33 Weeks
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33 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi, friends! 33 weeks remain until Christmas and things are getting exciting here at the North Pole. This week Mrs. Claus and I paid a visit to the Wrapping Department and the new head elf there, Elf Harriet Bow. “Elf Harry”, as…
34 Weeks
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34 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi gang! Just 34 weeks left now until Christmas. It’s just around the corner. Ok, not really. We have a long summer ahead of us. Even still, we’re almost done with the 30s and that for me is the longest part of our countdown. Well.…
35 Weeks Until Christmas 1
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35 Weeks Until Christmas

Greetings all, there are 35 weeks until Christmas. Busy, busy. First of all, despite the clear message of the other day it seems some of you are concerned that Santa is missing. Elf Hugo says the post office is getting some mail worried…
Santa Launches
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250 Days Until Santa Launches

The North Pole quietly marks 250 days remaining until Santa’s launch. It has been a very eventful time at the North Pole the past two months. Here is a brief recap of where things stand: - Santa is not at the North Pole. He left on walkabout…
36 Weeks
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36 Weeks Until Christmas

Greetings, friends! Just 36 weeks remain until Christmas. Are you getting ready? So, I was in North Pole Chat yesterday. It was a good time. But I’ll be honest. I was pretty nervous. Looking back now, that was silly of me. Everyone…
37 Weeks Until Christmas 2
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37 Weeks Until Christmas

Happy Easter, everyone! There are 37 weeks until Christmas. I got in so much trouble this week. My mother called me very upset. You see, I’ve been so busy I forgot to call my parents about my new role as Chief of Staff to Mrs. Claus. Mom…
38 Weeks
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38 Weeks Until Christmas

There are 38 weeks remaining until Christmas – and suddenly it feels as if that just isn’t enough time. My elf world has just gone crazy the past few weeks. Gol. I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with Santa. So…
Chief of Staff
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39 Weeks Until Christmas

Well. What a difference a week makes! There are 39 weeks until Christmas and all of a sudden it feels like the world here has turned upside down. Last week, after I wrote the countdown update, I was called to the Claus residence to meet…
9 Months Until Christmas 3
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9 Months Until Christmas

Happy 24th day of the month, folks. There are now just 9 months to go until Christmas. We have some breaking news to share with you: Santa Claus is once again headed out on walkabout. If you have been here in years past you know that Santa…
40 Weeks Until Christmas
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40 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone! 40 weeks now remain until Christmas and there is a lot of activity to report. I don’t want to steal any news from anyone. Elf Meg over a North Pole Flight Command is going to publish some news this week. She has new stuff…
41 Weeks
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41 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone – there’s now just 41 weeks until Christmas. It’s going by fast! I must apologize for not updating the countdown in recent weeks. Elf Harold updated up last on the countdown and I have been down with a flu bug in the…
300 Days
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300 Days Until Santa's Launch

300 days remain until Santa’s launch from the North Pole for Christmas 2023. It is a Sunday and the countdown clocks everywhere here at the North Pole mark the snowy milestone. Here is where we stand on Operation Merry Christmas so…