11 Months until Christmas Eve

25Merry New Year greetings to one and all!

An all new countdown has begun here at the North Pole and while Christmas might seem like miles away to you it feels just around the corner to us. Last year was an exciting year and Christmas was EPIC. We’re sure this year will be just as fun.

January is a time of meetings and numbers. Santa meets with us and we tally up everything we did last year and try to figure out how much we need to do this year. It is a lot of math!

Hugo and the boys in the post office have to figure out how much mail the North Pole received. Elf Bernard is still tallying all the toys. Elf Quinton and team have to figure out how far the sleigh flew and Elf Victor has to determine how many reindeer were used. Math, math, math!

All that stuff is added together in meetings. Mrs. Claus loads us up with sugar cookies and hot cocoa while we meet with Santa to crunch those numbers and come up with a plan. We’ve been doing this pretty much since the start of the new year.

Those meetings are just about finished. And we are getting ready to once again get down to the real work.

Stick with us as we count down the months to Christmas and to Santa’s ride. I don’t know what will happen this year but it is sure to be a lot of fun!

– Elf Ernest

Sending Thanks to Santa

24Merry Christmas!

We hope you enjoyed Christmas day as much as we did. We spent it with our families. We ate good food and rested and played with our new toys. All the new snow we received at the North Pole sure gave us a lot of opportunity to play with our new snow toys! It was a fun day.

We have had many today send in emails about how to best send a thank you to Santa. Here is what we recommend:

1. Hand write it out. Tell Santa what you loved best about this Christmas (not just what you got). Santa loves to hear about what you did that was fun or special.

2. Santa prefers to see you write or draw something. If you can do that use stocking mail to send it to the North Pole. Just put it in your stocking and one of our North Pole post office mail worker elves will pick it up, no postage required. Santa will get it, we promise.

3. If you cannot write it out we welcome you to email Santa directly.

Once again, Merry Christmas!

Elf Ernest

Santa Returns to a Christmas Party at the North Pole


Santa has returned now to the North Pole, wild cheering crowds greeting him and taking him in to the North Pole Christmas Party.

What a year! Operation Merry Christmas is a last complete, and it is one for the record books. From the Big Building with No Name to explosions, it has been an epic ride worth reliving!

Thank you for being a part of it. A Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us at the North Pole.

- Elf Ernest

Listen to Elf Red Stocking signing off for Operation Merry Christmas 2014: