Prankster Hits the Wrapping Department

Merry ChristmasHappy December!

More tough news to report again today – the Merry Prankster has messed things up in the Wrapping Department.

Like all departments right now the Wrapping Department is working 24 hours a day. So it is a mystery that they haven’t been able to catch the Merry Prankster because this stuff is happening right under their noses.

But somehow the Merry Prankster loaded a wrapping machine with fly paper.

If you’ve ever seen that stuff before you know how sticky it is.

Needless to say it made a mess of things. And as elves worked to remove the fly paper from the machines and the hundreds of gifts wrapped with the stuff it completely shut down the department.

According to Elf Wally the department lost almost 15 hours of solid productivity while they cleaned the mess up. He fears the Wrapping Department is very, very, very behind now.

Meanwhile the search for who the Merry Prankster is continues.

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