Elf Parade Committee Finalizes Plans

Elf Parade Committee Finalizes Plans

The Annual Elf Parade Organizing Committee held their final planning meeting late last night and settled on the theme “We are Santa’s Elves” for the 2017 event. The parade is scheduled for November 23rd this year.

The annual elf parade is a traditional event at the North Pole that usually takes place about a month before Christmas. It is one of the biggest events each year at the North Pole.

The parade runs along a 5-mile route that starts along Sugar Plum Avenue and crosses over to Santa Claus Lane before coming down Candy Cane Street in downtown North Pole Village. Elf families usually start lining the parade route two days before the event.

The parade features floats made by nearly every department at the North Pole as well as the world famous Elf Parade of Trikes, a tradition began many years ago.

Elves love to ride their custom made and festively decorated tricycles in the parade if they have not been invited to participate in a department float. The parade of trikes is now the largest feature of the parade with more than 1300 registered participants.

Elves will decorate their trikes and wear crazy costumes as part of their trike exhibition.

As usual we will offer some radio coverage of the event right here on Santa Update.com.

We do remind elves working in remote positions around the world that they are invited to travel back to the North Pole for this all-elf event. Please contact the Tracking Department for shuttle sleigh availability or fill out the form available online for you at the North Pole website.

Elf Ernest

Silence from Santa is Deafening

Silence from Santa is Deafening

Hey everyone,

It has been almost 7 weeks since Santa left the North Pole.

He said he would be gone for a while. He told us we would not hear from him. He even said not to worry.

But frankly – I’m worried.

Do you see the countdown clock up there on the right? Can you see how little time left we have until Christmas Eve?

Can you explain all the strange things going on right now? The trackers out hunting for Santa, the sleighs being built, the pilots in flight training…this is all making me nervous.

But worst of all is this idea that Santa is checking his voice mail in his office…but he is NOT talking to anyone at the North Pole. Not even Mrs. Claus.

That makes no sense to me. It is almost like Santa is trying to avoid everyone at the North Pole on purpose. It is almost like he is daring the whole North Pole to go looking for him?


Time to have a serious talk with Mrs. Claus about Santa. Something isn’t right.

Elf Ernest

Elves and Anxiety

Elves and Anxiety

Life as an ElfThe most recent crisis at the North Pole – Santa’s absence – seems to have sent waves of panic in the elf community.

It has caused many of you out there to send in letters of concern.

From nine year old Natalie of Wisconsin, this question is typical: “Why are the elves so nervous?”

It is a good question and one I think deserves a straight forward answer.

There are, of course, many kinds of “nervous”.

There is the nervous you feel when you stand before people to perform or give a speech. There is a nervous to starting at a new school or a new job. And there is a kind of nervous that comes on you when you’re just not sure what is going to happen.

But there is still one more kind of nervous that a lot of people do not think about.

It is a nervousness born of high standards, best wishes, and a genuine desire to do well.

This kind of nervousness is sometimes called anxiety. The cause of it is having a good heart.

Elves might be funny kind of people to you. Maybe some of the things we do are silly.

We tend to throw a lot of food, for example. Maybe you have noticed that.

We sometimes sing a lot, we tell jokes a great deal, and we just love to do kid stuff like riding big tricycles, dressing up funny or doing goofy things.

Sometimes we put gummy bears under our arms to make them really soft before we eat them. And we might now and then walk through puddles or put lipstick on a dog.

Just because we are a little goofy doesn’t mean we’re weird or anything.

We are people just like anyone else.

But we also wake up each day thinking about others.

Santa works very hard to teach us to do this. He tells us the most important thing to being an elf is to learn to think of others first.

He tells us the more we forget about ourselves and think more about others the happier we will be.

As elves we take that very seriously.

We work hard to make other people happy and we do that to be happy ourselves.

And guess what?

For the most part, we are pretty happy. Elves are known all over for being cheerful, playful and fun.

But what if we fail?

What happens if we cannot make people happy?

