Extra Sleighs Taking Up Valuable Space

Extra Sleighs Taking Up Valuable Space

Hi ho!

A couple of months ago I shared with you about the big project at the North Pole that Santa began – thousands of sleighs being built and painted different colors.

Remember when I told you about the big barn Santa built to store those sleighs?

Well, that barn is now full and they are starting to stack these sleighs outside like firewood.

There are sleighs everywhere and they are taking up valuable space.

They cannot stay outside very long. They are made of wood.

Santa has always said that a good sleigh has to be treated like a flower. It can be outside but if you leave it alone the weather will ruin it. Santa’s sleighs always stay inside the sleigh barn when he isn’t using them.

So if Santa were here I know he would not be happy to see all these sleighs sitting outside.

Something needs to be done. Elf Quinton tells me he has to keep building the sleighs. He has orders.

For now, he is planning to use one of the warehouses that the boys in the workshop usually use to store the sleighs.

But Elf Bernard isn’t happy about that. He needs that space because the workshop is busy making things and they need space to store things too.

Something has to give.

I’ll ask Mrs. Claus what the deal is. She is the only one who seems to understand what is going on around here these days.

Elf Ernest

Trackers Elves to Search for Santa

Trackers Elves to Search for Santa

Hi all,

The flight command center is a busy place all year because the North Pole has flights of sleighs and reindeer all the time. It is the busiest sleigh port in the world.

It is also the only sleigh port in the world.

But it is quite unusual to see it so busy at this time of the year.

It is busy over there but not because there are a lot of sleigh flights at the North Pole right now.

They are busy because of Santa.

Santa left on walkabout nearly a month ago to see the world and meet with people he normally does not get to see much.

But nobody knows for sure where he is.

And to the elves in charge at the flight command center that is an opportunity to train.

They are in classes and meetings and their training goal is to play a game of “Where is Santa?”

You see, if Santa was ever lost for real it would be up to the trackers at the flight command center to find him.

So they are using his time away to train.

It’s been a few weeks now. And they haven’t found him yet.

We will let you know if they do.

Elf Ernest