Put Yourself on Santa’s Map

Put Yourself on Santa’s Map

Hi ya!

Well, we might not be able to put Santa on a map right now but we can surely put you on Santa’s map.

Totally new and redesigned this year under the direction of Santa Claus himself this special website is designed to help Santa know where he has coverage before he takes flight on Christmas Eve. Some places will have lots of Santa trackers — some will have very few. Come place your mark on Santa’s map!

Just go to SantaTrackers.org and register yourself as a Santa tracker of any type – and you’ll go on the big map there showing all the Santa trackers in the world. By the time Christmas Eve comes around Santa will know exactly where he has folks helping him get around the world.

This is open to professional tracker elves from the North Pole, certified tracker elves from SantaTrackers.net, and even just fans of Santa who track Santa on their own.

It is an official North Pole website and it is, of course, absolutely free.

It will be a huge year in Santa tracking. This is just one little part of it.

So go mark your spot on Santa’s map today!

Elf Ernest

Hear a Recap of Santa’s Flight

The boys over at the North Pole News Department have put together their annual show recapping Santa’s flight from last year. You can listen to it on the player below.

Of course, long-time fans who come here to Santa Update know all about the Christmas Eve broadcast. Those news reports are covered here live every Christmas Eve.

But for the folks out there on the Internet this recap is getting passed around today on websites and social media and they are just learning what a special thing that broadcast is. There just isn’t any other kind of Santa tracking out there like it anywhere.

Elf Crash Murphy takes over the Merry Podcast for an episode of highlights. You’ll hear some of the best (and funniest) stuff from last Christmas Eve.

It is a great way to begin your Christmas in July celebration.

Elf Ernest