When Elves Get Mad

Life as an ElfThe nature of my job as an elf is different. I spend most of my days working at a computer in an office. When the world thinks of elves they think of the guys and gals over in Santa’s workshop.

Really, the world SHOULD think of those workshop elves first. They work hard. They do great work.

Every December they give those of us who don’t get a chance to work in Santa’s workshop a chance to help out now and then. I was over there the other day – helping to make Gak – and I was surprised to see Santa there wearing his tool belt and working up a sweat making building blocks for the little kids.

Santa works a lot in his workshop but not much in December. He spends most of December, as you know, out in the world visiting with children. So it was kind of neat to see Santa there and to be there with him at Christmastime.

And like any elf Santa was in the lunchroom at lunch time. That’s when elves talk.

Right now nobody is talking about anything more than the Merry Prankster. For months he has teased us with silly pranks but this week he has started to do some real bad things. He was once very popular here at the North Pole. But no more.

The elves are mad.

I normally have a lot to say but not when I am around the workshop elves. I respect those elves a lot. They are experts in many things. I don’t want them to think I know as much as they do. So I was kind of a fly on the wall there the other day as they were talking about the Merry Prankster.

I noticed that Santa was listening closely to them too.

And they are mad. Really, really, really mad.

It is not a good idea to get an elf mad.

Elves tend to be very creative people. Those kinds of people sometimes tend to be very emotional. Because they feel things so deeply sometimes the anger gets expressed loudly or even dangerously. Elves like to throw things and pound things and crash things when they get mad.

None of this is good for elves who handle a lot of power tools.

But Santa spends a lot of time teaching us as elves to use our feelings for good. He has taught us to be careful NOT to get mad in the first place. He says anger is a sign of a weak mind – one that does not question enough. Santa teaches us that when we get mad we should really learn to ask questions.

And that’s what these elves were doing in the lunch room the other day in talking about this Merry Prankster guy (we all assume the Prankster is a guy, I don’t know why).

I see from the comments here on the website and from all the mail coming into the North Pole that many of you are starting to get upset about this Merry Prankster situation too.

You’re asking questions!

Why don’t they use cameras to catch this guy? Did anyone think to check fingerprints? Why aren’t these places where he keeps causing trouble under 24-hour security?

You guys are asking all the right questions. And you are asking all the same questions that nearly every elf here at the North Pole is asking too.

But here is the other thing about creative people like elves.

They are problem solvers. When they ask questions, all of a sudden new ideas pop up about what action can be taken.

And some of you are sending in good suggestions. The elves in charge of trying to catch the Merry Prankster are listening. And I’m being told you are being very helpful.

So keep posting your ideas, your questions, your comments and your concerns. Keep sending your messages to the North Pole.

Together we don’t have to get mad. Together we can solve this problem of the Merry Prankster.

Prankster Paints the Sleigh Pink

Breaking NewsHo ho ho!

Disturbing news from the Research and Development Department today working on the final version of Santa’s new sleigh: someone broke into the sleigh barn last night and painted it pink.

Of course, it’s the work of the Merry Prankster.

“Actually, he appears to be a very skilled painter,” Elf Quinton observed when he showed me the sleigh this morning.

“But the reindeer aren’t going to like that!” he said pointing to a big sign on the back that said “I break for My Little Pony”.

I have to admit, the sleigh did look unusually fast in a kind of a bubble gum color.

But Santa will never go for that and everyone knows it. Elf Quinton says the next two days will be spent repainting the sleigh and that further flight tests will have to be postponed.

Elf Ernest

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Elves Want the Prankster Caught

Merry ChristmasGreetings Everyone!

Elf Agent X met today with all department heads at the North Pole to update us on the Merry Prankster investigation.

Elves are demanding answers.

Elf Bernard said his elves are nervous that something is going to go wrong every time they pick up a tool.

Worse, Elf Victor says elves working for him in reindeer operations fear they are being looked at suspiciously as Elf Agent X investigates.

Everyone wants this guy caught and caught soon!

But Elf Agent X has very few answers.

Elf Gloria asked him the toughest question ever. She said, “If Santa knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you are awake how come he doesn’t know who the Merry Prankster is and how to catch him?”

A lot of elves nodded when she asked that question.

Elf Agent X said that Santa doesn’t spy on anyone and that he was as concerned as everyone else about catching this guy. He said he promised Santa he would catch him before Christmas.

That made everyone feel a little better. But the Merry Prankster has been at this all year – and hasn’t been close to being caught. We don’t know how Elf Agent X is going to catch him.

Elf Ernest

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Prankster Hits the Wrapping Department

Merry ChristmasHappy December!

More tough news to report again today – the Merry Prankster has messed things up in the Wrapping Department.

Like all departments right now the Wrapping Department is working 24 hours a day. So it is a mystery that they haven’t been able to catch the Merry Prankster because this stuff is happening right under their noses.

But somehow the Merry Prankster loaded a wrapping machine with fly paper.

If you’ve ever seen that stuff before you know how sticky it is.

Needless to say it made a mess of things. And as elves worked to remove the fly paper from the machines and the hundreds of gifts wrapped with the stuff it completely shut down the department.

According to Elf Wally the department lost almost 15 hours of solid productivity while they cleaned the mess up. He fears the Wrapping Department is very, very, very behind now.

Meanwhile the search for who the Merry Prankster is continues.

Elf Ernest

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Prankster Disturbs the Reindeer

Tracking SantaHey everyone!

Disturbing news from the Reindeer games early this morning: The Merry Prankster found a way to get to the reindeer.

The reindeer are fine – no one is hurt.

But plenty are upset this morning after being kept up most of the night by drones playing very loud music. All night long reindeer had the buzzing drones playing accordion polka music of “Wheels on the Bus” blasting over their heads.

Events at the reindeer games today have been postponed so that the reindeer can get their rest.

The Merry Prankster got away with another prank. They are spending a lot of time looking for him. This kind of nonsense cannot go on.

Elf Ernest

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