The Elf Parade
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Planning for the Elf Parade

The Elf Parade is coming up on Thanksgiving Day here at the North Pole and we are getting a lot of questions about it. Here is a little more that you need to know: The Elf Parade is for elves and by elves. It is held in the morning hours…
Eggnog Will Not Be in Short Supply 1
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Eggnog Will Not Be in Short Supply

Eggnog will not be in short supply this holiday season at the North Pole despite many rumors to the contrary. Eggnog is a vital commodity in the production of elves at the North Pole and supervisors and elves alike are breathing a sigh of relief…
10 Weeks Until Christmas
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10 Weeks Until Christmas

10 weeks now until Christmas – just about down to the single digits! It’s a pretty exciting time to be an elf. So this week they put me in one of the back studios at Kringle Radio and had me read news – as a test. I failed miserably. I…
Workshop Production Picks Up Speed 2

Workshop Production Picks Up Speed

Santa's workshop is now working at a frenzied pace as the snow has started to fall at the North Pole. Elves this year are extra determined to work carefully. If you recall from our news coverage from last Christmas Santa's workshop suffered…
Around the World in One Night
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Frenzied Response to New North Pole Podcast

The latest episode of the North Pole Podcast has only been online for about 12 hours or so. But the response to it has been robust - even "frenzied" as Elf Hugo in the North Pole Post Office put it. "We are getting busier but this is way…
Sleigh Upgrade for Elf Crash 3
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Sleigh Upgrade for Elf Crash

A sleigh upgrade for Elf Crash Murphy was ordered by Santa and the engineers have got it up on blocks now, making it all shiny and new. Sleigh news is usually conveyed about Santa's sleigh. That's totally fine, it is Santa's sleigh that is…
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Donner Has Not Yet Returned to the North Pole

Donner, Santa's lead reindeer, has not yet returned to the North Pole. For some reason, a lot of people are growing anxious about that. We remind you that ALL the reindeer last year did not return until right around Thanksgiving. So even…
Winter Weather
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Winter Weather is Back

Winter weather is back at the North Pole and that is actually good news. Snow makes things move at the North Pole so no one is complaining. Elf Seymour Snow predicts that winter will be here to stay for at least the next 8 months at the North…
Update from Sector 1
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Understanding Sectors

Sectors are an important way that Santa plans his trip around the world. Santa builds his flight plan around breaking up the world into five different parts, which he calls sectors. A sector is a portion of the world that contains many countries. The…
Update on Santa's Reindeer 4
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Update on Santa's Reindeer

North Pole Radio News provides an update on Santa's reindeer and their return to the North Pole today. While several have returned not yet all of them are back, notably, lead reindeer Donner. In the radio report below, which is the first…
You Can Participate in This Year's Elf Parade 5
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You Can Participate in This Year's Elf Parade

You can participate in this year's Elf Parade for the first time ever. The Annual Elf Parade is held on Thanksgiving Day at the North Pole. It is an event that draws huge crowds in North Pole Village as well as lots of big questions online. We…
Tracking Santa Radio Replay 6
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Tracking Santa Radio Replay

The Tracking Santa radio replay is now active on the Santa Tracker Channel of Kringle Radio. The Tracking Santa Around the World radio broadcast is a long-standing tradition here at the North Pole. Produced by North Pole Radio News the program…