Less Than 24 Hours Until Launch 1
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Less Than 24 Hours Until Launch

Howdy all, Another important milestone in tracking Santa has passed. In less than 24 hours Santa will launch from the North Pole. Meanwhile, just four hours or so from now, Christmas Eve will begin in Sector 1, that area of the world…
Santa Tracking
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Understanding Sectors

Merry Christmas, all! Over the course of the next few days you will read and hear about us talking of "sectors". Sectors are how North Pole Flight Command has divided up the world. They represent broad groups of time zones that may have…
Tracking Santa
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What to Expect in Tracking Santa 2017

Greetings Santa Fans! If you haven’t noticed by now the North Pole is getting ready to track Santa for Santa. And there are lots of new things to share with you. First of all, the Flight Command Center website has been totally redesigned.…
Kringle Radio
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As is our tradition we've made arrangement for the FREE broadcast of the Santa Tracking Show from last Christmas Eve. They've flipped the switch over at and the show starts there in just hours. This is a real treat, folks.…
Kringle Radio
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North Pole Tracking Center On Duty

The Tracking Center at the North Pole has begun their start up procedures – they do so much to help get Santa around the world. Santa doesn’t launch for several hours but elves are in the tracking center right now getting ready to follow…
Kringle Radio
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News Department Sets up in the Tracking Center

Merry Greetings! I’ve waited all year to announce this: in just 24 hours we begin our LIVE radio broadcast tracking Santa around the world! Now, I know some of you are saying “Wait, Christmas Eve isn’t until Saturday.” -- and you’re…