Snow Burn Have u seen my list, what do u think about it
Tracker Elf Crusader I saw you one year Santa. I was nine or 10 years old, I Saw Rudolph’s nose
ofhdfljdl LISTEN
Santa Claus Hi ofhdfldl — yes, I see you
Tracker Elf Crusader And I heard your sleighbells
Santa Claus I’m not deaf
Paulshaw Xbox 360 games.
Babyjay Is there any way I can contact you directly Santa
Santa Claus I cannot keep those sleigh bells quiet sometimes. They give me away a lot. But I need them
Tedy I have already written the letter, I just have to send it.
Tracker Elf Crusader They were pretty loud!
Santa Claus You can email me through the North Pole Post Office or call my 800 number
Snow Burn Who do u see santa
ofhdfljdl did the elves put candy canes on our tree for me and my brother dominic
Tracker Elf Crusader I believe I was on my way to my grandparents house that night
Santa Claus I don’t know if the elves did those candy canes. They can be sneaky sometimes
Tracker Elf Crusader And when I came back home, you left my gifts
Santa Claus That happens sometimes, Casey
Tedy How did Santa decide to make the children happy?
Brian What is everyone going to do
Paulshaw Thanks you elf max
Babyjay How much longer
Santa Claus Oh goodness…it’s not hard to want to make children happy
ofhdfljdl am I on the nice list
Babyjay How much longer left until the chat room has closed
Elf Ernest Santa, I have some questions here when you get a chance
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa, Do you believe in God?
Santa Claus Ok, Ernest
Tedy Santa, please visit the children from the orphanages and smile at them! Please visit the elderly and make them happy!
Santa Claus Yes, I definitely believe in God
Santa Claus Tedy, we do that even when it is NOT Christmas
Tracker Elf Crusader Awesome! So do I!
Kristian Jennings Have you ever skipped other people’s houses before?
Snow Burn What do Santa do during the whole year
Santa Claus I only skip people’s houses if they ask me to
ofhdfljdl elf did you leave candy canes on our tree for me and my brother dominic
Santa Claus I actually do deliver to some non believers
Babyjay How much time
Babyjay Left
Tedy When do you think Christmas decorating should start?
ofhdfljdl are you the real santa
Santa Claus Some people who say they don’t believe in Santa actually do
Paulshaw Matel big. Red sleigh tall man for paulshaw for Christmas gift big
ofhdfljdl ok
Santa Claus Hi Paul, I see you
Santa Claus Ernest, am I real?
Elf Ernest You look real to me, sir
ofhdfljdl yes
Mrs. Claus To me, too, dear. Almost too real
Babyjay How much time left until the chat room end
ofhdfljdl elf did you leave candy canes on our tree for me and my brother dominic
Elf Ernest We will be here another 10 minutes or so
Tedy Santa, can you bring me a brother or a sister?
Mrs. Claus I have asked over at Elf Central about the candy cane on the tree thing.
Snow Burn What does Santa does during the year at the North Pole
ofhdfljdl did they leave candy canes
Santa Claus Tedy, a brother or a sister? Oh my goodness…
Elf Snowman Can you please bring me a baby sister
Kristian Jennings Hey Santa, How does a reindeer fly? 🙂
Mrs. Claus Trying to get an answer ofhdljdl
ofhdfljdl thank you
Tedy Yes. Please
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa, I know you don’t deliver girlfriends, but I’m wondering if you know if I will get one?
Santa Claus A lot of people want me to bring them puppies…but I have to talk to parents about that. Getting a new brother or sister would be much more difficult
Tracker Elf Crusader Not delivered to me, mind you
Santa Claus Sorry, I can’t do girlfriends, either!
Tracker Elf Crusader It’s ok Santa
Paulshaw Wante time comeing. For Chrismas Eve
Snow Burn Like the way u update the chat room
Tracker Elf Crusader I understand
ofhdfljdl did you get the answer yet mrs claus
Elf Ernest Wow, easy there Paul…
Tedy Will you talk to them
Santa Claus After midnight to your place, Paul
Kristian Jennings Can you deliver a jet pack? I always want to fly!
