Tracking Santa Video
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Tracking Santa Video Surprises the North Pole

Our friends at released a video put together featuring the voices of North Pole Radio news. Someone here at the North Pole saw on social media and copied it. The video was played at the meeting being held by the radio elves…
School Classes Encouraged to Track Santa Together 1
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Santa Kicks off Santa Tracking Efforts

Santa tracking is a world-wide tradition. It is huge at the North Pole, too. Even those who do not work at the Tracking Department get big into Santa tracking. But more importantly, Santa depends on trackers around the world the most. Even…
School Classes Encouraged to Track Santa Together 2
School Classes Encouraged to Track Santa Together 3
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North Pole News Kicks Off Radio Broadcast

It's that time kids! The annual Tracking Santa Around the World show on Kringle Radio has started. No, Santa has not yet left the North Pole. That's not why the North Pole News Department does this traditional broadcast. What's actually…
Tracking Santa Radio Broadcast
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Live Radio Broadcast to Begin Soon

Our Christmas Eve radio news coverage is soon to begin. You can listen to it right here on Santa Update or on any of the official websites of the North Pole. The news room at the North Pole this year will be anchored by Elf Holly Berry,…
Tracking Santa
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The Schedule of Tracking Santa

Hi all! The countdown to Christmas is rapidly coming to an end. While Santa's exact flight plan is not exactly know we do know precisely how we are going to track him. I want to make sure you understand what is about to happen. At this…
Tracking Santa
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Tracking Maps Go Live

Merry Greetings! North Pole Flight Command has now switched on live maps for use on various websites across the Internet, including right here on where it will be located on our home page., another official…
School Classes Encouraged to Track Santa Together 4
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Tracking Santa Right

Happy Saturday! We talk a lot about the new things Santa does all the time. Santa uses new technology and is constantly improving on things. But some times Santa insists on doing things the old fashioned way. One of the big things Santa…
North Pole Weather
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Santa Trackers Activated World Wide

The North Pole Flight Command Center is all lit up tonight as elves working maps, computers with weather data, flight control equipment and other tools of the Santa tracking trade are pressed into service. The first big breaking news of Santa…
School Classes Encouraged to Track Santa Together 5
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Millions Volunteer to Help in Elf Service

Merry greetings! In the hours since it was announced where we stand with new recruits to become trackers for Santa the North Pole has been contacted by countless organizations offering to help. A company in Tennessee has offered to shut…
School Classes Encouraged to Track Santa Together 6
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Santa Asks for More Tracker Elves

Hey everyone! The official count of new tracker elves signed up through is just over three million so far – a very impressive number! But we need more. Santa reviewed the numbers when he called in to a special meeting…
Schools tracking Santa
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School Classes Encouraged to Track Santa Together

Hi everyone! In many parts of the world it is a new school year. We usually get a lot of questions and feedback from school teachers at this time of the year. Many gather questions from their students and it is my job, with the help of…