Santa Says 2015 Will Be An Old Fashioned Christmas


We had an end-of-summer picnic this week. Actually, it was more like a North Pole meeting, we just call it end-of-summer because of the calendar. It’s snowing outside and we met around a big table in the cafeteria and Mrs. Claus served sandwiches while Santa talked.

Santa was very serious in this meeting. I don’t think anything is really wrong but he had something on his mind he wouldn’t tell us. The whole point of his talk was that everyone should expect a very old fashioned Christmas in 2015.

By that Santa means kids and families and Christmas fans everywhere should be focusing on the things that make Christmas fun – like being together and doing things together.

Santa says over the next few months he will be talking about that to people.

Elves, of course, are very old people. We live longer than most normal people do. So when Santa says “old fashioned Christmas” we have to wonder if he means Christmas like 50 years ago or 100 years ago or 400 years ago. Christmas has been around a long time.

We’re not really sure what Santa means.

But as we figure it out, we’ll share it with you.

— Elf Ernest

4 Months Until Christmas

11Greetings, Santa fans!

It is the 24th of the month and that means just one thing – time to check the countdown. There are only four months now left until Christmas!

What are you doing to get ready?

Up here at the North Pole we are wrapping up our summer projects. Snow is flying in good amounts now and we need to move all projects indoors. That means the work on the reindeer pens are done, the new weather antennas are finished and some brand new radar towers are complete.

We are also starting to test new things built to make things move faster here – most notably the mail!

Last year we installed new computer work stations for the ever increasing amount of electronic mail that Santa receives and this year we expanded the mailroom for packages and letters that actually come to the North Pole. So everything is basically new and expanded in the mail department.

Elf Hugo said other things have been worked on too that he can’t tell you about because they are top secret. I will tell you this: expect to learn more about stocking mail this year. It is pretty exciting stuff.

Keep your emails, letters and messages coming!

Elf Ernest

Santa’s Stables Prepare for Return of the Reindeer


The crews over at Santa’s Stables have spent the last few months while the reindeer have been away cleaning things up, painting, and expanding the spaces reserved for Santa’s reindeer.

The reindeer have all been sent away from the North Pole for a vacation. Elf Victor says he expects them to come back a little bit at a time over the next several months.

He received a letter from one of the reindeer ranchers located in Switzerland. He reports that several thousand new baby reindeer have been born this year .

Elf Ernest

Elves Worried About Santa’s Sleigh


A meeting with Elf Quinton and his team at the Research and Development Department got a little out of hand this week. Some elves there are very upset.

Every year Santa rides in a new sleigh and it is quite a process. They start right after Christmas pouring over flight data and watching video of Santa’s flight, trying to figure out how to make Santa’s sleigh better and faster. By March they usually have some prototype sleighs they have constructed and by April test flights begin.

Santa usually signs off on a new design sometime in the summer months and then he authorizes construction of the new sleigh (and a back up).

None of that has happened this year. Instead, Santa has taken over the sleigh barn and has been busily working on a sleigh all by himself. He’s using vintage sleigh design more than 100 years old as his model and elves in Research and Development have looked at it and said it will be “slower than molasses at the North Pole”. (We don’t even have molasses at the North Pole, that’s how slow the stuff is).

Elf Quinton did his best to deal with their frustration but it is getting late in the year and these sleigh expert elves are bored to death and want to do their jobs.

Elf Quinton said he would talk to Santa about it.

Elf Ernest

Santa’s Workshop Working on Non-Electric Toys

14breakingnewsHi boys and girls!

The news this week comes from Santa’s workshop, where Elf Bernard reports that everything is on track for a successful Christmas. So far.

They held a meeting with Santa and he directed the workshop to change their quotas on toys that require electricity. Everything from video games to race tracks has been scaled back and the workshop will be focusing now on non-electric toys.

Santa did not say why this was necessary.

But it sure changes things for the elves in the workshop. They are making lots of skateboards, doll houses and play equipment right now.

I asked Elf Hugo if Santa’s mail reflects a demand for those kinds of things.

He said “no”.

In talking to Santa he said “this Christmas will be one of imagination”.

I don’t know what that means but I think he just dropped a really big hint.

Elf Ernest