While a machine will never replace Santa there are some experiments taking place with drones under the direction of the North Pole.

“A drone can be useful for a lot of things,” said head of research and development, Elf Quinton. “A drone can be large or small. A small drone can have a camera on it and could help Santa see something in a far away place rather easily. A large drone is more work to make but maybe they can be used to shuttle supplies. The possibilities are endless.”

Santa made liberal use of drones on his flight last year but really only to throw off forces who were trying to knock Santa out of the sky. We haven’t seen the North Pole deploy drones yet this year and we don’t know if he will.

Elf Ernest
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North Pole Continues to Experiment with Drones 1

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North Pole Continues to Experiment with Drones 2

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North Pole Continues to Experiment with Drones

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