Santa Trackers Activated World Wide

Santa Trackers Activated World Wide

The North Pole Flight Command Center is all lit up tonight as elves working maps, computers with weather data, flight control equipment and other tools of the Santa tracking trade are pressed into service. The first big breaking news of Santa tracking 2017 — we’ve got bad weather coming!

Forecasters tell us they have been watching the skies since Wednesday but they are not at all surprised by the fast developing storm.

“We’re at the North Pole,” said North Pole Weatherman, Elf Seymour Snow. “We have to expect this at this time of year. I don’t think we can top last year’s storm, but we’ll be dealing with white out conditions this year too. It won’t stop Santa in the least.”

However, the weather worries have increased activity in getting reindeer ready and trackers in place.

We will keep you posted as more developments come up.

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Millions Volunteer to Help in Elf Service

Millions Volunteer to Help in Elf Service

Preflight NewsMerry greetings!

In the hours since it was announced where we stand with new recruits to become trackers for Santa the North Pole has been contacted by countless organizations offering to help.

A company in Tennessee has offered to shut down their auto repair shop for the next several days to lend a hand at Santa’s workshop.

Another group from Sweden offered to close down their furniture making operations to help build things at the North Pole.

Mrs. Kemp’s 3rd grade class in Ohio has offered to skip school for the rest of the week to come help wrap presents.

A Boy Scout troop in Florida will doing anything from shoveling snow to delivering cookies at the North Pole and a truck driving company in Idaho has offered to fly sleighs for Santa.

We have thousands of such offers and we really appreciate it.

But Santa reminds you that he needs elves more at other places around the world than just at the North Pole.

To become an elf in general service, please see the links at

To become a Santa Tracker tracking Santa for Santa, please signup at SantaTrackers.Net.

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Santa Asks for More Tracker Elves

Santa Asks for More Tracker Elves

Hey everyone!

The official count of new tracker elves signed up through is just over three million so far – a very impressive number!

But we need more. Santa reviewed the numbers when he called in to a special meeting just held at Flight Command.

He was pleased. But he reminded us that the more trackers we can have out there in the world the more we can have other elves helping out at the North Pole.

He too, thinks we will meet the goal. But he hopes to actually blow that total away.

It’s possible. We had so many last year that signed up at the last minute. We didn’t think we would meet the goal but when we counted it all up after Santa was finished and it was way more than we even hoped for. We’re thinking that could happen this year.

But we need your help with that effort.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS to get over to and become an elf today!

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