Elves Prepare the Sleigh Bells


One of the forgotten parts of Santa’s sleigh is getting a lot of attention this morning: the sleigh bells.

Elf Gloria explains that the sleigh bells have to be tuned precisely. Each of the bells is made by hand and tuned by a master musician. They work on them for months.

Today begins the slow process of cleaning the bells and attaching them one by one to the lines of the sleigh. It is a careful process that takes lots of time.

Elf Ernest


24 Hours Until North Pole Radio Broadcast Begins

su2013ruHi everyone!

We are, right now, just 24 hours away from beginning our live radio broadcasts from the North Pole Newsroom on Kringle Radio.

This merry tradition brings live radio updates of news we share here on SantaUpdate.com.

Santa listens to Kringle Radio. He selects the music himself and it includes all varieties of Christmas music out there.

He told me today that he gets a kick listening to the news updates as he travels the world. He likes especially hearing the bed time warnings go out to the kids.

Tune in to Kringle Radio live in the next 24 hours. We begin coverage as Christmas Eve dawns in different parts of the world. The news coverage will take you around the world to elves who are stationed out there to support Santa’s flight and to get the world’s reaction to Santa’s visits.

Here is a preview video we put together for the broadcast earlier this year:

Elf Ernest


North Pole Post Office Overrun with Mail


Elf Hugo reports that electronic mail streaming into the North Pole is coming in at a record pace at this hour. He assures us this is completely normal and that they are prepared for it.

With Christmas Eve just a short time away the mail always picks up for Santa.

Elf Hugo says the systems are in place for Santa to receive and read emails sent from kids even when he is on the sleigh. Thanks to a heads-up display, Santa can read the mail and fly at the same time.

Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: What makes Rudolph’s nose red?


Major Winter Storm Wallops the North Pole

1130Hi everyone!

As forecast the snow has arrived in the form of a fierce winter blizzard here at the North Pole. The winds are howling and snow is piling up at a rate of six to eight inches of snow per hour.

This storm and the others lined up behind it are being tracked out of the Tracking Center. Elf Billy tells us the weather is the main reason the tracking center opened up so early this year.

Elf Ernest


What will Santa do with all this coal?

su2013eeGreetings all!

The huge mountain of coal at the North Pole continues to grow. More and more of it keeps coming in every day and the pile just gets larger.

We cannot imagine what Santa needs with all this coal.

Some have speculated that Santa has a lot of naughty kids in mind with all that coal. But the truth is that Santa doesn’t give coal to anyone for Christmas.

We have noticed that starting late yesterday that sleighs were being lined up around that giant mountain of coal. There are no reindeer yet hitched to those sleighs, of course, but we suspect that we will see them out there soon.

Whatever that big mountain of coal is for it is clear that they are getting ready to move it or a lot of it very soon.

Elf Ernest