Messages to Santa

Messages to Santa

We’re pleased to present the first video ever made by the North Pole here on Santa Update — and maybe it’s YOUR voice you hear on it. This video features actual messages to Santa over his voice mail. Take a look:

Santa just loves all the voice mails he is receiving. He just can’t get enough of them.

Now, it’s not often we ask this kind of thing but at Santa’s request I’m asking you to share the video you see above. Share it with your friends, your family, your parents, your siblings, your teacher…everyone!

That’s because Santa wants to hear from as many as possible. It fills him full of good cheer to hear your lovely voices!

As as you can tell from the video Santa hears from older people, too.

And that’s great! Santa really appreciates hearing from everyone.

You can tell Santa anything you want. You can ask questions, sing songs, tell him what’s happening to you at school or at work. Santa will listen. He’s a great listener.

He’ll listen to your wishlist too. Of course, you can always send it to him because that’s a lot of fun too.

Santa is constantly listening to his messages. He listens when he is on the sleigh. And he listens where he works. It is just something he never gets tired of.

So if you have something you want to talk to Santa about don’t wait to see him — just call him!

Elf Ernest

p.s. — The number, just in case you forgot it, is 866-847-2682

Is Santa’s Voice Mail Hacked?

Is Santa’s Voice Mail Hacked?

Hi everyone!

Some interesting news for you today.

You may or may not have noticed that over at – another merry site run by the North Pole – we have added a new feature.

You can now call Santa directly at his office at 1-866-84-SANTA. It is toll free and anyone can leave Santa a message.

Of course, Santa’s not here.

But I was talking Santa’s Chief of Staff, Elf Harold, who takes care of things in Santa’s office all the time.

He told me that since publishing the number the phone rings almost constantly and there are a LOT of messages for Santa.

Harold said he’s a little worried because Santa is the only one with the password and he’s not sure how many messages his machine can handle.

So he checks it every day.

He told me that when he checked it today there were only a few messages on there. Someone has been checking Santa’s messages!

Is it Santa…or has his voice mail been hacked?

Harold said it happened sometime during the night last night.

He did report it to North Pole Security.

Elf Agent X and his team are examining the phone records to see if they can tell who checked the messages and where they called in from. It may take them a few days to figure it out.

Who do you think it was?

Elf Ernest