Christmas in July News 1
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Christmas in July News

Christmas in July is the 2nd biggest news month of the year. In the North Pole Radio News report for today you can hear Elf Frank Myrrh discuss that with professor of North Pole History, Elf Dr. Grant Smedley. Dr. Smedley said Christmas in…
Tracker Update
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Tracker Update

The world of tracker elves has seen a surprising number of new elements so far this year. We thought it best to give you a tracker update. The Elf Community at has been completely remodeled. A points system has been installed…
Big changes
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Big Changes for Elf Supervisors

Santa finally opened the Elf Supervisor Conference by telling those gathered that the tracker elf program is really only getting started this year. Big changes are in store. That program has been a pilot program for the first five years…
Elf Supervisor Event in Costa Rica 2
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Elf Supervisor Event in Costa Rica

Santa, Elf Roger Star and a small staff of attending elves left the North Pole today in the early morning hours by sleigh bound for Costa Rica, where Elf Supervisor meetings will be held all week. The Elf Supervisor event was announced more…
Santa Launches
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250 Days Until Santa Launches

Today officially marks 250 days until Santa’s launch. What has changed since the last time we marked a milestone to Santa’s launch? That was the 300-day mark to launch, way back on February 26th. Since that time there has been a…
Regional HQ
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Flight Command Announces First Regional HQ

North Pole Flight Command has announced the location for the Regional HQ for Sector 4. It will be located in Milagro, Ecuador. Every year each sector has a regional headquarters to house a team of elves from Flight Command. Their job is to…
Tracker Elf
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Santa Takes Over the Tracker Elf Project

The tracker elf program is maturing. It began as a test program five years ago on the belief that millions of people around the world would want to become elves to track Santa for Santa. It has proven to be a wildly popular idea and a whole…
300 Days
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300 Days to Santa's Launch

North Pole Flight Command marks another important milestone today as the countdown clock ticks down to 300 days until Santa’s launch from the North Pole. The number may not mean much to people outside of the North Pole but it is a marker…
Chat with Elf Max
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Chat with Elf Max Scheduled

A chat with Elf Max of is scheduled for next Monday, February 21st at 3pm EST in North Pole Chat. Elf Max is the webmaster at, the growing community of elves who track Santa for Santa each year. Santa…
Santa's Launch
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350 Days to Santa's Launch

Greetings! I'm Elf Meg of with our first friendly launch reminder of the year: there are only 350 days left until Santa launches! The date of Santa's launch is likely the most important date on the North Pole calendar. For…
North Pole
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North Pole Welcomes Santa Home

News Recap: Santa is welcomed home at the North Pole to cheers. Merry Christmas. Status of Regional Operations - North Pole Flight Command: Fully operational -- **Heavy Snow - Whiteout** - Sector 1 (Oceania): Stand down - mission accomplished,…
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Santa Visits Remote Alaska

News Recap: As Santa visits rural Alaska it appears the new speed record is official. Status of Regional Operations - North Pole Flight Command: Fully operational -- **Heavy Snow - Whiteout** - Sector 1 (Oceania): Stand down - mission…