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Hi everyone!

As the Bah Humbug Virus continues to tighten it’s grip on the North Pole elves are becoming more creative than ever in trying to get their work done while avoiding getting the sickness.

Tracker elves, for example, have taken to staying at home and doing their work from there. Not all of them are sick – and they want to stay that way. So they are doing their meetings online.

What do tracker elves do when they aren’t tracking Santa?

They are learning about the areas they can be assigned to. They learn about the kind of information the North Pole needs.

They take classes in weather and reading the skies. They study cultures and local building design for different areas of the world.

They take classes in aeronautics, flying, language and even astronomy.

Even in the world of tracking Santa, an educated elf is an efficient elf.

Right now they are studying flight plans.

So it is important that they stay healthy. When it comes time for those guys to head out to their field locations around the 20th or so of the month they need to be completely ready.

We think their strategy for avoiding the Bah Humbug virus is pretty smart.

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  1. Cherie Tibbs
    Cherie Tibbs says:

    So glad the tracker elves are so smart. And I certainly hope they do not get the Bah Humbug virus. I am praying for all of you at the North Pole!!!!

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