Massive Piles of Coal at the North Pole

14Breaking News!

A week ago we told you about sleighs leaving North Pole. Today they are starting to come back and they are loaded with COAL!

Elf Ed Zachary says this isn’t what you think it is. Santa does not give kids coal.

It is being piled up in a huge mountain-like heap out behind that plot of land they have cleared by the Building with No Name.

Elf Agent X has set up security around the whole operation. There must be 500 elves, all dressed in black, patrolling the grounds so that nobody unauthorized can get in or out of the project or the Building with No Name.

This has to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in the history of the North Pole. More news as I get it.

Elf Ernest

Two Months Until Christmas Eve

13Hi all,

The clock is ticking and the calendar says there are just two months until Christmas Eve…it is amazing at how fast this year has flown!

Things are really hopping here at the North Pole. Several elves from the Tracking Department are away from the office this week and exploring new tracking sites around the world. They are meeting with elves in Australia, China, India, South Africa and Puerto Rico.

Santa is out of town too. He’s working with Elf Victor reviewing new reindeer recruits in Northern Europe this week. Santa says he needs about 20,000 more reindeer this year. I cannot imagine what he will do with them.

Mrs. Claus is holding a cookie bake-off. She has a new oven this year and wants to “break” it in. That means lots of extra cookies for elves right now at the North Pole.

Now I know many of you want to know more about that giant building out there by the Sleigh Barn.

We don’t even know what to call the thing. It is the biggest building ever!

But it has no name and when I ask Elf Agent X about it he only says, “What building?”

I don’t know why things are so secret.

About a month ago more than 500 elves from Research and Development, 700 elves from Santa’s Workshop and 400 elves from Santa’s Secret Spy Division went into the building and have not come back out.

Elf Agent X says they will return home after Christmas.

Between now and then they are locked in that building. What in the world is going on? I wish I could tell you but I just don’t know.

Also, the airlift that started the other day that we told you about? It continues – flight after flight after flight of empty sleighs leaving the North Pole every ten minutes are so. It’s weird.

Stay tuned! Lots more news is coming in the weeks ahead from the North Pole!

Elf Ernest

Massive Halloween Party Planned for the North Pole


The biggest party of the year is the Annual North Pole Christmas Eve party. But the Halloween party is quite nearly as big of a deal. This year’s Halloween shindig is going to be massive.

Of course, you already know it ends up being about the food fight.

After all, you can’t have things like cupcakes and cookies and such and not throw them.

But the costume contest is a big deal too. And there will be music and dancing and games.

For the elves it is an important event – one last big moment of fun before the serious work of Christmas really begins.

Of course, we’ll give you a full report on how it all turns out.

Elf Ernest

Top Secret Airlift Begins

12Hi everyone! Breaking news for you!

It isn’t even Halloween but already there are reindeer in the skies here at the North Pole. We noticed it this morning.

Way out behind the massive Building with No Name a sleigh launch pad has been set up and several empty sleighs are being sent out with teams of four reindeer and a pilot driving them.

All are heading south, away from the North Pole. They are leaving at a rate of about one sleigh every 10 minutes.

“Normally these reindeer would be in training in different parts of the world,” Elf Victor said. “But Santa has an important project for them, so they are elves like the rest of us right now.”

Elf Victor claims he doesn’t know where the reindeer are going or when they will be back.

I tried to get hold of Santa today to discuss what this big building is, why they have cleared a huge plot of land out behind it and why all these reindeer are flying around so early in the season.

But Santa isn’t here so I couldn’t ask him.

Elf Ernest

Winter Arrives at the North Pole

2Hi everyone!

That giant hole in the ground they have been working on must be really important.

We have just been hit with our first really big winter storm at the North Pole and crews are working out behind the Big Building with No Name keeping the earth clear of snow and ice. Around the clock they are out there with shovels, bulldozers, and snow plows constantly pushing snow to the side and keeping the deep hole free of any of the white stuff.

It is an unusual time at the North Pole. We are so very busy – busy like we usually are a week or so before Santa takes off. Everyone is rushing around.

Elf Bernard is working the workshop 24 hours a day 6 days a week. Elf Victor is working out the reindeer, there are constant training sessions and test sleighs are taking off and landing out behind Santa’s Stables at all hours of the night and day.

Santa has had some unusual meetings in odd places, this week meeting, as we told you, in Dubai of all places. Rumor has it that Mrs. Claus will be meeting with Santa in Rotterdam this weekend.

All that is very unusual.

This is going to be an interesting year for Operation Merry Christmas.

Elf Ernest