Santa to Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving

15Greetings one and all!

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving this next week and Santa is there to celebrate with them. He goes there every year and considers Canadian Thanksgiving one of his greatest traditions.

Santa loves food, don’t get me wrong, but he wants everyone to understand that it really is all about thanks to him.

Santa says that gratitude is the fuel for Christmas and it is appropriate that the season of giving should begin by giving thanks.

Santa is a Canadian citizen and has many family members there. Of course, we cannot share with you his exact location this weekend because Santa just wants to blend in and make the weekend about Thanksgiving, and not himself.

Wherever you are, Happy Thanksgiving!

Elf Ernest

Santa Speaks in Media Interview

santasuit2Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of year again! Santa met with a reporter, as he usually does around this time each year, and they talk about anything and everything.

In this year’s interview Santa talked a lot about kids who want to become elves and live at the North Pole.

He also talked about the reindeer, as it appears a lot of kids are writing in very concerned about the status of Santa’s reindeer and when they will be returning to the North Pole. Evidently a lot of kids are nervous.

Santa also discussed the North Pole radio broadcasts on Kringle Radio and how those all came to be.

In all, Santa reveals a lot about the North Pole and how things work this year. You should read what Santa has to say!

Elf Ernest

No Sign of Reindeer at the North Pole


Things are getting a little weird here. Christmas is three months from today and there still are no reindeer here at the North Pole.

The weather is starting to turn. By this time most years we can hear the calls of reindeer being trained. We can see them flying around when we look out the windows. But there are no reindeer back yet at the North Pole this year.

I did ask Santa about that today. He just looked at me with big eyes and kind of shrugged. “What’s the problem?” he said. “They will be here when it really matters.”

Is that a strange answer to you?

It sounded like a strange answer to me.

Elf Ernest

3 Months Until Christmas

22Sound the alarms! Christmas is just three months away!

Are you done yet? Is your stocking hung? Are your presents for others wrapped? Have you brought out your Christmas tree?

What are you waiting for?

Sorry….got a little carried away there.

But this is where things start to go really crazy for Christmas around here. Elves are running around everywhere. There is just so much to do.

Mrs. Claus today asked me to call Santa home for “an emergency”. I hate doing that because it is kind of a little lie. She knows that she can’t call him because he will say he will “be right there” but then he doesn’t show up for hours. But if I call and say there is an emergency he will come running home in a hurry.

She wanted me to get him home so she could measure his tummy. Santa hates that. But Mrs. Claus is making a new suit for Santa and she can’t do it without the proper measurements. But Santa cannot stand to measure his stomach.

And I am kind of caught between the two of them.

It’s an elf’s life. What can I say?

Keep your browser tuned right here. Christmas is coming!

Elf Ernest

Santa Worried About Christmas Spirit

3Hi everyone!

Santa met with me today and shared some disturbing thoughts: he feels that Christmas spirit is waning in the world.

What does that mean?

The key message of Christmas is peace. Santa says that peace is beginning to fail in many places.

The most important action of Christmas is love. Santa says the world is becoming a mean place and that we need more love everywhere between people.

The best feeling of Christmas is spirit – that feeling of hope and brotherhood that comes from doing nice things for other people – just because. Love is what makes that happen. Santa says we need more of that.

Santa says that if we can’t get more Christmas spirit going soon, this could in fact become a really difficult Christmas season.

What do you think? Can you be nicer to people? Can you find ways to serve them to make them happier? Can you spread smiles? Can you give with joy, receive with gratitude and look out for the best in others?

These are important things to think about as Christmas approaches.

— Elf Ernest