North Pole Celebrates a Thanksgiving Without Santa

North Pole Celebrates a Thanksgiving Without Santa


In another sign that Christmas is coming the first of several Thanksgiving celebrations was noted this week with Canadian Thanksgiving – a North Pole tradition.

Missing, of course, was Santa who loves this event and any other kind of Thanksgiving celebration.

“I’m sure, wherever he is, Santa is celebrating Thanksgiving,” Mrs. Claus said.

The continued absence of Santa at the North Pole still has folks here nervous.

In a way, they feel a little gypped because this is the time of year they normally get to see quite a bit of Santa.

He’s usually very absent for much of November and December as he visits with the children of the world in various locations.

Then right after Christmas Santa usually takes a bit of a break with Mrs. Claus and we don’t see much of him.

In the spring he’s busy with gardening and we do see him as that’s when he holds a lot of planning meetings and such.

But then he takes off for quite a while to vacation and visit relatives in far away places.

He’s usually back for Christmas in July and he keeps pretty close to home until November. The Halloween Party is also kind of a see-you-later party for us with Santa.

Well, he’s been gone since July 25th. And we’re missing him and we are worried about him.

Not hearing from him is the real problem. We just want to know that he is okay.

But Mrs. Claus today was smiling and didn’t appear concerned at all.

That’s so unlike her!

Elf Ernest

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4 Months Until Christmas

4 Months Until Christmas

Hello Everyone!

Today marks just 4 months until Christmas and everyone is getting excited!

It’s quite unusual for the North Pole Post Office to be so busy at this time of the year but with Santa going on his walkabout at the end of last month the mail has just pouring into the North Pole with just all kinds of questions and concerns.

I did meet with Mrs. Claus today and we talked about a lot of things.

But the thing I noticed about Mrs. Claus is that when it comes to talking about Santa and where he could be she just doesn’t seem worried. In fact, she kind of smiled a little bit – like she knows a big secret or something.

She claims she does not know where Santa is or when he will be back.

It’s early still. Nobody here is really worried yet about Santa. But we’re all wondering. What could he be up to?

Elf Ernest