Winter Weather
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Winter Weather is Back

Winter weather is back at the North Pole and that is actually good news. Snow makes things move at the North Pole so no one is complaining. Elf Seymour Snow predicts that winter will be here to stay for at least the next 8 months at the North…
Update from Sector 1
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Understanding Sectors

Sectors are an important way that Santa plans his trip around the world. Santa builds his flight plan around breaking up the world into five different parts, which he calls sectors. A sector is a portion of the world that contains many countries. The…
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Update on Santa's Reindeer

North Pole Radio News provides an update on Santa's reindeer and their return to the North Pole today. While several have returned not yet all of them are back, notably, lead reindeer Donner. In the radio report below, which is the first…
Why Reindeer are Elves

Reindeer Are Elves

Reindeer are elves. This is a fact many people are not aware of. When most think of elves they tend to think of helpers in Santa's workshop. But as we have tried to teach for many years now an elf can be anywhere in the world and an elf…
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Santa Stuns the North Pole with Announcement

Santa has had the press conference scheduled for weeks. Speculation has been running rampant that he would announce a new tracker elf recruiting goal for 2021. All of that happened it was no surprise. But the goal he announced has stunned…
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Santa Announces the Tracker Recruitment Goal for 2021

In a press conference held at the North Pole Santa announced the tracker elf recruitment goal for Christmas 2021. It is a stunning goal that has taken the entire North Pole by surprise. The Tracker Elf program, as Santa calls it, is in it's…
What Happens at the North Pole After Christmas

What Happens at the North Pole After Christmas

What happens at the North Pole after Christmas is not something that gets talked about much. There are no songs about it, no movies or television specials. Heck, people hardly ask about it. But I would tell you that the time right after Christmas…
Santa's Reindeer
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Santa Names His Starting Team of Reindeer

Santa Claus, by tradition on this date each year, has named his starting team of nine reindeer. They are, as expected: Rudolph Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Donner Blitzen All of Santa's reindeer are…
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Rudolph Has a New Nose

Rudolph has a new nose. Sources at North Pole Flight Command told North Pole Radio news in an exclusive report that Rudolph had surgery to install a new halogen lamp in his nose. The procedure was successfully completed more than a week ago…
Stories of Tracking Santa

Stories of Tracking Santa

In this special (if rushed) episode of the North Pole Podcast we hear from two superstar Santa Tracker Elves - Elf Lil Cream and Elf Crusader. They are just two of millions who have signed up at to track Santa for Santa. The…
Scouts Dispatched
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Scouts Dispatched from the North Pole

Santa's scouts have been dispatched from the North Pole after a weekend of meetings and instruction. These special elves are different from the Tracker Elves you read about at These are a special team of experienced elves…
Santa Gives Elves the Day Off
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Santa Gives Elves the Day Off

Santa gave all of his elves the day off today at the North Pole. The final Sunday before Christmas is one where Santa gathers with elves and their families at the North Pole Chapel for a Christmas devotional. That tradition continues here…