Nine Months Until Christmas Eve

reindeer-in-snowWelcome to Spring everyone! (Well, almost everyone. For those in the south parts of the world, it is autumn.)

Can you believe it? Nine months from tonight is Christmas Eve!

It is a strange time at the North Pole. We’re going through some remodel work. Santa has torn up the workshop to expand. He’s building new work benches and installing better lights. That means everything has stopped while he works.

Elf Bernard took the opportunity to send many of the workshop elves on vacation.

Elves really like vacation but usually not at this time of the year. They prefer to wait a couple of months because they have kids in school right now. (Yes, elves have family too).

It is a very exciting time for Santa’s Stables. Lots of baby reindeer are being born right now! Hundreds of them. Santa goes there just about every day to see who has shown up.

These reindeer babies are so cute. They walk almost as soon as they are born but they are not too sure on their feet. For the next couple of months they will stay with their mothers and their fathers, building strength and eating to develop strong bones. In early summer in the Northern Hemisphere they will venture out with many of the other reindeer and we won’t see them for months and months. Santa always gets a little worried about them but they all come back in the fall, just in time for training.

Where ever you are we hope you are safe, well, and enjoying this time of the year!

– Elf Ernest

Just 10 Months Until Christmas

toymakerGreetings one and all,

Holy smokes – it is only 10 months until Christmas Eve! Where does the time go?

It is a snowy time here at the North Pole, just as it has been for many of you. We’re quite used to it but like everyone else we get a little hankerin’ every now and then for some warm weather.

That is perhaps why Santa and Mrs. Claus have taken a little vacation this week to somewhere in Central America. Santa is, as we speak, on a private boat out in the Pacific, enjoying some fishing time with members of his family.

Santa loves to fish. He fishes, believe it or not, every chance he gets. Santa says fishing is an art, just like poetry or sculpting.

While Santa is away the fellas in the Workshop are working on a surprise for Santa: they are building him a new toolshed.

Santa has, as you can imagine, a lot of tools and he is very particular about how they are stored and organized. He got a lot of new tools for Christmas (he always does) and Mrs. Claus told us as part of her Christmas present to him she wanted to build Santa a new toolshed.

They are trying to get it finished before Santa returns because the next three months are times when Santa does most of his tinkering and toy design for the new year ahead. He’s going to need his tools and his space to work.

Thanks for checking in!

– Elf Ernest

Only 11 Months Until Christmas

mc2014Greetings Santa Fans!

It is a whole new year and a brand new start to counting down the months, then the weeks, then the days to Christmas.

In fact, in just 11 months we’ll be tracking Santa around the world once again.

Here at the North Pole Operation Merry Christmas 2014 is still in the planning stages.

While the experience of last Christmas is still fresh in our minds Santa has called a meeting of his top elves to discuss what went right, what went wrong and what we can do different in the year ahead.

I can tell you right now that work is already underway on Santa’s sleigh.

It proved to be the biggest problem of last year and Santa doesn’t want any repeats of that kind of trouble.

Meanwhile, folks in Santa’s workshop are drawing up plans too. It is their job to try to find out what to make this next Christmas. That is kind of a hard job. What a kid likes in January is quite different than what he might like later on in the year.

So while the workshop tries to figure out what will be popular they will continue to make classic toys they know kids love and that they always make.

Join us here each month on the 24th – Rudolph Day, as we like to call it here – as we countdown to Christmas and provide a fresh update of news from Santa and the North Pole.

– Elf Ernest