Setbacks Have Many Worried at the North Pole 1

Santa Claus has never failed to deliver.

Remember that. You read it here first.

But the early going of the delivery phase of Operation Merry Christmas has many elves here at the North Pole really worried.

You want a bad sign? Look at the sugar cookie pool. This is the lunchroom betting pool that gauges elf optimism. Right now, bets are running against Santa at 4 to 1.

That doesn’t mean Santa can’t do it. It really just means elves are really worried.

There’s the workshop issue. The weather. The backup of flights at the North Pole. Lots going on here.

But don’t worry. We have seen this before. I believe Santa when he says it’ll be okay.

Here is the latest report on Kringle Radio:

Elf Ernest

The Big Map | North Pole Flight Command | Certified Santa Trackers

Christmas Eve

Setbacks Have Many Worried at the North Pole

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