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North Pole Podcast
Teachers Send in Questions
Teachers Send in Questions 1

Teachers are some of the biggest fans of because this is where they can come to get answers to their many questions. Teachers, you see, get a lot of questions from their students about Santa, the North Pole and Christmas.

Santa, of course, loves teachers. He always has. Santa respects the work they do and wants to support them as much as he can.

In this episode Elves Frank Myrrh and Crash Murphy go on a wide-ranging discussion about some of the most basic questions about Santa and the North Pole. Timeless questions about the Naughty List, Mrs. Claus’ first name and even Santa’s puppy named Sprinkles are all addressed in this fun episode.

Do you have a question about Santa and the North Pole. Feel free to use the comment section below to ask it – maybe your question will be answered in a future episode!

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