Santa Claus Yes, Tedy…I will try to contact whoever i need to about your wish. That’s a complicated deal
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa, I’m in college
Santa Claus A jetpack! Wow…that technology still needs some work
Brian When will you have another chat
Santa Claus Good, stay in school Elf Crusader
Tracker Elf Crusader It’s hard sometimes, but somehow I manage
Elf Ernest We don’t have a new Santa chat scheduled yet, but we’re working on it. Likely in two weeks
Snow Burn Do u drive at the North Pole
ofhdfljdl mrs claus have you got the answer
Kristian Jennings Can I fly with you one day…..? Pretty PLEEEAASSSSEEEEEE!
Tracker Elf Crusader Ernest, when will there be another radio broadcast
Tedy Okay. Can you, even if I don’t get it, write me in a Christmas letter what happened.
ofhdfljdl santa can you do a flight test in NC
Santa Claus We drive at the North Pole, yes. But usually sleighs or Snow Cats
Elf Ernest The radio news is posting nearly every day. The radio broadcast begins on December 23rd
Snow Burn What about real cars with 4wheels
ofhdfljdl santa can you do a flight test in NC PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSE
Tracker Elf Crusader Is there anyway to make Kringle radio free?
Santa Claus I’m not actually on those test flights, guys. I have test pilots testing the sleigh right now
Brian When is that new app going to be ready
Elf Ernest Kringle Radio will start broadcasting free here around December 17th or so. It is available for free at Santa
ofhdfljdl santa can you do a flight test in NC PLEEEEEEASE
Santa Claus Ernest, Kringle Radio isn’t on here yet?
Paulshaw Tal claus
Elf Ernest No, Santa.
Tracker Elf Crusader Thank you ernest
ofhdfljdl santa can you do a flight test in NC PLEAAAAASE
ofhdfljdl vb
Tedy Santa, are you coming to our houses earlier?
Snow Burn Will the Broncos radio be around all year long
Santa Claus Ernest, get Kringle set up on SantaUpdate as soon as possible
Tracker Elf Crusader I wonder what questions everybody’s been asking Santa, besides the one on here
Elf Ernest Yes sir
ofhdfljdl SANTA
Santa Claus Thank you, Ernest. You’re a good man
ofhdfljdl SANTA
Tracker Elf Crusader Thank you Santa!
Mrs. Claus Ok, on the candy cane thing I got this answer:
ofhdfljdl SANTA LISTEN
Tedy Can Santa read the children’s thoughts?
ofhdfljdl tell me mrs claus
Kristian Jennings I want to let you know that I am planning to be a minster one day and if you ever need  pastor for your church I am here 😉
ofhdfljdl please
Mrs. Claus This is a quote “WE ARE NOT TELLING!!!”
ofhdfljdl what please
Tracker Elf Crusader Got to say,I love being a tracker elf for Santa
Santa Claus Tedy, no, I cannot read thoughts
Snow Burn Kringle radio all year round
Tracker Elf Crusader Yes!
ofhdfljdl SANTA LISTEN
Santa Claus I wish ALL of you would be tracker elves
Tedy If you could go back in time, what would you say to your 20-year-old self?
Santa Claus I’m listening, I’m listening…
ofhdfljdl SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristian Jennings Me too! It is absolutely fun!
Elf Ernest Please don’t be rude ofhdfljdl
Tracker Elf Crusader Calm down, buddy he is listening
ofhdfljdl sorry
ofhdfljdl some times I lose my temper
Tedy Santa, can I say my Christmas wishes here?
Tracker Elf Crusader Hey Santa, maybe you should get a train like the polar express to come to the north pole
Santa Claus You can do better, ofhdfljdl
Santa Claus What can I answer for you?
Snow Burn Kringle radio all year round
Tracker Elf Crusader Then people wouldn’t be asking so many questions
Santa Claus I love trains. But the North Pole is a tough place to put one
Tracker Elf Crusader I second that
Snow Burn Santa
ofhdfljdl santa can you do a flight test in NC
Tracker Elf Crusader Why is that Santa?
Elf Snowman Santa will you share your location with me on google maps?
Tedy Santa, can I say my Christmas wishes here?
