Tracker Elf
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Santa Takes Over the Tracker Elf Project

The tracker elf program is maturing. It began as a test program five years ago on the belief that millions of people around the world would want to become elves to track Santa for Santa. It has proven to be a wildly popular idea and a whole…
Chat Recap with Elf Crash Murphy
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Chat Recap with Elf Crash Murphy

Elf Crash Murphy, Santa's Eye-in-the-Sky reporter, was in North Pole Chat today in an informal gathering that featured a lot of Tracker Elves. One such tracker was Elf Ulan, of Japan, who asked Crash about Santa's reindeer and their roles…
Elf Crash Murphy
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Elf Crash Murphy Coming to North Pole Chat

The chat calendar for North Pole Chat has been updated. Elf Crash Murphy, Santa’s eye-in-the-sky reporter on Kringle Radio, will be featured in chat in March. He is scheduled for Saturday, March 26th at 3pm EST. In other chat news,…
Around the World in One Night
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Frenzied Response to New North Pole Podcast

The latest episode of the North Pole Podcast has only been online for about 12 hours or so. But the response to it has been robust - even "frenzied" as Elf Hugo in the North Pole Post Office put it. "We are getting busier but this is way…
Sleigh Upgrade for Elf Crash 1
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Sleigh Upgrade for Elf Crash

A sleigh upgrade for Elf Crash Murphy was ordered by Santa and the engineers have got it up on blocks now, making it all shiny and new. Sleigh news is usually conveyed about Santa's sleigh. That's totally fine, it is Santa's sleigh that is…
Flying Behind Santa on Christmas Eve
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A Special Podcast About Flying Behind Santa on Christmas Eve

Flying behind Santa on Christmas Eve -- someone has to do it. Out today from the North Pole Radio News Team is a special podcast about flying behind Santa on Christmas and what it is like. Elf Frank Myrrh and Elf Crash Murphy spent hours…


North Pole Podcast

Introducing the North Pole Podcast

It’s a big historic day here at the North Pole and here on We’re proud to announce the first episode of the North Pole Podcast. The North Pole Podcast is an idea we have been exploring for a long, long time. Santa felt…