Rudolph Excels
Reindeer Games Begin

The Reindeer Games are Coming

Hi all! The Reindeer Games are coming! We always get a lot of questions about the reindeer games. The reindeer games are a very big event at the North Pole because everyone loves the reindeer. For several days there are sporting competitions…
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3 Months Until Christmas

Hi all! Today marks just three months until Christmas but if you look outside my window you'd think it is Christmas Eve! The snow is falling outside and it is starting to pile up on the ground. And there are reindeer in the air! The sleigh…
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10 Months Until Christmas

Greetings! It is a bit of a sad day for us here at the North Pole. Today the reindeer begin their journey back to their homeland. Contrary to popular belief, reindeer are not native to the North Pole. (Few things are, not even penguins).…

Pictures of Santa's Reindeer

Did you see this yesterday over on the North Pole Flight Command website? A North Pole photographer was not only able to get a few photos of some actual reindeer but he also, somehow!, got permission to POST those pictures. See the story…
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When You Gotta Go

Guess someone really needed a potty stop...or is Santa just stalling?
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All Ready Now for Launch

With chants of "Let's go Santa!" the crowd at the North Pole is urging Santa to get on with it. But Santa won't be rushed. He enjoys this last minute routine of walking around the sleigh, checking every little detail and speaking to the…
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Reindeer Getting Ready

Santa's reindeer have been welcomed with warm applause and cheers as they have been led into the Sleigh Barn. Elves are now working on getting each of them harnessed and hitched to the sleigh. Santa is there, helping and talking with the…
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Will Santa Arrive Early?

One of the big features of the North Pole Christmas party is the sugar cookie pool. Elves bet on whether Santa will deliver on time and return early to the North Pole. Right now the smart cookie is all on Santa. Elves are betting heavily…