Operation Merry Christmas Kicks Off

16Merry Christmas, everyone!

Operation Merry Christmas got off to a rousing start today with Elf Bernard in Santa’s Workshop leading us all in a round of Jingle Bells. That got the blood pumping and all got busy on their projects right away.

Operation Merry Christmas is the work of getting Santa in flight on Christmas Eve. A lot happens between now and December 24th to get Santa going and we’re here to tell you that story every day of the season. It is our annual tradition. Be sure to check here daily for the latest update from Santa and the North Pole.

Out at Santa’s Stables Elf Victor is busy trying to get the reindeer ready for the annual reindeer games. But he admits many of the reindeer and the elves are distracted by the Big Building with No Name and all the activity there recently.

So many elves go in there and none ever come out. It has those of us not involved with the project very concerned and curious about what will happen in the weeks ahead.

We’re trying not to think about it.

Today I see elves everywhere busily working on their part of Operation Merry Christmas. And it feels good.

Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: What does Santa’s workshop look like?


Elves Answering Questions

breaking2Greetings everyone!

I have decided this year to do a better job of answering your questions. I cannot answer every question (we get thousands everyday) but I can answer the questions we most frequently receive.

We will select one question per day between now and Christmas. You can ask a question of any elf here at the North Pole and I will chase them down and get an answer for you as best as I can.

We will provide a link to the answer to the question with each daily update between now and December 24th.

Today’s question is: How do you speak Elf? Do elves have their own language?

Elf Ernest

North Pole Celebrates Thanksgiving

santacomingHappy Thanksgiving!

We kick off our celebrations at the North Pole today with the Elf Parade. Everyone came out with their tricycles and had a great time.

The guys in the North Pole newsroom even put together a special report about the parade:

There are lots of other things going on here at the North Pole. It is kind of our last play day before Christmas. So elves are building snowmen, playing football, and sledding a lot on what is actually a beautiful day here at the North Pole.

Of course, many are still involved in decorating their homes and Christmas trees today so it is not unusual that not everyone was at the parade or playing around today.

Thanksgiving is an important day for Santa and he insists that we spend it together as a North Pole family. We’ll play a lot of games today, eat a lot of great food and, of course, we top it off with the lighting ceremony tonight.

But on everyone’s mind is Operation Merry Christmas, which begins tomorrow. It is the start of the official countdown to Santa’s launch and it is a very important day to us here at the North Pole.

Elf Ernest


Christmas Decorating Contest at the North Pole

15Merry Greetings, all!

It is one of the biggest days of the year here at the North Pole and everyone here is busy celebrating it. It is the Day before Thanksgiving, also known as the last day for everyone to get their Christmas lights up.

It is a Thanksgiving tradition at the North Pole to light the entire village at the same time on Thanksgiving Evening. All the residents of the North Pole, including Santa and Mrs. Claus, stroll by all the houses to look at the lights and decorations.

At the end of the night Santa awards a home for the best display. It is one of the most prestigious awards you can win at the North Pole.

Of course, being elves, some seem to take lighting their homes to extremes. Rumor has it that Elf Jack from the Tracking Department is going to use fireworks in his lighting display this year. We’ll let you know how that all turns out.

And yes, of course, like many of you there are many homes also engaged in cooking and baking today in advance of a Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.

Elf Ernest


Helicopters Hover Over Giant North Pole Building

2Merry Christmas Everyone!

For months now we’ve been telling you about a massive construction project here at the North Pole. Usually these projects are done long before summer is over because usually by September Santa wants us to concentrate on Operation Merry Christmas. But this project has continued 24 hours a day since it began late last spring.

We call it the Big Building with No Name.

It is so top secret that nobody knows really what it is, other than Santa. If an elf gets assigned to the project he goes into the building – and he never comes back out.

Today, helicopters are hovering over the building putting on pieces to what appears to be a retractable roof. It is bigger than any stadium or building you have ever seen.

What is going on in there? Why are there more elves in that big building than in Santa’s workshop?

I wish I could tell you. I even asked Santa about it and he frowned at me and said I didn’t need to know what that was all about.

I can tell you this: if Santa knows about it and is involved in it – it’s all good.

I may not know what it is for but I am fairly certain it means good news on Christmas Eve. Do you have any ideas what it could be? Tell us!

If we learn more, we will let you know.

Elf Ernest