The hardest letter an elf sees at the North Pole is one from a child who says she didn’t like what she got for Christmas or that the thing he received is already broken.

Elves feel terrible about stuff like that.

Because we try so hard and our work really isn’t about making toys or stuffing stockings it is about delivering happiness.

We do sometimes fail.

And that causes us to worry.

And worry causes us to fear.

And fear causes us to get nervous or anxious.

Right now the elves are all anxious about Santa.

The elves are worried he won’t make it back in time for Christmas. They worry if he will come back at all.

And that is because they don’t want to fail.

They know that Christmas will not be as fun if Santa isn’t a part of it.

Now, as many of you in your letters have pointed out, Santa told us before he left not to worry. He said he would be back.

So why worry, right?

Well, some people – like the elves at the North Pole – just cannot help from worrying.

They just don’t want anyone to be unhappy.

Well, I’m a very old elf. I have seen many things in my years as an elf at the North Pole. I personally think this stuff about being worried about Santa’s disappearance is way overblown. I am not worried at all.

Do you know why?

Because Santa is an elf. He in the ultimate elf. I am not with him, of course, and I haven’t talked to him. But know him well enough to know that he’s concerned about getting home for Christmas too.

He does not want to fail either.

And he won’t.

So if you’re a little like most elves here at the North Pole – and I know many of you are – relax. Have fun. Think good thoughts. Don’t worry.

It is going to be okay.

And to my fellow elves out there, the boys and girls of the North Pole workforce, I say: chill.

Santa does not want us worried. He wants us helping other people.

And we can’t help others when we are worried, can we?

Is Santa’s Voice Mail Hacked?

Is Santa’s Voice Mail Hacked?

Hi everyone!

Some interesting news for you today.

You may or may not have noticed that over at JingleKringle.com – another merry site run by the North Pole – we have added a new feature.

You can now call Santa directly at his office at 1-866-84-SANTA. It is toll free and anyone can leave Santa a message.

Of course, Santa’s not here.

But I was talking Santa’s Chief of Staff, Elf Harold, who takes care of things in Santa’s office all the time.

He told me that since publishing the number the phone rings almost constantly and there are a LOT of messages for Santa.

Harold said he’s a little worried because Santa is the only one with the password and he’s not sure how many messages his machine can handle.

So he checks it every day.

He told me that when he checked it today there were only a few messages on there. Someone has been checking Santa’s messages!

Is it Santa…or has his voice mail been hacked?

Harold said it happened sometime during the night last night.

He did report it to North Pole Security.

Elf Agent X and his team are examining the phone records to see if they can tell who checked the messages and where they called in from. It may take them a few days to figure it out.

Who do you think it was?

Elf Ernest

Flight School for Elves Packed

Flight School for Elves Packed

Hi everyone!

Good golly, what a difference a day makes!

I said that we needed to take some quick action and it appears Mrs. Claus has done just that.

Mrs. Claus announced today that the North Pole would need “an unlimited amount” of new sleigh pilots trained for the upcoming season.

That announcement touched off a frenzy.

There is hardly an elf I know who does not want to be a sleigh pilot.

To drive a sleigh like Santa with flying reindeer is a dream to most of us. Even I signed up for flight school, even though I am pretty sure I will never be selected to pilot a sleigh.

With that one announcement the concerns of the Elf Union were squelched. All anyone can talk about it getting trained as a sleigh pilot. Many think that if they can get trained quick they could use all these new sleighs to get out there and find Santa.

Flight school is packed.

Elves plan to work by day and go to flight school by night.

At first it is all classroom stuff – you know, math and science and technical stuff like wind speed and aerodynamics. But I was told that rookie sleigh pilots should be able to begin their first test flights “in about a month”.

So many elves are responding to the call for flight school that real sleigh pilots like Elf Vernon will be working double shifts to conduct classes.

There is one thing that is bothering me about this though – and this is the newsman inside of me talking now: why does Santa want all these new sleigh pilots?

I will try to get to some answers. Surely Santa doesn’t need pilots for him to find his way home. He must have something else in mind.

Elf Ernest