Santa Sighting Proven False 1
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No Sign of Santa as Thanksgiving Approaches

Howdy! Thanksgiving is just five days away now and we still have had no sign of Santa returning to the North Pole. After the failed raid in France a few days ago everyone seems almost afraid to talk about it. Santa is not here and…
Santa Sighting Proven False 2

Worries About Leadership in Santa’s Absence

Greetings! Recent meetings of senior elf teams at the North Pole have discussed preparation for Christmas at length. And we’re all feeling really good about how ready things are. Production us up at the workshop and they are way…
Failed Raid
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Santa Remains Missing After Failed Raid

BREAKING NEWS – Elves from North Pole Security launched early this morning from the North Pole and headed for a location in France. There they conducted a raid in a search for Santa. They did not find him. Instead they frightened a…
Mrs. Claus
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Santa Skips a Tradition

Hello everyone, It has been 73 days since we last saw Santa. It has been 73 days since ANYONE has seen Santa. Both the North Pole Tracking Department and now the North Pole Security Department are using all their resources to try and…
Santa Sighting Proven False 3
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Silence from Santa is Deafening

Hey everyone, It has been almost 7 weeks since Santa left the North Pole. He said he would be gone for a while. He told us we would not hear from him. He even said not to worry. But frankly – I’m worried. Do you see the countdown…
Santa Sighting Proven False 4
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North Pole Media Explodes with Worries About Santa

A report from the North Pole Gazette on Saturday has upset a lot of people at the North Pole. The newspaper article said authorities at the Flight Command Center are really "hunting Santa", not just using Santa's planned absence as a training…
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Santa Sighting Proven False

Hi all, Nearly a week ago we reported a possible Santa sighting in Alaska. It appears now that report was false. The guys over in the Tracking Center are not saying why that report is false. We only know that Elf Agent X got involved…