Put Yourself on Santa’s Map

Put Yourself on Santa’s Map

Hi ya!

Well, we might not be able to put Santa on a map right now but we can surely put you on Santa’s map.

Totally new and redesigned this year under the direction of Santa Claus himself this special website is designed to help Santa know where he has coverage before he takes flight on Christmas Eve. Some places will have lots of Santa trackers — some will have very few. Come place your mark on Santa’s map!

Just go to SantaTrackers.org and register yourself as a Santa tracker of any type – and you’ll go on the big map there showing all the Santa trackers in the world. By the time Christmas Eve comes around Santa will know exactly where he has folks helping him get around the world.

This is open to professional tracker elves from the North Pole, certified tracker elves from SantaTrackers.net, and even just fans of Santa who track Santa on their own.

It is an official North Pole website and it is, of course, absolutely free.

It will be a huge year in Santa tracking. This is just one little part of it.

So go mark your spot on Santa’s map today!

Elf Ernest

Santa Sighting Proven False

Santa Sighting Proven False

Hi all,

Nearly a week ago we reported a possible Santa sighting in Alaska.

It appears now that report was false.

The guys over in the Tracking Center are not saying why that report is false. We only know that Elf Agent X got involved in the investigation and that locked down all the details.

So we are back to once again not knowing where Santa is or when we will hear from him.

We also don’t know when Santa will be back.

But we assume that will happen before Christmas.

Wait a minute….what if Santa does NOT come back before Christmas? What then?

I think I will schedule a meeting with Mrs. Claus.

We should talk about this.

Elf Ernest