Top Secret Airlift Begins

12Hi everyone! Breaking news for you!

It isn’t even Halloween but already there are reindeer in the skies here at the North Pole. We noticed it this morning.

Way out behind the massive Building with No Name a sleigh launch pad has been set up and several empty sleighs are being sent out with teams of four reindeer and a pilot driving them.

All are heading south, away from the North Pole. They are leaving at a rate of about one sleigh every 10 minutes.

“Normally these reindeer would be in training in different parts of the world,” Elf Victor said. “But Santa has an important project for them, so they are elves like the rest of us right now.”

Elf Victor claims he doesn’t know where the reindeer are going or when they will be back.

I tried to get hold of Santa today to discuss what this big building is, why they have cleared a huge plot of land out behind it and why all these reindeer are flying around so early in the season.

But Santa isn’t here so I couldn’t ask him.

Elf Ernest

Winter Arrives at the North Pole

2Hi everyone!

That giant hole in the ground they have been working on must be really important.

We have just been hit with our first really big winter storm at the North Pole and crews are working out behind the Big Building with No Name keeping the earth clear of snow and ice. Around the clock they are out there with shovels, bulldozers, and snow plows constantly pushing snow to the side and keeping the deep hole free of any of the white stuff.

It is an unusual time at the North Pole. We are so very busy – busy like we usually are a week or so before Santa takes off. Everyone is rushing around.

Elf Bernard is working the workshop 24 hours a day 6 days a week. Elf Victor is working out the reindeer, there are constant training sessions and test sleighs are taking off and landing out behind Santa’s Stables at all hours of the night and day.

Santa has had some unusual meetings in odd places, this week meeting, as we told you, in Dubai of all places. Rumor has it that Mrs. Claus will be meeting with Santa in Rotterdam this weekend.

All that is very unusual.

This is going to be an interesting year for Operation Merry Christmas.

Elf Ernest

Santa Travels to Dubai for Secret Meetings

14breakingnewsWell this is unusual. Santa is headed to Dubai today for top level secret meetings of some sort.

We told you yesterday about Santa’s being in Canada to celebrate Thanksgiving there. I don’t think they are celebrating Thanksgiving in Dubai, though.

However, the Tracking Center made note yesterday that a whole team of “sleigh designers, reindeer handlers, flight planners and other technical professionals” were meeting in Dubai.

Why Dubai? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

I decided to ask around to see what Santa is up to. I tried to find Elf Victor at Santa’s Stables. But they said he wasn’t there. When I asked where he went they said, “Dubai, for some meeting.”

“Well,” I thought. “Maybe I missed something in a meeting. I’ll ask Elf Bernard, he’ll know what’s going on.” So I went to Santa’s Workshop. Guess who wasn’t there?

They said he was headed for a meeting with Santa in Dubai.

Now I’m thinking to myself, “why didn’t I know about this?” It occurred to me to ask Elf Agent X, Santa’s head of Santa’s Secret Spies and the Department of North Pole Security.

But he’s gone too. They won’t tell me where he went but I’d bet a gallon of eggnog and a dozen sugar cookies he is in Dubai.

Why is every important elf from the North Pole, Santa, and all the sleigh people meeting in Dubai and why wasn’t I invited?

This is really weird, people. Really weird. Something is up. All this secret stuff makes me believe we’re in for a wild ride with Santa this Christmas.

Elf Ernest

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Carton Smiling Santa Claus shows thumbs up, isolated on whiteHappy Thanksgiving!

Yes, it is Thanksgiving in Canada and Santa likes to celebrate it. In fact, Santa celebrates Thanksgiving several times a year because it is his favorite holiday.

Some say that is because of the food. But Mrs. Claus says that is a common misconception. Yes, Santa loves the food. But that isn’t the reason he loves Thanksgiving.

“Santa is a very spiritual man,” Mrs. Claus told me. “He believes the idea of gratitude is very important for everyone. He says regardless of your religion or even if you don’t believe in God the idea of being thankful for what you have is very, very important. Contemplating your blessings and the goodness of your life makes you treat other people better, and that’s always a good thing.”

Santa loves it when an entire nation celebrates Thanksgiving. So today Santa is in Canada with some friends he has there. And he is celebrating Thanksgiving with them.

Elf Ernest

Giant Hole Being Dug at the North Pole

su2013ruMore Breaking News from the North Pole!

There is lots of activity way out north of Santa’s Workshop by that huge mystery building we have been telling you about since last summer.

From what we can tell, a giant hole in the ground is being dug. The project, like all out there this year, is shrouded in secrecy and nobody will talk about it.

Something is most definitely going on. The giant building, the thousands of reindeer and the hundreds of ordered sleighs all add up to something huge for Christmas 2014.

I’m telling you folks – check back here often, I have a feeling this may be the biggest year yet for tracking Santa.

Elf Ernest