Four Months Until Christmas Eve


Last month we talked a lot about mail Santa receives. Let’s talk this time about mail we receive as elves.

We all get mail. I think kids really like elves and in their heart most kids want to grow up to be an elf and work for Santa. We understand. That was once our dream, too.

The mail an elf gets is usually full of questions. And nobody handles tougher questions better than Elf Ed Zachary.

I asked Elf Ed Zachary why he ended up with the hard questions from kids. “I don’t know,” Elf Ed said. “I think it is because Santa has a policy that we never turn a kid down. We always talk to them. But not all kids believe in Santa and some aren’t even nice. And someone has to deal with those kids. That’s my job, I suppose.”

If you have a question for Santa we sure would like to hear about it. Questions are why Santa made the North Pole Public Relations Department in the first place. Our job is to tell the story of Santa and to answer questions. So don’t hesitate to ask.

Speaking of questions – boy, have we had a ton about that big project we’ve been telling you about all summer.

First – folks want to know: has Santa come out of the building yet? And the answer is, yes, but he’s still spending a lot of time in there. And so are a LOT of other elves.

I’ve never seen a project this big at the North Pole.

But nobody can tell me what it is all about. It is all very top secret. I saw Elf Agent X in the hallway the other day and he stopped walking, turned around and ran away from the in the other direction.

He knew I was going to ask him what is going on and he can’t lie to me because I can tell when he is. His job is one of secrets and the poor guy steers way clear of me these days.

I think he has something to do with that monster building. When I learn more, I’ll share it with you.

Elf Ernest to Participate in the World’s Largest Christmas Party

so2013opExciting news!

We have made arrangements to participate in the World’s Largest Christmas Party 2014, scheduled this year for December 14th. Our plan is to schedule Santa Claus for live chats in different time zones to accommodate kids from around the world. We will announce those times and places in future updates.

The World’s Largest Christmas Party is a traditional gathering of online Christmas fans from all over the world. A wide variety of events online are scheduled for the weekend of December 13th and December 14th to celebrate Christmas together.

In year’s past Santa has chatted with kids and adults alike in a safe environment free from commercial messaging. We hope you find time to join us that weekend! Stay tuned for more details.

– Elf Ernest

Santa is Busy with a Big Project

sleigh3Hi all!

I know it is a little weird to be reporting news in the middle of the month like this. But we have something a bit unusual going on I think you should know about.

Santa is REALLY busy. I mean, like Christmas Eve kind of busy.

It has to do with that mysterious big, huge, ginormous building they put up way out there by Santa’s Stables.

It’s a monster project. First they carved a big hole into the ground. Then, very quickly, they framed up some walls and put a roof on it. That roof is something to see. It kind of looks like an airport runway. It is just that huge. It isn’t anything unusual to look at other than its size.

But what’s really weird is Santa. Once the roof got on Santa went inside of that building….and he hasn’t come back out. He’s been there for a couple of weeks now.

Mrs. Claus says he is ok. And it isn’t unusual to see Santa working on special projects this time of year. But for him to be inside that place without coming out for weeks at a time…well, that’s very, very weird.

I wonder what this is all about?

– Elf Ernest

Replay Highlights from Santa’s Christmas Flight

su2013txBy popular request we are proud to provide a recap of Santa’s flight last Christmas Eve.

These highlights are from the 50-hour radio broadcast of news updates provided from the North Pole and broadcast on Kringle Radio.

Relive the excitement and get to know again all the elf characters and reporters bringing you the news of Santa’s flight:

Click the arrow to listen:

And yes, we will be broadcasting live against this year. Stay tuned for more information on broadcast times (though we usually begin broadcasting on December 23rd)

Five Months Until Christmas Eve

sleigh4Hi everyone!

Christmas in July might be a fun time for some people of the world but for us it means we’ve gone into high gear. Christmas Eve is only five months from today!

There is so much to do.

Santa’s post office is getting ready for lots of new mail this year. Recently Elf Hugo installed a bunch of new computers, several new fax machines, and lots of sorting tables for the mail they expect Santa to receive.

“We have a new system this year,” Elf Hugo said. “It will push mail to Santa 24 hours a day no matter where he is. Santa has a smartphone and can start and stop the stream whenever he needs to. But we on our end can keep pushing it his way. We don’t have to stop for him to catch up.”

It you want to send Santa an email, just go to this page.

Santa handles the mail in a way that baffles most of us. How he can read it all is a miracle. He keeps several clerks busy with his response to the mail he receives. He cannot answer every letter and not every person who writes Santa asks for a reply. But for some letters he simply must reply.

Sometimes Santa answers right away, others he waits. Sometimes he will answer a letter in person and only on Christmas Eve. It just depends on the situation.

Yes, Santa gets mail at this time of the year. Some would say even a lot of mail comes in for Santa in July. But it is nothing like what will come in later in December.

Before I sign off, another update on that large project Elf Agent X is putting up: some have written in to guess what they could be building out there.

Some think it is a new spy center with cameras that Santa has in houses all over the world.

I asked Santa about that and he said there is no way he would ever do such a thing.

Others say the hole is a new barn to house thousands of new reindeer that will come work at the North Pole. Elf Victor says he would love a new barn but that he would never put it in the ground. That would make it too cold for the reindeer. No, Elf Agent X and his team are up to something really, really top secret out there. It’s massive!

Until next month….

- Elf Ernest