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Thousands of Sleighs Bound for North America
Thousands of Sleighs Bound for North America 1

Tracking SantaSanta is in Maldives.

Just in case you wanted to know.

But we’re being flooded with calls here about this new security issue.

I can’t tell you what the specific threat is. They won’t tell me so I can’t tell you.

But I can tell you that a big airlift has started at the North Pole and the plan is to swamp North America — specifically Canada, the USA and Mexico — with flying sleighs.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a flying sleigh, tonight’s the night. There will be thousands of them in flight all over North America.

They are looking for trouble makers — and prepared to defend Santa at all costs.

This is quite the serious deal. Santa doesn’t take things like this as a joke. The North Pole prepares and when we need to we jump into action. This flight was very quiet — now we will see if it will get interesting or not.

Elf Ernest

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