30 Weeks Until Christmas 1
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30 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi gang. Just 30 weeks now until Christmas! You know, it’s kinda been like Christmas to me this week. It got to spend some quality time with “my” reindeer, Trixie. As you may have heard, North Pole Flight Command just announced…
Ten months
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Ten Months Until Christmas

Hello, friends! Ten months remain until Christmas and we’re still talking about last Christmas. It seems the mail coming in to the North Pole this time of year is centered on sleighs and snow. We want to answer some of those questions. Snow…
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Santa Officially Names His Starting Reindeer

Santa has named the reindeer who will be flying him around the world when he launches later this week. As the North Pole Radio News report above says, there are no surprises. They are: Rudolph Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen …
Twas the Night Before Christmas
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The Importance of Twas the Night Before Christmas

T'was the Night Before Christmas, a popular Christmas poem properly titled A Visit from St. Nicholas, is one bit of popular Christmas culture that Santa wants everyone to enjoy. It was written more than 200 years ago by a man named Clement…
Vixen Recovering Well 2
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Vixen Recovering Well

Vixen is recovering well. Officials in the Reindeer Operations Department report that the doctors have approved full activity status for Vixen and that with just a little more therapy over the next few days she will be ready to fly for Santa…
Update from Santa's Workshop 3
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Update from Santa's Workshop

Santa's workshop is one busy place these days. But after meeting with Elf Bernard there this week Santa feels like things are right on track. We also sent Elf Crash Murphy there today to check things out and you can hear his report for North…
Vixen Injured 4
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Vixen Injured

(BREAKING NEWS - Reindeer Barn) - One of Santa's most cherished reindeer has been injured during a training exercise at the North Pole today. Vixen, a long-serving member of Santa's A-team of reindeer, was injured doing what they call "short…
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The Story of Mickey and Ted

Last week's Reindeer Games were won by The Mighty Mick, a two year old reindeer of massive size who surprised everyone with an inspired performance. But The Mighty Mick did not win on the strength of his body. He won due to the size of his heart. Last…
Reindeer Games
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Reindeer Games Upset

He did it! The Might Mick has pulled off the impossible at the Reindeer Games. This is a very rare event. The Mighty Mick came back from a fourth place finish to win his last two events to take the crown of Top Reindeer at the Reindeer Games.…
Reindeer Games Update 5
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Reindeer Games Update

The Reindeer Games have been going on this week and there seems to be a possible upset in the making. A young reindeer by the name of The Mighty Mick is dominating the competition. The North Pole Radio News report above also shares news that…
Reindeer Games Begin 6
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Reindeer Games Begin

The annual Reindeer Games have started at the North Pole. A brief opening ceremony was held before a small crowd this year. Most elves and their families are so engaged with their elf work that they are watching the games via North Pole TV or…
4 Weeks Until Christmas 7
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4 Weeks Until Christmas

There are just 4 weeks left until Christmas and things here are so busy at the North Pole. I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll tell you first about Trixie, my reindeer. I got to see her this week for Thanksgiving. She came…