Elf Billy -- Head Elf in the North Pole Weather Department 1Elf Billy goes by the nickname “White Shoes”.

“White Shoes” is what we all call him because that’s all he ever wears in the way of shoes. Most elves prefer shoes of either red or black. But not White Shoes. His white shoes are his trademark. (Never call him Elf William, by the way).

Elf White Shoes is a scientist.

And he loves his job of watching the weather all over the world. Whenever he sees a weather event on television he gets excited. He watches the Weather Channel non-stop and knows each person there by name. (Who else can say that?)

The Weather Tracking Department researches the global weather patterns and helps Santa devise a flight plan. While Santa has never gone the same way on his flight from one year to the next you can be assured that every path he takes is planned out well in advance by the Weather Tracking Department and is approved by Elf White Shoes personally.

His department also provides communication with the sleigh and updates the world every hour on the progress of Santa’s merry trek. The Weather Department has thousands of elves working around the world at monitoring stations and working with governments to clear airspace and gain clearance for Santa to fly in the skies. It is a very big job that requires a lot of people.

Elf Billy is a life-long bachelor thanks to his television viewing habits and bizarre fascination with all things in the sky. He has two pets — parakeets who go by the names of Sparky and Mud.