150 Days Until Santa Launches

150 Days Until Santa Launches

Hi ho!

It’s still Christmas in July here at the North Pole – but Mrs. Claus is all business.

Today she convened the head elves from the Tracking Department, the Weather Department and all of Santa’s launch team to review plans for Santa’s launch on Christmas Eve.

“We have 150 days until Santa launches,” Mrs. Claus said. “We have 150 days to make this the most perfect launch of Santa’s sleigh in history. I want no mistakes. I want no surprises.”

I’ve never seen Mrs. Claus like this. She was very nice, like she ALWAYS is, but she was very direct and very serious.

“We have many reasons to be concerned with what this season will bring,” Mrs. Claus said. “Santa and I want the world to know they can depend on us and we will have a Merry Christmas”.

That comment raised quite a few eyebrows.

But nothing could have prepared us for the stuff Mrs. Claus talked about after she said that.

What terrific plans are in place for 2017!!!

I can’t wait to tell you about them.

But…I’ve been sworn to secrecy for now.

Things are happening. And announcements will be made in time.

But this is a very exciting time for us at the North Pole.

Elf Ernest

5 Months Until Christmas

5 Months Until Christmas

5 Months Until ChristmasGreetings Everyone!

Today is the 24th of the month and that marks just 5 months left until Christmas.

And it also marks the beginning of a journey for Santa. For the first time in decades, Santa is going on a “walkabout”.

Santa learned about walkabouts from Australian culture.

In Ancient Australia young teenage boys would go on a journey into the wilderness. They would go away boys and come back men.

Santa says it isn’t as much a rite of passage for him as it is about learning. He insists that is what this trip is all about for him.

Santa left today – on foot. His hair has been freshly cut and his face clean shaven. He looks so very different!

He is also leaving completely alone. Absolutely nobody is with him.

Everyone is nervous about Santa taking this trip.

He leaves without any kind of contact with the North Pole.

He has no cell phone, no radio, no means of communication at all.

He has a few supplies in a backpack and he’s wearing some sturdy hiking boots. But that’s all.

We don’t know where he is going.

We don’t know when he will return.

Mrs. Claus was not there at the farewell ceremony today.

Santa gave a little speech but he asked all the North Pole to not worry about him and to go about their work as usual.

He said he would return home only when his journey is through and that Mrs. Claus would know what to do in case of an emergency.

And that’s all he said.

He didn’t say he would be back. He didn’t even say he would see us at Christmas. He just said, “So long, and God be with you until we meet again.”

It was kind of a sad goodbye.

I will, of course, keep you updated on what news we receive from Santa.

I don’t expect him to be gone for long without hearing from him.

We all watched him walk until we couldn’t see him anymore. That didn’t take long because the North Pole forest is pretty thick and he walked right into the trees.

We hope Santa stays safe.

Elf Ernest

Mrs. Claus Takes Command at the North Pole

Mrs. Claus Takes Command at the North Pole

Happy Christmas in July Greetings!

Well the news is starting to sink in that Santa won’t be here for a while.

Today it was revealed that in Santa’s absence Mrs. Claus is going to be in charge.

That’s not unusual.

She’s in charge every year from Thanksgiving to Christmas when Santa is gone every year visiting children.

Mrs. Claus knows what she is doing.

But with Santa gone for who knows how long she will be far more involved with Christmas this year.

When asked today how long Santa would be gone Mrs. Claus said she did not know.

But she said she expected Santa to have his beard back before he returned.

I don’t know about you but speaking as an elf I can tell you it took me years to grow a beard.

I sure hope Santa can get it done before Halloween.

Elf Ernest

KringleRadio.com Broadcasting Now

KringleRadio.com Broadcasting Now

As is our tradition we’ve made arrangement for the FREE broadcast of the Santa Tracking Show from last Christmas Eve. They’ve flipped the switch over at KringleRadio.com and the show starts there in just hours.

This is a real treat, folks. 50-straight hours of pure Christmas — no commercials or anything like that. Just great Christmas music interrupted only by breaking news updates from the North Pole, just as it was heard last Christmas. If you didn’t get the chance to hear it then you can hear it all now!

Merry Christmas in July from all of us here at the North Pole!

Elf Ernest

Santa Leaving the North Pole

Santa Leaving the North Pole

Beardless SantaYikes !!!

He did it.

Santa DID cut his hair and DID shave off his beard.

His chin is as bald as a baby’s backside.

He looks so different!

And his announcement shocked everyone.

Santa is leaving the North Pole.

On Monday the 24th, just five months before Christmas, Santa plans to leave on an extended trip.

On foot.


Without a beard.

Yeah, it’s weird.

Santa explained this journey as kind of like going back to school.

He used to do this years and years ago.

He’d take off for a couple of weeks and just hike and camp in the outdoors over the summer break.

But this trip is different.

Santa plans to visit some far places and meet people in strange lands.

He doesn’t want to be recognized and that’s why he shaved off his beard.

He leaves on Monday and will be back sometime this fall, he says.

It was not a happy announcement.

Usually when Santa makes an announcement at the North Pole people cheer and clap.

But this time, Santa stepped up to the microphone and said, “I have announcement to make, everyone!”

The room got quiet and Elf Freddy said, “Who are you?”

Then Santa made his announcement.

And nobody clapped.

Probably because nobody knew he was Santa.

Elf Ernest