The North Pole Has Plans
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The North Pole Plans for a Busy Week

The North Pole has a busy week ahead. Today is just a brief break before all that lies ahead. Monday is St. Nicholas Day, which is a big event at the North Pole. Santa Claus is, of course, a big fan of St. Nicholas and most people at…
Reindeer Games Suffer a Shake Up 1
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Reindeer Games Suffer a Shake Up

The Reindeer Games saw a shake up in the points leaders and it's a whole new ballgame today. Blitzen still leads overall but there are several new challengers knocking at the door. As you will hear in the North Pole Radio News report…
Blitzen Leads the Reindeer Games
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Blitzen Leads the Reindeer Games

Blitzen leads the Reindeer Games after a strong day of competition. As noted in the North Pole Radio News report (see the player below), the multi-skill events of yesterday were best suited to Santa's most experienced reindeer. The top five…
7 Weeks Until Christmas
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7 Weeks Until Christmas

7 weeks until Christmas now - well, actually, it's Christmas all over here. The Halloween Party last weekend was crazy. Just nuts. I told you I'd spill a little behind-the-scenes-detail so here goes: Santa is the world's biggest…
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Donner Has Not Yet Returned to the North Pole

Donner, Santa's lead reindeer, has not yet returned to the North Pole. For some reason, a lot of people are growing anxious about that. We remind you that ALL the reindeer last year did not return until right around Thanksgiving. So even…
Update on Santa's Reindeer 2
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Update on Santa's Reindeer

North Pole Radio News provides an update on Santa's reindeer and their return to the North Pole today. While several have returned not yet all of them are back, notably, lead reindeer Donner. In the radio report below, which is the first…
Donner Cleared to Fly 3
Donner Getting Stronger 4
Donner Back On His Feet 5
An Update on Donner 6
North Pole Post Office Drowning in Mail 7
Donner Injured at the Reindeer Games 8