Sleigh Designers Test Santa’s Sleigh

Sleigh Designers Test Santa’s Sleigh

Merry Greetings!

Santa’s sleigh designers have finally put Santa’s new sleigh to the skies. Yesterday they took Santa’s new sleigh out for its first flight.

Reports have come in that the sleigh is large, roomy, but still very agile.

It is too early to tell if this is the kind of sleigh that will set speed records.

So far it has flown with teams of 8, 12 and 15 reindeer. In each case the sleigh went faster and it seemed to perform better than anyone was expecting.

Elf Ernest

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No Sign of Santa as Thanksgiving Approaches

No Sign of Santa as Thanksgiving Approaches


Thanksgiving is just five days away now and we still have had no sign of Santa returning to the North Pole.

After the failed raid in France a few days ago everyone seems almost afraid to talk about it.

Santa is not here and the Tracking department can’t find him.

That doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

Santa has made a game of this thing. We have heard from him. He is okay. He’s just hiding while the tracking guys try to find him.

That is all.

Trust me. Santa will show up when he needs to show up!

Elf Ernest

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Worries About Leadership in Santa’s Absence

Worries About Leadership in Santa’s Absence


Recent meetings of senior elf teams at the North Pole have discussed preparation for Christmas at length.

And we’re all feeling really good about how ready things are.

Production us up at the workshop and they are way ahead of their goal.

The North Pole Post Office is running on time, the Wrapping Department is stocked and ready to go and the Reindeer Training teams are already hard at work.

But despite all this readiness elves here are conversing more and more about how worried they are about Santa not being here and not being in charge of all that has to get done.

They are saying that without Santa here we can’t get the job done.

The ironic thing about that is that Santa is usually gone from about the middle of November until close to Christmas Eve any way – every year.

And have we ever failed?

No. I’m telling you right now. Stop worrying. We got this. Everything with Christmas is under control.

Elf Ernest

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Applicants Rush to Fill New Elf Positions

Applicants Rush to Fill New Elf Positions

Happy Thursday everyone!

The word from the Department of Elf Resources is that applications to new jobs posted for elves all over the world are just pouring into the North Pole.

Everyone, it seems, wants to be an elf.

One of the last conversations I had with Santa when I saw him last summer was that he wanted more elves. He told me the job just gets bigger and bigger every year.

This brings up a lot of questions.

Folks want to know what it is like to be an elf working for Santa. They want to know how much they get paid. They want to know what they wear, where they live and the obligations they have as a North Pole employee.

We want to answer all those questions and we will in time.

For now, though, there are some things you need to know the elf jobs recently posted.

First of all, they are for experienced elves. If you are just starting out as an elf you will want to click here to become an elf.

Starter elves, as I like to call them, usually do not begin their elf careers at the North Pole. They don’t make money at it. And they start like we all start – with very basic responsibilities.

You see, to be an elf that works at the North Pole it takes many, many years of training. Not many make it.

You have to be very dedicated to it.

As you get more experience Santa gives you more and more responsibility.

But it takes a long time.

That’s partly because when an elf gets an important job at the North Pole…they never leave it.

I know some elves here who have been at their same elf job for over 100 years.

That’s a long time.

And that is why it is hard to get a job as an elf at the North Pole.

We will talk about this more in the days and weeks ahead.

Elf Ernest

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Thousands of New Elf Jobs Posted

Thousands of New Elf Jobs Posted

In the wake of the announcement made days ago about five million new tracker elves wanted for this Christmas season the Department of Elf Resources today posted what amounts to thousands of new positions for elves employed through

Last year more than 4 million new elves were recruited and if this year’s goal of 5 million is met that will make more than 10 million tracker elves working for Santa world wide. (Santa, of course, has thousands more of us employed at the North Pole and in places all over the world).

“With all these new elves we need some structure to manage them and their activities,” said Elf Sandy Claus (no relation), head elf at the Department of Elf Resources at the North Pole. “We would like experienced elves to work in senior elf capacities all over the world. We need City Captains, State and Province Representatives and Ambassadors from each country. Those positions alone will require thousands and thousands of applicants.”

There are other jobs posted there too. “Specialists”, I think they call them.

These are not jobs posted to the general public. These are jobs for folks who are already elves. If you want to become an elf, you’ll have to start at the bottom, just as we all do. Being an elf is fun!

But it is hard work and I imagine these new elf jobs will take people with lots of skills and talent.

Elves here at the North Pole were excited to hear about all these new opportunities. You see, elves love to meet new elves.

If you end up getting an interview for one of these jobs, I hope you tell us about it!

Elf Ernest