Happy Leon Day — 6 Months to Christmas!

ld1It’s that special day that only happens once a year – today marks the halfway point to Christmas and only six months remains until Santa flies on Christmas Eve.

We call it “Leon Day”. Leon is noel spelled backwards.

The funny thing is that everyone here at the North Pole woke up today with lots of backwards stuff going on.

Someone, for example, switched the letters around on the sign over Santa’s Workshop. The sign reads “S’tanas Pohskrow” now.

Everyone thought it turned into a Polish restaurant or something.

But other stuff was going on too.

All the chairs were turned around in the elf lunchroom.

All the conveyors in Santa’s workshop were running backwards, too.

That slowed things down a bit and actually cheesed off Elf Bernard a little bit.

But nobody is talking. We don’t know who did this, just like at our picnic last month.

It can’t be an elf.

An elf would have a hard time keeping this kind of thing a secret from other elves. Elves are good at keeping Santa’s secrets but they are pretty bad at keeping secrets among themselves.

But nobody here has a clue who did it.

If we find out, we will let you know!

Elf Ernest

7 Months to Christmas

su2015-13Hey everyone!

It’s now just seven months until Christmas Eve! And things are getting a little weird here at the North Pole.

We had our first picnic of the “warm” season here. (It never actually gets warm here at the North Pole, but we like to pretend).

It was, of course, snowing outside so we had to do it inside.

There was no real reason to do it other than Mrs. Claus wanted to do it.

She knows that in a few weeks the children here at the North Pole will be out of school and many will be leaving for vacations over the months ahead.

She wanted to do something while most of us were still here and so we had a picnic.

It was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time. But something odd happened that we cannot explain.

Someone put sugar in the salt shakers.

We had typical picnic food – hot dogs, potato salad – you know, the usual stuff.

But Mrs. Claus packed a couple of shakers of salt and someone used it on the baked beans.

It actually made the beans taste a little bit better.

But the weird thing is that no one can figure out who did it.

Usually when an elf pulls a prank he’ll laugh or smile or do something to give himself away.

But nobody did that.

So now we have a little mystery going on at the North Pole. Who put the sugar in the salt shaker?

If we figure it out, we’ll let you know.

Elf Ernest

8 Months Until Christmas Eve

su2013eeHappy April everyone!

The boys over in the Research and Development Department are having big meetings this month. Santa has put them back to work in sleigh design and they are all excited.

If you recall, Santa gave them the year off last year and made his own sleigh. Those guys were pretty bummed about it.

So this year they are having a sleigh design contest.

For the next couple of months they will plan, draw and build “concept sleighs”.

Then, sometime over the summer, Santa will look at them all and decide which design will be used for his sleigh in 2016.

It is the first time Santa has approached a sleigh design like this. And, of course, being a competition now, the elves are all in. It ought to be some fun.

We’ll try to get you some pictures when we see what they look like.

Elf Ernest

9 Months to Christmas Eve

su2015-3Happy almost-end-of-March!

It’s the 24th of the month and that means another notch on our countdown – there’s just 9 months left until Christmas Eve!

Yikes! Time is flying by.

While the work continues here at the North Pole we enjoy some recreational activities at this time of the year. You’ve heard of March Madness? Yeah, well, it happens here too. The elves are just bat crazy about basketball.

They love to play basketball.

This is the month of the big tournament here at the North Pole and all the games get televised on North Pole TV. It’s a big deal.

Of course, the games are only 8 minutes long and all the hoops are set to 5 feet. So, yeah, it’s a bit of a different game here.

Why only 8 minutes? Well, elves have a notorious short attention span.

If you think those games are short you should see how long we play tennis. Holy cow.

Santa wishes a happy spring to those of you experiencing that…and a happy fall to those that are going that way. May your days be filled with fun as we continue the countdown to Christmas.

— Elf Ernest

10 Months Until Christmas

su2015-24Hi everyone!

Elf Ernest here. Today is the 24th and that means there are only 10 months left until Christmas.

Believe it or not it is a busy month here at the North Pole. The sleigh port is humming with activity – with sleighs coming and going all the time.

That’s because it’s vacation time for many of the elves.

The workshop is staying busy but elves take time off in shifts, just like they work, and for the next couple of months we’re going to see elves flying off to nearly all parts of the world for a little time off.

Many go home and visit their families. Some just like to go somewhere different and enjoy time in warm weather.

In looking over the mail we notice that many of you are asking about the mystery of the reindeer over this past Christmas how that was resolved. That answer came to us early on December 23rd when the reindeer returned several hours ahead of Santa’s planned launch time — just as Santa promised they would.

Santa said every once in a while he sends the reindeer back home to the wild. He says they need to be in their natural habitat and in some situations they need to reconnect with places and with family they have not seen for some time. The golden hearts of the reindeer will always lead them back to the North Pole for Christmas, Santa says. He says he never once doubted whether or not they would come back. So now you know.

Just so you know, we have big plans for Christmas in July this year. I’ve been to several meetings about it. You’ll want to check in a lot come July – trust me.

Elf Ernest