A big meeting is taking place in the tracking center right now. Santa is not there because he is still taking a nap. But he doesn’t need to be there. This meeting is all about how the North Pole will manage the tracking of Santa’s flight.

Santa tends to go his own way. There is no known flight plan. Santa just knows where he needs to be and when he needs to be there. It is impossible though for him to tell us. So that’s why we’ve always tracked him. We track him in order to help him in case he needs anything — and if he gets into trouble we can send him help.

But believe it or not Santa rarely gets into trouble.

Elf Ernest
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Bedtime Warnings: None yet

Flight Ops Team Meets for the Last Time 1

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Flight Ops Team Meets for the Last Time 2

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Flight Ops Team Meets for the Last Time

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