North Pole Chat Archive

North Pole Chat features live discussions with Santa, Mrs. Claus and all kinds of important elves in positions of authority at the North Pole. It is part of the mission of the North Pole News Department to host these events for our site visitors. These events are free.

Chats from 2023

May – Elf Crash Murphy – Elf Crash Comes to Chat and Gets Visited by Santa
April – Elf Trixie Talks Mrs. Claus – Chat with Elf Trixie, Chief of Staff to Mrs. Claus
January – Stories from Santa’s Flight – Chat with Elf Crash Murphy

Chats from 2022

November – Answers About Thanksgiving at the North Pole – Elf Crash Murphy
October – Things You Don’t Know About Santa’s Reindeer – Elf Victor
August – The Crash of the Test Flight of Santa’s Sleigh – Elf Crash Murphy
July – Christmas in July Chat – Santa and Mrs. Claus
June – History of Christmas-in-July at the North Pole – Elf Dr. Grand Smedley, Southern North Pole University
June – Leon Day Chat with Elves Frank Myrrh and Crash Murphy
May – Chat with Mrs. Claus
March – Chat with Elf Crash Murphy – Santa’s Eye-in-the-Sky Reporter Elf
February – Chat with Elf Max of– Webmaster of
January – Chat with Elf ErnestSenior Vice President of Public Relations, Head of North Pole News