Tracking Crew Meets at the North Pole

21Greetings all!

When Santa flies on Christmas most folks have an image in their mind of just Santa and the reindeer. But you know from reading these pages that there are a lot more people behind the merry effort.

A great many of those people work for the Tracking Department.

Today those people are meeting at the North Pole. There are hundreds of such people.

Today is a big day for them for they are being assigned where they will be stationed before Santa launches. They might be somewhere they know…or somewhere entirely new.

Take, for example, the case of Elf Vanessa. Vanessa worked for a number of years in the sleigh bell department at the North Pole and she loved that. But she went to college to pursue a degree in meteorology and with those new skills Santa is putting her to work out in the field in an important area to watch the skies and the weather and report back to the North Pole.

These highly trained elves help ensure not only that Santa is safe but also so that he stays on track.

Be sure to join us on our live radio broadcast beginning on December 23rd on Kringle Radio and you’ll hear many of these elves reporting from their stations of service.

Elf Ernest


Santa Tests the New Sleigh

14breakingnews3Exciting News!

Santa has traveled with a team of reindeer to a Siberian test flight facility maintained for years by the North Pole. His purpose is to take this year’s newly designed sleigh out for a test flight.

This will be Santa’s first time behind the reins with this new sleigh. He’s seen video and read all the reports. Elves in the Research and Development department are keeping their fingers crossed that Santa will approve of the sleigh.

If he does, this could be one of the earliest recorded dates in history that Santa’s sleigh will be ready for delivery. We will keep you posted.

Elf Ernest


Top Secret Projects Have Elves Nervous

11Hi everyone,

If you’re late joining us this year let me catch you up on a few details that have already emerged in the story of Santa’s flight this year and Operation Merry Christmas.

Quite frankly, everything that is going on has elves here at the North Pole feeling a bit nervous.

At the center of it all is a huge, ginormous building that was constructed last spring and summer out by the sleigh barn. It’s massive. Some say that is it about the size of a city, that’s how big it is.

Anyway, it’s top secret and hundreds of elves have been inside working there for months and they won’t come out, we’re told, until after Christmas. It’s all hush-hush.

Not long after that building was completed Santa ordered hundreds of new sleighs constructed and then summoned thousands of reindeer to the North Pole.

For the past several weeks the sleighs and reindeer have been leaving the North Pole and only recently began to return with loads of coal. The coal has been unloaded into a giant pile out by the Big Building with No Name.

Again, this is all top secret stuff. Nobody in the workshop, at Santa’s Stables, in Wrapping or the Tracking Center can explain what all this is about.

And that has folks nervous.

- Elf Ernest


Are you Tracking Santa this year?

20Greetings all!

Just 9 days now remain until the kick-off of Operation Merry Christmas.

Do you track Santa?

There are two kinds of Santa trackers – those who like to watch Santa move on a map and those who want to know the story behind Santa’s flight.

No matter which kind you are, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re a map tracker, head over to Tracking That site is hosted by the Tracking Department at the North Pole. You see the same map they see when keeping up with Santa. It provides technical data such as the speed of the sleigh and Santa’s precise location.

If you’re a news hound that needs to know every last up-to-the-minute detail, then this site is the one for you –, put out by my department, Public Relations.

Our efforts this year are a bit more robust. We want more people than ever to know about the Santa tracking we offer. Please share this video to spread the word:

- Elf Ernest


Hundreds of Elves Arrive at the North Pole


It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet and Santa is already calling in reinforcements.

This afternoon hundreds of elves arrived at the North Pole. They were assigned hard hats and tool belts and immediately disappeared into the Big Building with No Name.

According to Elf Bernard these are highly skilled elves who work in a candy factory that Santa operates in South America.

We are NOT being told why they are here or why they went into that big building. It’s all so very secret.

Santa is up to something special! I wonder what it is….?

Elf Ernest