Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 1
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Test Flight Returns Bringing Eggnog

Elf Test Pilot Vicky Blaze has returned from the final test flight of Santa's sleigh and she has brought a surprise: eggnog! "Bless her heart," Elf Hank, head of the North Pole Christmas Party said. "She stopped by a store and cleaned them…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 2
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Nine Hours Until Launch

With nine hours now until Santa's launch folks are starting to get excited at the North Pole. In fact, a few have already gathered at the sleigh barn and are filling the grandstands there to get seats to see that big event. The final test…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 3
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Test Flight Continues

The test flight of Santa's sleigh is going very well. There are no mishaps to report and the speeds being recorded are off the chart. If you want to follow along with where that sleigh is tracking, please see Meanwhile,…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 4
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Santa's Sleigh Needs a Name

Of the many details that goes into Santa's flight one that does not get enough attention is the tradition of giving Santa's sleigh a name. Santa loves naming things: elves, reindeer, his dogs, and, well, his sleigh. Every year just before…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 5
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Just How Fast Can Santa Go?

Experts are debating just how fast Santa can go this year. Santa has a new sleigh that has a radical and some say speed record-breaking design. The workshop is done, their work completed for the year. Weather concerns at flight time are…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 6
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Santa's Sleigh Takes One Last Test Flight

Santa's sleigh has just launched on it's final test flight of this season. The final test flight of Santa's sleigh is a North Pole Christmas Eve tradition. I honestly don't think the sleigh needs this last flight, I'm sure it is just fine.…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 7
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One Last Test Flight of Santa's Sleigh

It has become an annual Christmas Eve tradition -- it is the final test flight of Santa's sleigh and they are getting the sleigh ready now to take off on that journey. The sleigh, of course, has been in flight testing mode for months. The…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 8
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Sleigh Bells to Be Flight Tested

Greetings! Few people know or understand the art and science of the sleigh bells on Santa's Sleigh. They just don't go out and buy sleigh bells at the dollar store and slap them on the sleigh. Santa's Sleigh has more than 2000 bells…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 9
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Santa's Sleigh Extra Fast This Year

I attended a meeting of sleigh designers today. They were very, very pleased with the results of new flight tests. In fact, the sleigh designers are saying that if weather conditions are favorable enough the new sleigh will shatter old speed…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 10
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Sleigh Gets a Name, Launch Imminent

I always love this moment. Take a listen: -- Elf Ernest The Big Map | North Pole Flight Command | Certified Santa Trackers
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 11
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Only a Few to See Santa Liftoff

Oh they just look like a small crowd. Wait til you hear the cheers though when the time comes. They will sound like the crowd at the Superbowl when they see Santa liftoff. They always do. -- Elf Ernest The Big Map | North Pole Flight…
Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh 12
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Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh

Santa, the sleigh and the reindeer are at this very moment in the sleigh barn getting things ready to launch. Santa is harnessing the reindeer one by one, gently talking to each one as he goes. This is one of my favorite things to see all…