Reindeer Games Postponed

su2015-28Hi guys!

Happy Sunday greetings to you. It’s a quiet day at the North Pole today. We always take Sunday off and most elves are resting today.

But there was an announcement late last night that I need to tell you about.

The 2015 North Pole Reindeer Games have been postponed. Obviously, if you have no reindeer you can have no games.

We always get bugged to put the reindeer games on television but Santa and Elf Victor won’t allow it. The games are not meant to be anything other than training for the reindeer – that is all.

The elves really like the reindeer games and they follow along very closely. So they are a little disappointed today. Elves like contests of all sorts.

No, there is still no word on what’s happened to the reindeer. Santa says he doesn’t want to talk about it so everyone is being very careful not to bring it up.

But still, they are very bothered that the reindeer are not yet here.

Elf Ernest


Click the player below to hear Frank and Crash discuss what the loss of the reindeer games mean and to answer a question about Santa using the restroom on his Christmas Eve flight:

Will Santa Deliver by Drone?

su2015-7Merry Greetings!

Santa’s sleigh was on the mind of many today as Santa flung open the door to his private workshop and spent much of the day working on his sleigh. Many elves stopped by to see how the work was progressing and to chat a bit with Santa.

Some elves were not impressed.

“If that thing is going to fly Santa is going to need something a little like a rocket to get it off the ground,” grumbled Elf Needles (don’t ask me why they call him that). He’s one of the elves who usually works on Santa’s sleigh and Santa told me he’d likely be critical.

But other elves liked the sleigh.

“I think it will be pretty,” said Elf Bonnie, a seamstress in the North Pole uniform department. “It is very elegant and the paint Santa was applying to it today is just lovely.”

One of the things being talked about among the elves at the lunch table today was the possibility that Santa might one day begin using drones to deliver presents. Drones are small flying machines that can cover long distances and land on very specific targets.

Some elves think drones will make easy work for Santa someday.

Elf Gloria was there and she quickly poo-poo’ed the idea, saying Santa would never give up his job to a machine.

It’s nice to see Santa make some progress on the sleigh. I think everyone here is feeling a lot better about that.

Elf Ernest


Click below to listen to Elf Crash Murphy talk about his own sleigh for tracking Santa on Christmas Eve:

North Pole Christmas Light Contest Winner Announced

su2015-27I’m such a doo-doo brain! I forgot to tell you about the Christmas Lighting Contest and who won last night.

It’s part of our Thanksgiving night festivities every year. We spend hours and hours preparing our homes with Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. And there is a contest for the best decorated house.

This year’s contest was won by Elf Maynard and his wife, Elf Giselle, who live over on Hollyberry Circle. They have a small home but a big yard, one with open fields all around it where there are corrals and open grazing ground for some of the reindeer.

Maynard had a big idea and we saw him digging out in those fields months ago after the reindeer left the North Pole. We had no idea what he was doing.

Last night we found out.

At first, it looked just like a regular house. Nice lights were trimmed all over the house and the bushes out front had lights on them that reflected off the snow in the yard – it was very nice. Giselle was even out there to welcome visitors with cookies and hot chocolate.

But just as Santa and Mrs. Claus walked up Giselle called out “Hit it, Maynard!” and in an instant the yard lit up with music and lights as out of the ground there popped up at least 120 Christmas trees trimmed in the shape of reindeer. There in the dark of the field at night it appeared like there was an entire flock of dancing reindeer. It was dazzling to see and the crowds roared in appreciation.

Santa awarded Maynard and Giselle on the spot, even though that had not yet seen a couple of other displays set up for the event.

The best part is that Maynard has a different show set up for each day between now and Christmas. He plays those shows three times as day, to cover the shift times of all the elves working at Santa’s workshop.

Lights are no replacement for reindeer but Christmas trees shaped like reindeer in lights sure makes everyone here feel better about the reindeer.

Elf Ernest


Operation Merry Christmas 2015 Kicks Off

su2015-11Hi friends!

Deep in the dark of night, right after midnight, in fact, a special group of elves reported to work at Santa’s Workshop and the first thing they did was to install the big countdown clock high in the rafters of the building.

Each day the clock descends a little lower until, on Christmas Eve day, it sits at eye level for every elf in the Workshop. It is a very visual reminder each day that Christmas is getting closer.

When elves see that big clock up high in the workshop they know that Operation Merry Christmas has officially started.

Operation Merry Christmas is what we call the Santa effort to get around the world and Santa back home on Christmas morning. It is our mission – all that we do and work on all year round.

Today is a day of great energy. Every elf in every department at the North Pole is hard at work today figuring out what they exactly need to do between now and Christmas Eve to help Santa do his job.

Click the player below to hear a news update from Elf Crash on his visit to the Tracking Department.

Elf Ernest


Happy Thanksgiving from the North Pole

su2015-13Happy Thanksgiving!

Our day started with the Elf Parade, a great North Pole Thanksgiving tradition. Everyone showed up for it, most elves driving their decorated tricycles. Even big elves ride their trikes in the Thanksgiving Day Parade at the North Pole. To learn more about that listen to the report below from Elf Crash at the Elf Parade.

Thanksgiving is a day not only of feasting but also one of decorating, playing games and just being together. We love it!

After we eat we’ll meet together in the evening for the lighting ceremony. It is a big moment not only for Thanksgiving but also for Christmas. Then we’ll start the walkabout and Santa and Mrs. Claus will judge the lighting contest. Usually an award is given out to the best house.

I’ve never won that award – but I will try again this year!

Many elves stay up late on Thanksgiving night but a very small, dedicated group of elves always goes to bed right after the festivities with the lights are over. They take a little nap and then wake up and report for work at the workshop right at midnight. They kick off what we call “Operation Merry Christmas”. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

Elf Ernest