Santa Claus The test flights I think are headed to Europe soon. I think they will be back in the US later in December
ofhdfljdl ok
Santa Claus A train is hard at the North Pole because of all the snow and ice
Santa Claus Tough to build
Tracker Elf Crusader Here s a house in my neighborhood that has decorations set up already:
Santa Claus But I’d love it.
Tedy Santa, can I say my Christmas wishes here?
Santa Claus We do have some underground trains here
Santa Claus But those are short runs and kind of a secret thing
Tracker Elf Crusader What?! Cool!
Santa Claus That house looks awesome
Kristian Jennings How can a person become a sleigh pilot? I would so love to know that! 😀
Tracker Elf Crusader I thought so too
Elf Ernest No, Tedy, please send your wishlist to Santa
Paulshaw Magical power Santa Clauswhach forpaul
Brian Be safe on your trip on Christmas
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa, you mean the trains are like the one that Elon musk has?
Santa Claus Kristian — it takes many years of flight school. Talk to Elf Roger Star about that
Snow Burn Love chat room
Santa Claus Thank you Brian
Tracker Elf Crusader Hey watch your language
Elf Ernest Guys…we have just a few minutes left….
ofhdfljdl sorry
Tracker Elf Crusader There are children on here
Elf Snowman Okay
Snow Burn Can’t wait until Christmas santa
Tedy Santa, why do you want the kids to sleep when you bring the presents? What if you bring me a brother and will he sleep?
Mrs. Claus Thank you, Tracker Elf Crusader
Tracker Elf Crusader Yw Mrs.c!
Santa Claus I need not only children asleep, also adults.
Brian Talk to soon santa
Elf Snowman I don’t want Christmas to go bye fast do you have any tips
Santa Claus If folks are awake it slows me down because they all want to talk, they get so excited you see
Santa Claus Enjoy the ride, Snowman. And try to do Christmas every day
Tracker Elf Crusader Kind a like we did here?
Santa Claus Bye, Brian — Thanks for being here!
Snow Burn Love chat room santa
Santa Claus Yes, Casey, exactly!
Santa Claus Thanks Snow Burn
Kristian Jennings Hey Ernest, If you can do this for me I would appreciate it! Please tell Elf roger Star that I have A LOT of passion for flying and would love to know more about being a sleigh pilot.  And again I will appreciate all your help :)p
Tracker Elf Crusader Santa, Mrs C, I love you guys!
Elf Snowman How do I do Christmas every day?
Elf Ernest Ok, will do, Kristian
Tracker Elf Crusader Can I be a reindeer keeper at the north pole
Santa Claus Christmas is a smile, a wink, a nice thing said…it’s not just trees and candy canes
Kristian Jennings You are the best! 😀 Thank You!
Snow Burn Love Christmas santa
Tracker Elf Crusader I am studying for it?
Tedy Santa, if I have a brother and you bring him, will he also sleep at that time and will you put him in the cot?
Santa Claus What are you studying, Elf Crusader?
Brian I love you guys lots
Tracker Elf Crusader Environmental science, with an emphasis on zoology
Santa Claus Oh my goodness…you’re SMART!!!
Tracker Elf Crusader I’ll take real good care of the reindeer I promise
Santa Claus I will think about it. The reindeer are very special to me
Tracker Elf Crusader Thanks Santa!
Elf Ernest Ok, guys. Time to go for tonight. Thanks all for being here and for your EXCELLENT questions
Elf Ernest This was fun. I will get with Santa to schedule another chat really soon
Santa Claus Bye everyone!
Tracker Elf Crusader Good night Ernest!
Mrs. Claus Merry Christmas Everyone!
Kristian Jennings Bye! 🙂 Thank you!
Tracker Elf Crusader Ernest, who do I talk to about working in the reindeer barn?
Tedy GOood Night
Elf Snowman How do I slow down time?
Elf Ernest Santa’s the guy on that one for sure. It will take years, buddy
Tracker Elf Crusader Ok
Snow Burn Were do dogs go to school
Elf Ernest I think you scored some point tonight, Elf Crusader
Tracker Elf Crusader Woohoo!
Elf Ernest Bye all!