Tracking SantaHappy Monday!

It is a big week here at the North Pole – one of celebration and lots of activities. We have the Elf Parade coming up on Thursday as well as the big Thanksgiving Celebration later that day.

But Elf Agent X is warning all elves in all departments to be on their toes.

He fears the Merry Prankster is going to strike again at any time.

While Elf Agent X knows more about the Merry Prankster than ever he still cannot identify exactly who it is.

Reindeer are pretty smart animals but they aren’t so good are remembering names. All they could tell Elf Victor is that he is an elf.

So the search for the Merry Prankster goes on – and so does the wait for him to strike again.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

Kringle Radio News
. Deputy Crash

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